Iron Maiden Rock In Rio 2001 | Full Concert Reaction /Part 2(1k subs special)/With English subtitles

What’s up bitches?
We are NeonPetunias! And today we’re continuing our 1k subscribers special! And we’re continuing Iron Maiden, Rock In Rio concert. So without further ado…
-Let’s continue. I’m ready. Were they on a break?
-After all that… Oh omg, I’m so ready! The crowd is not very loud.
-I think the sound in this video is not well adjusted. It’s faster now?
-Yeah. Nice. That’s one of my favorite songs by them. The crowd audio is definitely lower.
-Yeah! I don’t know why. We can barely hear them. Clansman! Here we go! Shout out to Scotland. Good, we can see him now, cause we mostly can’t. He has 2 guitars. Are both of those bass guitars?
-Yeah. The other one is acoustic bass. So happy!
-Yeah! The drums are great.
-Oh yeah. Beautiful. That slide. That’s it… As soon as I hear that riff I die. He fucked up the lyrics but who cares. Oh, that riff… Oh, yeah… What’s that?
-A ball. Eddie! He kicked him in the crotch. Poor Eddie. Is someone in that costume?
-Yeah? Yes. How?
-I don’t know. I’m not sure. I need to catch my breath. Duck. Now the crowd is a bit louder. Right? The crowd is really quiet in this version. I don’t know why. Now it’s a bit louder.
-Only a little bit. And now we can’t hear the crowd. That’s my fault. I apologize.
-Never mind. Who are they?
-They will burn. Not really. What does this represent? It’s from the movie, The Wicker Man. You haven’t seen it. So that’s from the movie?
-Yeah. I don’t wanna spoil it for you.
-Ok. “They will burn.” That bass… Burn! Is that Eddie up there?
-Yes. Eddie is everywhere. Those hands are so creepy.
-Yeah! Don’t break it. By the way, Janick did drop his guitar this year.
-How? When he was throwing it…
-He was swinging the guitar. That was…
-I’d kill myself. Frisbee! They’re going on a break? They’ll be back. Those hands are still there. Throw it all.
-Everything. Stretch the legs. He’s the only one who’s sitting. Nice! Awesome! I wanna be there.
-Yeah! Let’s go back in time. It’s like we’re at a football game. Come back! While we still can… We need a break. Why they didn’t have something in between?
-What in between?
-Something while they were on a break. They were not absent for that long. It’s good, it creates anticipation. Number Of The Beast!? This is like an anthem. Was this from someone’s dream?
-Steve’s. When people take your dreams too seriously.
-Mhm. “I touched Steve! Yes!” How did he get there?
-I don’t know. But that was enough for him. See? His guitar is way quieter. The mix is not good.
-Yeah. I’d break my leg after one song. After that much jumping. Those fast fingers! Oh, Steve!
-Yeah! Hallowed be thy name!
-Yay. They play this so fast. It’s way faster than the original. I don’t know how he can sing that fast. You don’t have space to breathe. I feel like I ran out of breath He should’ve been a rapper.
-Yeah! Let’s do it… I hurried up. Throw it! That was…
-Bow down to Bruce. I don’t know this. I never watched it. You know the song but you don’t know this live.
-Yes. Eddie?
-A skull?
-Eddie’s skull? Now we can hear him.
-I don’t know what’s happening. It’s like he ran a marathon.
-Yeah! Now it’ quiet again.
-I don’t know… Aww, look at them all together! I like that the song is like 3 minutes long and here they extended it. We’re ready.
-Yes, come on. Rock ‘n’ roll! Is this the end or… I don’t know. No? There’s more. One more song? Maybe? Oh, they have to play Run to the hills. I know cause I watched that. Steve! What’s with all the skulls? More, more, more. Come here so we can see you live. Throw it all.
-All of it. What’s happening with the video?
-I don’t know.
(We were watching a different video) My back! You sounded like a grandma. Maybe it’s because we’re recording.
-Probably. That’s the end anyway. I think it’s because of OBS.
-Yup. This was…
-That was… Phenomenal!
-Amazing! I’m so pissed that the audience’s audio was bad.
-Never mind. The atmosphere would be so much better.
-I know but never mind. But the audience was amazing. We heard it, a little bit. It’s important that we heard the band. I’m always so happy when I watch them play live. It’s because they’re so happy.
-Yeah, then how could we not be happy. And that energy…
-Yes, they’re so energetic. And the contact with the audience, and with each other. They’re so happy. It’s clear that they love what they do.
-Yes, exactly. We hope that you enjoyed it, as much as we did. And again, thank you all for 1k subscribers, and for your support.
-Thank you for watching. And for everything else.
-For commenting… We’ll see you in the next video, where we’ll be watching a different concert. And then the third one. That would be all for now and we’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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