11 thoughts on “Investors betting bitcoin will go above $50,000 next year?”

  1. All wars are bankers wars costing americans trillions! Be your own bank buy bitcoin! Stop the evil corruption and bailouts of banks! Take care of your own money!

  2. Are the world’s Central Bankers thinking about taking control of Crypto….they are not thinking about it ….they are doing it…..the illusion must be maintained…..of course if you can create and print unlimited money supply for free….there is only one intelligent criminal course to pursue….you will hedge your free created money supply into crypto currencies and it costs you nothing to get complete control of the newly created crypto markets and the “New Mega Returns” and wealth the newly created crypto currencies are providing ….it’s simple….but not simple to the sheep populations of the world ….and it provides me opportunity to make a lot of money during this transition and transfer of the “Criminal Central Banker Cabal’s Fiat Currencies” transfer into All Crypto Currencies….. Guaranteed

  3. BITCOIN is the best way to make money right now! I explain everything you need to know about it in this video: https://youtu.be/E4EkXm6DVo4 Thank me later!

  4. It’s a scam Ponzi scheme always start out this way please don’t trust them the money you get is just from other investors don’t be a fool wake up

  5. Lansa34 I’m not one for tit for tat wake up the Fiat dollar is being used for every a listen thing that goes on around the world start watching PressTV and RT news. Find out. What’s really going on around the world. Wake up question everything then you’ll know what I’m talking about and no I am not one of those creeps cheap shots I did not expect that from you.

  6. Oh for God’s sake just use your common sense. Are there shit coins and opportunists out there? YES. But does that make the technology invalid? NO. There are lots of talented developers and investors out there working on bringing this technology to the forefront. Read the whitepapers, research the teams, only invest a fraction of your portfolios, set your limits and just wait it out. Everything worth having in this world took a risk. Geez!

  7. The banks can go ahead and create/ buy up their centralized alt coins…I'm just going to short sell them to buy more Bitcoins.

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