¡Mira Esto Antes De Invertir En Bitcoin En 2020! – Bitcoin Vs Dólar – Invertir Bitcoin Opiniones

Tell us with a comment you want to let’s analyze the value you like best in the next video comment welcome to the business warrior today is 25 of February 2020 and in today’s video let’s analyze the bitcoin my thanks to the comment left by the old trojan face that has us kindly asked not to say with secret [Music] well here we have the graph of bitcoin against the dollar on screen we have the chart on the left weekly where we can see that it is making a double floor shaped cup and handle exactly as we say in barrick gold in the previous video and you will ask me well then if it is doing this way do something similar to barrick gold we will have to buy good Well, in this case, I’m sorry to tell you that the way we operate that we have in the business dog we would not enter the beat with and I explain why we’ll see first of all a very long chart term of each bar and one week we will see each bar a month of bilkoin against the pain and I don’t know if there will be more historical data but if there are any there are no good we see bitcoin I carry a trajectory already bullish for a long time the graphic we get to 2011 are nine years nine years bullish and surely for the news we have all received We will know that this still comes from further back and if we all dream of catching that value and that we earn money very easy and in abundance or a few percentages huge revaluation and this has been the case of bitcoin but as I say in the way we operate we only look at values ​​that have made ground and that they are going to break that ground or just break what are in a why are initiating a bullish process in the bitcoin already takes with that process bullish for a long time and it is for that at we would be oblivious to entering the beat with doesn’t mean don’t go on going up you can keep going up no we know how long but how do I tell you this bullish phase has been developed for a long time it may be that in sometime start a bearish phase or let the bubble be simple and then we would not enter here or you we recommend that you enter at least long term if we could enter a short medium term and then I’ll tell you some strategy using that figure double floor in cup them Now once I have explained the why what wouldn’t we get into bitcoin precisely [Music] in graphic assembly last week from barrick gold let’s see the difference you’ve had that you have with barry gold we see here the graph of a barry month with three a very company associated with gold an even longer term chart you see the evolution that I am telling you the stock market has a tendency almost permanent not to say permanent bullish is a safe game is always going up if we lose money is because no we operate well we do not enter and leave both suitable what are these appropriate moments well then in that upward trend its evolution is always in the form of a staircase has a bullish stretch a stretch bearish a consolidation period or soil formation and then it will start a new bullish stretch that is the point in which we always look capture the beginning of that bullish stretch very long term we are always talking about decisions long or very long term we tried to capture that bullish moment you see ringgold going How do you comment last week? is about to break the maximum previous relative that double cup-shaped floor and so and at the time they broke it they would be the one we would enter into value or we let it break we hope to make a small pullback of recoil to resistance that has broken and then it would be the ideal time to enter but always looking for this guy of values ​​for that we would stay away from bitcoin we can take advantage of the bullish sense of bitcoin to try to take us some short-term gains in the medium term if that’s another topic that’s another matter how could we do it well working in a similar way to which I have explained an hour to barry cabbage carrying the grams the parameter or the ideal paradigm that we use for the long-term negotiation but in a shorter term and we try to capture a bullish step of these steps that we see that they are going up ups down ups Well, if we try to capture one of those bullish steps capture it when it start and leave it when another one starts new bearish step that’s my recommendation as we would because exactly the same we see here the recovery ground is forming to return to the upward trend in the next step we are talking about bitcoin we go to weekly chart for that you see we would have the cup floor and handle here broke in this bar the moving average but the moving average had downtrend would not be the time to enter and here when I exceed the average mobile and the previous relative maximum with and the moving average that is going up has an upward trend is the time to enter for it we recommend capturing the return to the upward trend of bitcoin if this maximum was 113 thousand 867 because we could put a purchase order in stock at 13 approximately 914 would not be ours ideal operation because it is very close also from the previous maximum but well you could do ‘trading’ of this way and take advantage of them take advantage this rise to have a profit as a goal of the climb we We would be very attentive to approximately in the tangent that joins these two maxima relative to see if we can make a sketch for that you see it better well if we go on the monthly chart and we draw a tangent that joins the previous absolute highs between this and this one will have to be very attentive to the prolongation of this tangent when the value is approaching that tangent you have to be very attentive already the best I would leave then in the break down from one of the minimums previous relative where we will go going up we will be doing a stop training by moving the stop that we are marking as initial stop well, this minimum if it broke and will confirm this minimum as a minimum previous absolute because it is already broken and confirmed because the stop could be for below are 6.432 as we could have a stop at approximately 6,381 it would be a stock that we we would mark as you see in these long-term systems you have to have a good capital management because we are talking about the entry point it would be approximately 13 thousand 914 and the stop we would be at 6,380 we are talking about that we would lose about something else of half of the investment with those so wild stocks in which what they have this type of operation you can’t bet all your capital we do not recommend it because optimal investment around 25 per one hundred of your capital at most one 5 percent of our capital I know that I’m bombarding you with a a lot of concepts you have them all or that we try to leave all of neat and well usable both in the warrior business on our site as in the warrior school in our online school to be of reference and good well, a much more orderly learning of all these concepts and nothing for thor no longer feel disappoint you with this approach surely you were going to enter vic or yes You are already recommended to keep because the value is still bullish then we recommend maintaining but now I tell you that for new entries or are to short term or short medium term or for stay very long term or not we are going to stay away from lincoln and waiting for you everyone liked the video I say goodbye until next week greetings very strong friends [Music] [Music]

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