[Makestar] 스텔라의 홍보맨 이벤트 결과 발표! /Stellar The results from “Be Stellar’s Ambassador” event!

[Makestar] 스텔라의 홍보맨 이벤트 결과 발표! /Stellar The results from “Be Stellar’s Ambassador” event!

We ran an event during our project, where we were looking for our global ambassadors We took a look at some of the submissions and we will choose the winners First This person, Stellar.Twinkles. He’s quite famous isn’t he? He has been subbing our videos for quite a while now. Through these videos, he has spread the word about Stellar Thank you. Thank you so much! Like this, all the subtitles are down here This is actually very hard work I’m sure this helped out a lot in understanding more about us, right? He has even put in our names Do we really talk this much? He has subtitled everythinf we’ve said! Wow~ They’ve drawn us~ This ambassador has done some fanart of ua So cute~ Animal characters~ There is ine character that kind of looks mean~ So cute~ Ah~ two are cats and two are mice This ambassador has taken pictures in different places with our album It’s so cool~ This is wallpaper worthy It’s like a painting~ So beautiful They also wore a t-shirt of us Really spread the word around It’s amazing Thank you They’ve also taken to Twitter and various communities Thank you~ Thank you~ we are emotional~ So we have chosen 4 candidates! This ambassador has subtitledany of our videos, and interacted with many of our global fans This ambassador has gone around showcasing our album while wearing a Stellar tshirt These two ambassadors are running communities and spreading the word about Stellar We have to pick one out of them It’s sad to pick only one, but… We have chosen the one with out name! stellar.twinkles! As far as we know, this ambassador has done a lot until now to spread Stellar From a very grateful heart, first place! Congratulations! Thank you~ You are a Stellar Ambassador! To everyone who are helping the world get to know us better~ Applause! And to stellar.twinkles who has come in first, thank you very much. Thank you everyone!

18 thoughts on “[Makestar] 스텔라의 홍보맨 이벤트 결과 발표! /Stellar The results from “Be Stellar’s Ambassador” event!”

  1. Where is "Stellar Twinkles" I always see his comments, congrats to him!!
    I just love how much they interact with their global fans, not many idols to that and that is why I love STELLAR!

  2. You don't know how big of a grin I have on my face right now XD I've got a big silly smile on my face hahaha. And Gayoung said my name ❤ Stellar members, you are always welcome!
    Thank you everyone for helping spread Stellar around the world too! I think that there have been many people both mentioned and not mentioned on this video that do a lot to make a difference to the girls as well, so for that, thank you, thank you, thank you. Twinkle family forever! :') Twinkles, and Stellar, fighting!

  3. Cheers Stellar.Twinkles, you're awesome! But what does this ambassadorial tittle conveys? Will you have special info or access to stuff? What's the deal?

  4. Nice to see you, Stellar Twinkles ,getting honored this way as an acknowledgment of your labour of love providing subs for us that otherwise would have no idea whatsoever what they were saying.

    If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have never discovered just how charming, classy and adorable Stellar truly are.

    Nothing any of us can say that would top what Stellar said but please accept my gratitude.
    Because of you, Stellar has become more then a group which music I enjoy and love, they got at least one fan in Belgium.

  5. It makes me so happy that they all see how much we want them to get recognition. <3333 All the people mentioned in there, and everyone who wasn't, I'm really glad we've all worked together to give Stellar the attention they deserve. Let's all continue to spread the word about these amazing girls with wonderful personalities and talent!

  6. Makestar, please inform Stellar that Stellar.Twinkes is now already in Korea. I think he moved to Korea from Australia just for Stellar! hehe
    Where can anyone find such devoted fan ya? Hope he will be treated great! hehe

  7. I should've used my real name as my username cause 'mirixm' is too weird, lol. But I'm very thankful that I was mentioned as well! (BTW, my fansite is FY!STELLAR heh). And congrats to Stellar Twinkles, he deserves it more than anyone ♥

  8. Im honored to even be mention and being written on a sheet of paper!! 😂😱 I did almost everything possible this time around to help promote Stellar. Blogs almost every week to help spread the word of Stellar, their history and their comeback. They truly deserve the world for all their hard work this year. Thank you Stellar and thank you Twinkles for supporting such an amazing group!!

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