Jeff Bezos | The Rich Life | $110 Billion Dollar Net Worth

I think that Amazon account we don’t if
we’re not one of those important lasting companies born of the internet we will
have nobody to blame but ourselves and that we will be extremely disappointed
in ourselves but there are no guarantees as we care for Christmas people will be
buying a lot of their gifts on making Jeff Bezos the
real-life Santa Claus of the 21st century I can’t believe Kenny bailed on
us just because he thinks Jeff Bezos is a bad guy yeah how can somebody who
gives you whenever you Bobby a bad guy no Jeff Bezos he doesn’t live at the
North Pole but he could likely buy an entire continent if he saw fit now
instead he likes to scoop up properties throughout the United States and is said
to be the 25th largest land owner in all of the US he’s got homes in Washington
Washington DC Texas Beverly Hills and of course New York City you’re getting an
exclusive look inside Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos his brand-new penthouse he’s also
got an assortment of million-dollar cars including his Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio
a Bugatti Veyron Mansouri a W motors lykan Hypersport a Koenigsegg CCX R
trivita a Lamborghini veneno like sorry if I butchered any of the names of those
cars if you’re not new to this channel well that’s kind of how it goes here now
these are all recent purchases with him having been said to be still driving in
1996 Honda Accord as recent as 2013 what’s with the Honda this is a
perfectly good car nowadays he likes to kick up his feet in his very own 65
million dollar Gulfstream g650 er private jet but don’t worry he’s also
got some flying perks for the rest of us like his experimental initiative called
Amazon Prime air where he uses drones to provide delivery services to his eager
customers I mean the guy ain’t doing bad for a dude who once upon a time he
worked in McDonald’s no Jeff Bezos he was the first person in modern history
to accumulate a fortune of over 100 billion dollars and is estimated to be
worth anywhere between 110 and 150 billion dollars at the time of this
recording Bezos has earned the same eighty one thousand eight hundred forty
dollar salary from Amazon 1997 but it’s his shares that have made
him one-up if not the richest man in the world with him having earned as much as
two hundred and sixty million dollars in a single day
now some online experts they did the moths and what a dollar means to the
average American is equal to eighty eight thousand dollars for mr. Jeff
Bezos I mean the dude is so rich he was actually able to buy himself a walk-on
role in Star Trek beyond this totally yeah that’s him with the long head
saying speak normally so Bezos he called this a bucket list situation which I can
actually relate to I grew up obsessed with dumb and dumber and then I got a
background role in the sequel sure the movie wasn’t great but I was there with
Jim Carrey manifestation people it truly works now Amazon is diversified in so
many ways there’s Amazon Prime which is competing with Netflix
there’s twitch which is competing with YouTube they own weird things like audible Whole Foods and more no sadly with all the money in the world
well he couldn’t save his receding hairline ah damn now I’m in trouble what’s going on guys it’s for michael
crichton back at it with another of the rich live video this time on Jeff Bezos
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alright now let’s get into this video Jeff Bezos was born on January 12 1964
in Albuquerque New Mexico the town made famous by Breaking Bad and the house
with a pizza still on its room I think when he was born his mother Jacqueline
guys Jorgensen she was a teenage high school student and his biological father
Ted Jorgensen well he didn’t stay in the picture for law four years later his
mother remarried Mike Bezos a Cuban immigrant who had come to America on his
own at 16 in search of the American dream now the family they eventually
moved to Miami but Jeff he wasn’t interested in going to the clubs or to
the beach now a young Jeff Bezos he was a massive Star Trek fan and he had an
early love for computers now he even started this first business back in high
school known as the dream Institute which was an educational summer camp for
kids you were nerdy I was nerdy that hasn’t
changed now as I mentioned in the intro he was also McLovin it flipping burgers
but they wouldn’t allow him to serve the food because he had too much acne no he
was the valedictorian of his graduating class anyone to study computer science
and electrical engineering at Princeton University after graduation he worked on
Wall Street and in 1990 he became the youngest senior vice president at the
investment firm de sha now seeing the explosive opportunity of the Internet
will he quit his job four years later and he moved to Seattle opening an
online bookstore in his garage three years ago I was in New York City
working for a quantitative hedge fund when it came across the startling
statistic that web usage was growing at 2,300 percent a year so I decided I
would try and find a business plan that made sense in the context of that growth
to give you a better sense of what was going on back in 1994 when he first
started Amazon well at the movie theaters you could catch films that
include Dumb and Dumber Goodfellas interview with the vampire and the
Shawshank Redemption now with such good movies out of the theaters who the hell
would want to buy a book with he had a plan and books were great as
the first best because books are incredibly unusual in one respect that
is that there are more items in the book category and there are items than any
other category by far apparently his parents they were shocked that he would
give up a cushy Wall Street job in order to sell books online but eventually they
came around and invested a quarter million dollars in the startup company a
stake that would be worth as much as thirty billion dollars today it was
adopted father he certainly inherited his slice of the American dream as for
his biological father Ted well he was working as a bicycle repairman until his
untimely passing happened just a few years ago yikes
fellas hold on to them kids getting back to the launch of Amazon well he released
the site with no press promotion and he was selling books across the United
States and in 45 foreign countries delivering them within 30 days two
months later well the site it was pulling in twenty thousand dollars a
week which was growing faster than Bezos had ever expected now Amazon it made its
initial public offering in May of 1997 and since that day the split adjustment
stock price has increased nearly 90-thousand percent now Bezos he
personally invested in Google in 1998 and his $1,000,000 early investment
would likely have made him a billionaire even without his extensive Amazon Wow
