New coins and banknotes

New coins and banknotes

but the first thing you’ll need to talk
about is when you get letters so hello people my name is Glen and this is just
another livestream maybe I’ll do a live stream every Friday mmm not too sure so
there isn’t petition it’s one person viewing to thumbs up who will use that’s
weird anyway so when you get a letter make sure this doesn’t happen as you can
see it’s been torn I can’t show you the rest of the envelope so whatever you get
it’s disappeared so I have to get in contact with them and I have a another
two packages they have addresses which I haven’t taken off so I can’t actually
show you the address of the person who sent it over my 1 and where do I get
these from I buy them off eBay I do buy and sell off eBay so what I generally do
is I buy our feet Bay make a video then I resell it and that’s just the way I go
actually my like making these videos to inform people about different currencies
so it’s in a powder bag which is really good you’re gonna eat post something put
it in a bag as well as the envelope cardboard important put it between
cardboard that is why this one disappeared obviously they put the coin
in the envelope and it’s just gone just totally gone I would say went through
the machine and it’s just rips it out put it in one of these and this is good
for protection obviously bubble wrap so yeah text to the games
damaged my don’t worry I got today looks like I’ve got Indiana punch mat coins so
here I have us some guy if you’re from India you should know to some good
dynasty a punch silver punch mark coin yeah cash up Donna actually like buying
these coins as you can see will it focus as you can see has the Sun near which
mainly which represent the central government god this this cameras crap
sorry so it’s a quality good and on any new camera so that’s the swing go I have
another punch mark coin this is the square type this is probably the Mauryan
Empire yep as you can see it’s true well if you
don’t know about these coins these coins were cut up into a certain weight I
think four and a half grams from memory can’t remember and these are an
indigenous coin originating from the Indus River region so and it’s probably
ever they actually circulated all over India even down to Sri Lanka which is
very good ah you got another one this is a Delhi Sultan’s Delhi Sultan’s this is
the Islamic dynasty so this is the full-on horsemen coin so this side has
the horsemen as you can see that is quality’s terrible so this is um ill
twit mish and it’s a booing ji tell it means that it has some silver in it
80% is copper and 20% is silver but you don’t know until you do a mythological
analysis oh and I have another coin this is a Greece very drachma now this is a
commemorative coin he has the double-headed Greek imperial eagle 30
drachma it’s a point eight three five grams silver and let us cut in ounces 32
ounces or something no cam is 87 so I think there’s about five million it is
actually minted 1964 so this is issued to commemorate the ascension of this guy
to the Greg throne I actually quite like this coin is quite good and it has
lettering on the side but I can’t remember what that actually says it’s in
Greek yep no I do not know so easy you should actually collect Greek coins
because they’re actually quite good they’re good design most of them
probably not the euro coins in euro coins would be terrible so I would like
to know what actually you people collect well thinking of doing giveaway sooner
or later obviously not in this one you need to set up legal parameters like you
need to know the YouTube Terms the service you need to know the laws within
your country that you need to follow to actually keep things away so what is
this one so going up on beautiful some more coins they just won even I’ve
seen paper it is in a sticky tape so extra protection so if you do buy and
sell stuff make sure you pack up properly or make sure they take it
properly as we get it because just a problem for you in the cellar or you and
the buyer if something goes wrong nice going
so Portuguese five pitaka 1952 silver as you can see these are all over a base so
you can get them quite easily and this one is it would be quite an alignment so
if I turn it this way that’s coin alignment okay the middle
alignment will be this one because I have to return it on a north-south axis
so I did make a video on this you know just want to emphasize it here coin
alignment med alignment and it’s based on the American the American system
because Britain they have coin alignment euros have coin alignment Germany is
climb alignment United States there’s no coin alignment that’s mid all of it
confused myself then yeah ever coins of God he’s Roman beautiful what was the
ever color and this is a nice coin Portugal
it has a ship yes yes now it’s sunny 17 degrees today it’s bit cold but I quite
like it when it gets down to 15 I hate it
I like the wind it’s 32 so 1914 this is a pretty low mintage on the back it has
the coat of arms this is two-and-a-half escudos so you’ve got two five and we
fought the Spanish in it they put the dollar sign in between the two and the
lower denominator anything below one a school is to the left of the dollar sign
anything to the right now anything to the left is the Escudo anything to the
right is this entire force or céntimos yes here I have silver here are copper
nickel which one is better copper nickel silver it actually is
harder to react then copper coppers easy to react so if you drop a coin for like
20 years in well my soil is acidic if you drop it in acidic soil they
overreact very quickly this one will probably keep its condition depending on
the copper content so this is 0.85 silver so it’s a point one six five
probably copper I reckon because copper actually makes the hard silvers a bit
soft and if you leave these in the soil for 20 years this one probably got
totally black or corroded this one probably might go black where the copper
