Making Boli With Mom – Part 1 | Stella Ramola

Making Boli With Mom – Part 1 | Stella Ramola

Hi guys! Welcome to my home.
Today we’re going to be doing a really fun video
We are going to have a special guest today
and we’re going to be cooking with them
and they’re going to teach us a new recipe
actually it’s not new
it’s just an Indian recipe that she’s gonna teach me,
It’s new for me.
So, we’re going to make that
and we’re gonna talk about
their life with them.
So, come on in and let’s start cooking!
So, as I mentioned before we have a
special guest in our kitchen today and
It’s my mom!
I feel so glad to be with Sweety.
For the first time we are making a program.
So, today we’re going to be doing a special video.
It’s a really fun video for you guys.
We’re going to be teaching you how to make an Indian dish.
which is called Boli
and so this is a favorite in our home and a lot of family members love this dish
So, my mom she makes a lot of it and she packs it to give it to all her friends
and they all love it.
She puts her own spin on it
So, we’re going to teach you that today
and also we’re going to be talking about her life
and all the things that she has experienced in her life
So, yeah we’re going to be talking about that today
So, just keep watching
So, the first step is to take the flour and make the dough
Take 1 cup of flour.
Let’s add 1 teaspoon of ghee and mix it nicely.
Then, let’s add water little by little
The dough should be so soft
I’m not a very good cook
but then, in our home,
everyone loves boli,
especially Sam loves it.
So, we shouldn’t expect the perfectly
round shape. It’ll be all handmade
and unique shapes will come out of this
The dough should be very, very soft.
We have to soak it for at least 2 hours
So, there are two elements to this boli.
There is the dough and then there is the filling.
So, right now we’re working on the dough.
So, tell us a bit about where you’re from and how you were as a child.
I was born in a very small village.
My mother, as she loved the Lord Jesus,
My mother’s mother-in-law, she won’t like it and
during the time of delivery when my mother was about to deliver me,
She was grinding masala, Indian masala
and in those days they used to go to the backyard of their house
and grind the masala in a stone, in a long stone,
and as she was doing that she got the delivery pain
and her mother-in-law, when
she saw her wriggling with pain,
trying to get into the house,
her mother-in-law literally put her out and locked the door.
She could not enter the home
and finally my mom did not know what to do.
With the help of a neighbor, she could
deliver me in a mud floor,
under a coconut tree.
And that was the stage I
was born.
And it’s amazing how the Lord has carried me all these days.
And he’s using me now.
I know, like, in your schooling,
you had a lot of friends
and you were surrounded by around 30 friends
and how did you get along with
and how did they react when you told them that you were going to get engaged?
I have a lot of friends. Nearly 30 friends.
From my school days, I had so
many friends.
Actually I wanted to take B.A. Literature course,
but then all my friends were planning to take Commerce degree.
So, I was left all alone. So, I wanted to join them
and finally, I got into Commerce degree.
I was doing the first year of my college and
I had 30 friends and they all love me even today.
They are in my WhatsApp group.
My college professors, they used to call us at the “rowdy group.”
We were so mischievous and I could remember one professor giving us punishment
we’re talking in class and she made us stand up on the desk,
not even on the bench.
We were all so grown up and we found
it very awkward to stand on the desk.
It was shaking.
We were making noise and we gave lot trouble to the professors.
So, how did they all react when you said that you were going to get engaged?
As I went to the second year of my college days,
Daddy’s parents were looking for a tall girl.
Through a pastor, he came and stayed with us,
and that’s how they came to know about
and when they heard about me,
That I have the same name as their daughter,
they were so thrilled, that’s your grandpa and grandma,
they were so thrilled.
and happy and
finally we got engaged.
And after that, I had to go to college.
We thought nobody knew us,
Knew what happened
and we didn’t tell anybody.
We kept it as a secret.
but then, in college, everybody knew before I could enter into the college.
The college students’ parents were so happy when they heard about it.
and they would come to have a look at me,
“who this lucky girl is?”
and we would be having lunch together,
under a big tree, 30 friends,
almost every day, they would come and ask,
“who is that girl who is engaged to Dr. Paul?”
I got vexed.
Every day I have to stand up in the middle of lunch
and I would even ask other friends to stand up.
“Please, will you stand up on behalf of me?
It’s very pathetic.
They would stand up just to please me.
And they would kiss her,
they would hug her and say, “Oh, how blessed you are!”
I was so mischievous in college days
and even today, our friends used to tell me,
“How you made us stand up in the place of you!”
That’s so funny. All these experiences that you have during your college days,
