[Makestar] 스텔라 닭싸움 / Stellar chicken fight! (Eng, Jap, Chn, Fr sub)

[Makestar] 스텔라 닭싸움 / Stellar chicken fight! (Eng, Jap, Chn, Fr sub)

Hello, we are Stellar.
We are going to carry out the second mission,
and it’s going to be a Chicken Fight!
Should we play 2 on 2?
We’ll play 2 on 2, and then have a best of 3 final round.
Hello~ I’m the Goddess Chicken
Hello, I’m Padak Padak (A Korean chicken dish)
Ready~ Start!
I haven’t done anything~
Ready~ Start!
Are you ok???
Honestly, I bumped you ever so slightly~
I did that to myself ㅋㅋㅋ
Ready~ Start!
One, two, three, four, five~
Are you out to kill me, or something?
Goddess Chicken is super strong!
Hyoeun pales in comparison
Goddess Chicken simply won’t fall over!
It’s all the red ginseng I eat
I win~
Let’s call it a day
The winner of Stellar’s Chicken Battle Royale, is Minhee~
We are, Stellar~

40 thoughts on “[Makestar] 스텔라 닭싸움 / Stellar chicken fight! (Eng, Jap, Chn, Fr sub)”

  1. Such a predictable ending… xD And gosh, this is the most violent idol chicken fight I've ever seen…and I used to watch a lot of Dream Team lol. Hyoni's grandmother back… Someone who knows Korean, tweet at that girl to ice herself.

  2. Hats down to poor Hyoeun and gayoung they put up a good fight xD
    Minhee will forever be Stellar's secret OP weapon xDDD
    and Jeonyul uhm uhm GG KING

  3. Just noticed…on Minhee's right arm…are those bruises? Could this be the sleep paralysis effects?! but seriously why do they keep injuring themselves T_T stop at once.

  4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ….. 난 죽었어 !!!! 아~~ 웃겨!! 스텔라가 완전 귀여워요!! 스텔라 화이팅!!🙆😗😚💕😀

  5. [STELLARA GO]をつくってsteam, smart phoneで販賣したよいとおもうよ。

    韓流藝能人を題材にしたVIDEO GAMEはうれるとおもなあああ。

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