now this allowed him to run the company without a profit for many years just
gearing up for future growth now I’ve heard a lot about your desk the door
with four by fours come on what and when you can all word a better disc in it
it’s a symbol of spending money on things that matter to customers and not
spending money on things that don’t and you don’t need clean carpets there with
the fear of other online retailers joining the market well Amazon began
diversifying its offerings this included CDs and videos in 1998
then later clothes electronics toys and today
well there’s little you can’t buy on the site Amazon flourished with yearly sales
that jump from five hundred and ten thousand dollars in 1995 to over
seventeen billion in 2011 since then Jeff Bezos sees diversified
the Amazon Folio be bought up other businesses like
Zappos for 1.2 billion in 2009 The Washington Post in 2013 for 250 mil
twitch for just under a billion in 2014 and Whole Foods in 2017 for 13.7 billion
dollars so the guys make it some serious Bank we can you throw around that kind
of coin yeah I mean I now that we know that he’s rich rich let’s take a look at
what he spends his fortune on let’s kick things off with his most recent purchase
of an 80 million dollar three-story penthouse apartment located a 2-1 to
Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan then just for the hell of it he bought up the
two units below for the extra privacy or maybe it’s for his entourage or maybe
it’s for his Star Trek friends maybes got a whole bunch of Klingons down there
I’m not really sure the sprawling 10,000 square foot penthouse alone has five
bedrooms including a massive seven room master suite the master bathroom has a
priceless view of the Empire State Building from the master tub the upper
three floors they offer two areas for entertaining with a wraparound Terrace
and epic views of the city that never sleeps this is what we refer to as a
view and we know Bezos that previously owned property in New York City dating
back to 1999 this included three condominiums at 25 Central Park West
which I believe he gifted to his parents all right let’s roll back the clock to
an earlier purchase from 1998 when he first made a family home for himself in
Medina Washington he originally spent ten million dollars on one property
which includes five bedrooms and four bathrooms and makes up twenty thousand
six hundred square feet then he later bought up a neighboring house with
another five bedrooms and four bathrooms and another eight thousand and three
hundred square feet he then invested twenty three million dollars into
renovations in 2010 and in total it sits on 5.35 acres of land with 200 yards of
private shoreline there’s also a boathouse and it’s estimated to be worth
70 million dollars and don’t get too excited that you could just pop by for a
visit this property is gay
so you’re better off trying to like knock on the door of one of his
neighbors maybe try Bill Gates we all know he lives around the corner and that
guy is a party dude who never stops they’re just like in Medinah well beso
she has two properties in Beverly Hills right next to each other you know the
first is a spanish-style property he picked up back in 2007 for twenty four
point four five million dollars this one includes a green house a tennis court a
huge swimming pool four fountains and a six-car garage there’s also plenty of
celebrity neighbors so you know that’s a perk then ten years later well he bought
the neighbors again now I don’t know why Jeff Bezos keeps buying up his neighbors
homes the second one here cost them twelve point nine million
I don’t know it sure really what it is I do know that what me and Kara we get
into a fight I gotta sleep on the couch so maybe Bezos he just likes the comfort
of knowing that well he could sleep next door and imagine if you forget to take
out the trash you know I mean Jeff Bezos also owns a 30,000 acre ranch outside of
Van Horn Texas which includes a bunker that sleeps 12 now the property it’s
also the base for Bezos private space company Blue Origin which is something
we’ll talk more about in just a minute and who’s running this book now we also
found a former textile Museum in Washington DC for 23 million now it’s
actually two joint properties merged together and is twenty-seven thousand
square feet it’s actually the largest home in the nation’s capital now with
the exception of Florida it looks like Jeff Bezos he has a mansion to call home
in all four corners of the United States but even when he’s traveling well the
dude he be living good I mean check out his private jet this is the Gulfstream
g650 er it’s the same one owned by Elon Musk and it seats between 8 to 13
pastures now of course this is just for his own personal use but amazon prime
air they’ve recently invested 1.5 billion into building a new shipping hub
at Kentucky and they currently have at least 20 cargo planes in the sky and
they have plans to have a total of 70 by 2021 that’s how you guys get your
packages on time he’s not only taking up all the land he’s taking up the sky as
well no on the ground Jeff Bezos collection of cars is valued at over 20
million dollars and that’s only the ones we know about
the Ferrari pit of Farina Sergio is valued at 3 million dollars the Bugatti
Veyron Matsuri is valued at 3.4 million a W motors lykan Hypersport it’s another
4 mil there’s a Koenigsegg CCX our trivita at 4.8 million and the
Lamborghini veneno it costs a cool five million dollars now these are cool now
but for the future Bezos is actually investing heavily in self-driving tech
startups which could eventually you know help Amazon get you faster and cheaper
deliveries yeah he’s really speeding up the process on everything alright let’s
talk about his company Blue Origin which wants to bring you to space now he’s
actually been working on this business since 2000 which is two years before
Elon Musk he got in on the action now right now he’s working on reusable
rockets to give tourists an opportunity to visit space but he’s got bigger plans
than that which include trips to the moon we’re talking civilizations that
exists like floating in outer space and essentially he wants to make the movies
and the TV shows from Star Trek well a reality
it’s technically and that well I got a feeling he can do it I mean a dude that
survived a divorce that cost him 36 billion dollars well he’s still laughing
so he can do that well you can do anything right with that kind of
attitude that man can accomplish anything he puts his mind to
as to the rest of the story well I think I’m gonna wrap this one up here
because this is the rich life then you guys got to let me know who to document
next in the comments down below and that we could make a versus video on Jeff
Bezos and Elon Musk might be an interesting one but you let us know
what’s next you know where I’ll see you guys in another video

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