are just so precious and all the friends and all the memories,
they are so precious to think
about them and just laugh
just because of those experiences. That’s great.
Let’s go into the next stage.
I have soaked Channa Dal.
1 cup of Channa Dal with water for 2 hours.
The next step is, to cook the Channa Dal
We have to keep it (in the pressure cooker) for 1 whistle.
Add some water.
We can just immerse the Channa Dal.
Just enough to soak all of the dal.
Add some salt.
1/2 teaspoon of salt.
Let’s cook.
And now, we are going to melt the jaggery.
I have taken 1 1/2 cups of jaggery.
Let’s melt it.
Add just little water and melt it.
I’ve put 1 1/2 cups of jaggery for 1 cup of Channa Dal.
How was your first experience sharing your testimony on stage?
I was so nervous.
I was shivering within me.
Sweat all over me.
But then, Daddy encouraged me a lot.
He even wrote what I should speak
and I memorized the whole thing.
I was so shy to face the thousands of people
I hid my face with my saree.
Half my face was hidden
and I was so fast,
because I memorized the whole testimony
but then, the Lord helped me to speak everything without any mistake.
My mother was there.
She was the one who prayed for me and dedicated me, saying,
“Lord, save the entire family.”
Those days, my father was
not a believer.
He didn’t know the love of Jesus
So, she wanted him to be transformed.
And one day as she was
fasting and praying,
she dedicated one of her children.
We were four, those days.
She didn’t mention any one of her children’s names
but then the Lord, out of
all the four, has chosen me
and she was so proud to look at me testifying before thousands of people
because she knows all my weakness.
and on that day, as I was so bold, spoke very well, she appreciated me.
She thanked God, she cried looking at me.
She was so sick.
She was brought from CMC Hospital, just listen to me.
Even today, I’m so glad that my mother could listen to me.
That was the only time she was there when I was on the stage.
Wow! What a great testimony that God answered her prayer
and listened to her small desire.
Now, he’s using you mightily to touch a lot of other families
and to share his message of salvation
to much more people. So, that’s wonderful!
I am what I am because of her prayers.
Now, let’s strain the jaggery.
Now, the Channa Dal is ready after one
Now, we are going to strain this jaggery.
The bible says, “Taste and see that
the Lord is good.”
After all this, Sweety is going to taste and see how the boli is going to come out.
So, after we strain, we’re going to strain out all the impurities,
and the mud and everything from the jaggery.
So, as we’re waiting for
the dal to cool down in the cooker
So, you said you were a very shy person.
You were very nervous while getting on stage.
You wouldn’t speak in front of people.
So, how did that change?
Just after six months of my marriage,
I lost my mother who prayed for me.
She died of leukemia.
We were so broken, the entire family.
I could not take it.
Then, again I lost my elder brother, who was only 24.
I was thoroughly broken that time.
And I cried out to the Lord,
“Lord, somehow, comfort me.”
I cried, “Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit.”
And in one of our power
ministries, I attended that
and I cried. The whole night, I could not sleep.
I was crying, and said, “Lord, comfort me, comfort me.
Only with the power of the Holy Spirit,
I can be comforted,” I said.
and next morning, when I went to that power ministry,
and prayed along with the others,
The Lord filled me with this anointing.
I really was so happy.
At that time, I forgot about all my sorrows,
and I could not hold the joy of the Holy Spirit.
It was so much.
And tears were rolling down my eyes
and I was jumping with joy.
I could not even testify about how I was filled.
I was testifying and crying and sharing the love of God.
The Bible says in Romans 5:5,
the Holy Spirit is being poured into
our hearts through the love of Christ.
The love of Christ filled me so much.
and he prepared me on that day, to minister.
From that day, from that time
it was a totally transformation in my life.
I was not the old Evangeline
but then everything became new and I got the confidence.
In the year 2008,
as I was crying to the Lord,
the Lord appeared before me.
That was the happiest day in my entire life.
My heavenly father appeared before me
and filled me with his love.
I could literally feel the love of Christ entering into my heart.
My cup, my empty cup, my broken cup,
was being filled with the love of Christ.
And that was an unforgettable experience.
And he was smiling and smiling and smiling at me,
as if he was looking at a small child.
I could only see the love in his face.
Nothing other than that.
I didn’t even feel like a gentleman is standing before me.
I could see only the love of Christ
and that brought me so much confidence
and after that my ministry was totally changed.
Whenever I stood on the stage,
I felt like Jesus standing beside me.
Love would flow through me and
many are comforted through me, through love of Christ.
Tell us, who is your favorite child?
Very difficult question.
Okay! Now, is the time to make boli!
My little, darling Sweety!

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