I Worked out like Chris Hemsworth for 30 Days

This is 30 days working out like Chris
Hemsworth. So about two months ago I got
very sick while traveling overseas I
fell into a felt like the worst shape of
my life when I fully recovered I vowed I
would never take my health for granted I
around this time I noticed that Chris
Hemsworth my celebrity crush
was about to release a fitness app
called centr Hemsworth is an
international movie star absolutely
shredded workout monster and all-around
a legendary real-life superhero his
fitness app gives you access to his
personal team of industry professionals
who help him get into superhero shape
the goal of this video is simple I’m
going to be doing the workouts meal prep
and meditation from the center app
combined with the heavy weight training
program that Chris did to see if I can
get a body like Thor so for the next 30
days I’m going to workout and diet like
Chris Hemsworth
just gonna do a little 360 here so you
can see what we’re starting with
definitely bring in the gut a little bit
back a little bit more definition here
yeah this is the starting point before
we jump into this here the rules with
any meaningful goal there needs to be a
number two no processed sugar it
actually pains me to do this number
three no alcohol and finally zero cheat
meals stick to the diet 100% with that
today is day number one I just
downloaded the app now the main page
here it’s your daily planner and that’s
where it breaks down your workouts your
meals and even your meditation the first
workout of today is a maximum effort box
and cardio challenge
oh yeah I I grew up swimming and wrong
so my hand-eye coordination isn’t the
best but that’s why we’re doing this get
out of the comfort zone get some muscles
while the expert trainers from Chris’s
team aren’t here in this room with me
they are on the app and the workouts are
coming directly from his trainers so all
this challenge is gonna come down to
self discipline first workout has done
it a lot harder than I thought I’m
dripping in sweat from that now we have
to wait work out the second portion of
this training program is going to be
mainly weightlifting I found this
workout from researching on the internet
what Chris did to get all ripped up for
the Avengers films for Thor so the
weightlifting portion is gonna be mainly
compound movements with pretty heavy
weight and it’s broken down by body
parts so today is chest day so we’re
doing some flat bench it’s two workouts
per day cardio or a functional fitness
workout from the app in the morning then
weights in the second session the weight
training is pure bodybuilding workouts
it’s just time under tension to failure
and of day number one my chest is
already sore and my shoulders from the
boxing my tired scale one to ten
probably like a 9.5 I mean you can kind
of see bags under the eyes and that no
sleep day number two tomorrow end of
week number one biggest challenge so far
has been the just the workouts I’m doing
workouts that I’ve never even heard of
before and I’m soaring places that I
didn’t even know really existed all my
body like at the hip right here is sore
the inner thighs the food has been very
tough seven eggs spinach typical
breakfast we got some peas some broccoli
some lentils and of course our best
friend the chicken breast now for this
challenge I’m cooking all of my own
meals the meals are consisting of lots
of veggies lots of good carbohydrates
lots of proteins I’m consuming a calorie
surplus about 4,500 calories per day
based on my body weight and how you to
put on muscle I’m not talking to bad
calories I’m not talking a white
chocolate I’m talking I’m talking to
lean proteins
good fats this is a typical meal but at
the end of the first week I am giving
absolutely crushed by the workouts
although I’m starting to see a little
bit of definition in my arms but I’m
just grinding away putting in the work
towards that end goal so it’s day 15 I
am at the midway point of this 30-day
challenge and I feel amazing like the
first week it was I feel sore I can’t
move this week it’s like wow I’ve
actually have some some muscle
definition coming in the changes have
been pretty ridiculous I’m actually very
shocked my strength is up I’ve been
recording the weights as I’m going it’s
amazing the increases week by week it’s
such a short amount of time honestly the
easiest part of this has been the 5:00
a.m. wake up’s 5:15 in the morning and
when you have a solid reason why all
your other actions like waking up at
5:00 in the morning
Monday through Friday they become pretty
simple they become justified it it’s
doing something day in and day out over
and over again on those days when no
one’s watching when everyone’s asleep
warm in their beds workouts are still
very hard daily discomfort that’s what
this is the hardest part is still the
diet I am eating so much food constantly
eating everyone says it but until you
actually are doing it I is the hardest
thing the diet will make or break a
transformation or fitness goal something
that I didn’t expect was how much I
would be relying on the meditation
portion of this app start by making
yourself very comfortable I have fallen
asleep to that the past three nights in
a row the meditation aspect especially
after a long day I mean I have no
complaints I am actually very blown away
by how this has gone so far I’ll see you
in 15 days for the final reveal this is
30 days working out like Chris Hemsworth
I mean as you can see like I have I have
a six-pack now looking at the pictures
from the star of this I don’t even feel
like the same person all around they
feel strong I feel healthy I feel fast I
feel fit that’s how I would describe I
feel very fit it is possible to get in
shape by yourself after just 30 days I’m
pretty close to being in the best shape
of my life I’m able to power through
these workouts compared to at the
beginning of this challenge where I was
sucking wind barely able to complete
these workout circuits and now I’m
pushing myself as far as I can go
wanting more wanting more of a challenge
and Chris if you are watching this I
want to say a massive thank you for
making this app and sharing just a
little bit of what makes you successful
comment down below if you’re interested
in seeing a 60 day follow-up video and
with that I’ll see you in the next video

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