[LINK] Makestar “Send Stellar Shopping” & Stellar Shopping Project Video (2017.04.13)

[LINK] Makestar “Send Stellar Shopping” & Stellar Shopping Project Video (2017.04.13)

Hello~ We’re Stellar~
It’s a fun day today~
Fans gave us chance for shopping~
Thank you! We’ve been given chance to shop~
Today we’re planning to shop here!
Follow me~
Doesn’t Jun-yool’s hair goes well with this outfit?
She’s a poodle~
I’ve got a similar skirt as this..
Get my love~
(Stellar’s hard-core shopping continues..)
But I think you’ll look better in darker colors~
(Found pretty pants!)
We can’t continue filming, since we could disturb their business..
So we’ll stop here with the recording!
And go continue our shopping~
I’m gonna go buy this~~
Bye~ Thank you~~

5 thoughts on “[LINK] Makestar “Send Stellar Shopping” & Stellar Shopping Project Video (2017.04.13)”

  1. We're still running our raffle! Purchase a ticket for a chance to meet Stellar in person! (via a SET8): www.ideafan.co/stellar-raffle
    You can also participate in Stellar's 3rd Makestar Project here: https://www.makestar.co/projects/singer_stellar3/

  2. Hey Stellar Twinkles! 😀
    I was kind of sad about something. I can't watch any radio in Gayoung videos besides a couple because I don't understand Korean 🙁

    Do you plan to translate those videos? I wouldn't be mad if you didn't I just really want to see the girl I look up to 🙁
    Have a nice day <3

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Hyoeun is actually beautiful without makeup??? 😀
    She might actually look better without makeup! I think she is beautiful all the time though 🙂

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