is I do have another point that actually
doesn’t do I have it here not too sure know that I have you here have it
somewhere else so if you have a coins I have German in
Australia come on where is that there you go
show live at arena currently circulating silver coins no country actually
produces silver coins that circulate as you can find it on YouTube there are
actually some other youtubers actually go through their coin inch especially
Canada in United States that they actually find silver 10 25 and 50 cent
coins and well they’re not actually issued by the mint anymore they still
circulate probably through people every stealing or breaking up coin collections
or whatever not even an if it’s silver or copper nickel I find out a lot of
people don’t really know much about coins that ain’t even know like they
they class this copper nickel coin yes silver they wouldn’t really know
difference between these two so today I’m a silver coin which is this and a
copper nickel coin it’s pretty much the same so in the United States so I have
these I’ll take one in so I have these free 50 cent coins this is called a
Walking Liberty because Liberty is walking as you can see yes yes these are these are actually in
circulation in the United States but if the mint actually finds out about them
they withdrawn from circulation because these are worth about $6 the United
States dollars in silver and there’s a channel is it a half-dollar year you
holler or something and they actually go through 50 cent coins so you should
actually go to their channel and they actually find silver coins in there
most of the coins are actually these like Kennedy half dollars
this one’s 2001 they stopped this you in nice and 2003 this is our clad as you
can see here it’s our brown which is a copper and actually get these silver
coins and then usually give them away on their channels so that’s a good channel
to go look at theirs Australia have silver coins well here are silver Florin
here I have a 20 cent coin which I 1966 the silver flyer we claim the 20 cent
coin so that is why we have this is the commemorative one from 2016
he has decoder bombs the same on this one so theoretically you could actually
get 5 10 and 20 sync pieces as the old pre-decimal coins so is it the same size can’t remember believe they’re pretty
much the same weight and dimensions but the image on it is totally different and
people probably recognize this one there’s a foreign coin and they wouldn’t
know much about it but they would just probably throw it away or put it aside
or just collect it so is there anything else no so is the around 50 cent coin lady any
Jenny decimal Australian coin that I have that is Silver’s around 50 cent
coin they have it I must have put it somewhere I here it is so that’s the
only decimal Australian coin silver that was put in circulation that’s a 50 cent
coin 1966 you can pick these up for between ten and fifteen dollars
Australian depending on Oh someone’s from Botswana perforate the seam and
then that sounds Punjabi to me and you got a Botswana flag so obviously you
like Botswana is there anything from Botswana you actually like you actually
have their whole coin collection but they have it with me it’s not quite good
hi I got off England one pound England demonetised it’s old one pound coins in
our last year actually because there is a lot of counterfeits so I don’t have
any here so any one pound coin that was issued before 2016 is no longer legal
tender so you can’t spend it you can probably sell it now the one pound coin
is a bi-metal coin and I actually haven’t got that one as well but what I
do have is the coins of seashells these are all copper nickel and the lightest
ones stainless steel and these ones are brass plated steel so there’s one cent
you’ve got five cents five cents what you mean the Brodie Chapel Minh
these new Australian coins 25 cents new Australian coiners is 2017 coins in
circulation if you’re talking about the two-dollar coins these ones here so
these were issued for the Commonwealth Games
these ones coloured as you can see they were releasing the circulation for our
supermarket called Woolworths and date 2018 and there’s actually three
different designs and for Anzac Day they actually issued a different two-dollar
colored coin which I don’t have here here’s another one that they issued in
2016 for the Paralympics as a Paralympian in wheelchair colored coin
as well and it has 2016 yes 5th of October yes sorry fifth what was that
now 15th of October 2017 was the last I could spend the one-pound coins I
believe you can actually exchange meant the Bank of England but you not supposed
to spend them stainless steel I don’t know stainless steel actually
they corrode very easily because it’s just mainly copper and carbon it reacts
very easily and see I don’t actually have coins but I do have some stainless
steel coins that have been corroded very badly but there was seashells issued a new
this country they issued a new coins last last year 2016 I think can’t
remember and they actually this is a Mauritius
tin roof but they actually issued a bi-metal two
rupees and they had to withdraw a lot of them because it was in stainless steel
and it actually corroded very easily because um they didn’t meet the coin
properly so stainless steel especially in the tropics actually corrodes quite
easily you have Woolworths in Botswana yeah we
call it Woolies here as well Australians like to shorten things like what do we need like to like me we
actually like to shorten words so if it’s very big like we call this a mobile
because it’s a mobile phone so mobile no won’t worry about going into soever
coins I have so katisa this is a live mintage French five francs so you can
get these for a good price you can get a low mintage for I know $30.00 or
whatever these ones are not cheap then it is good and it has a feel it the
first loose feel it the first and he was actually related to the royal family who
actually was executed in 1780 something can’t remember and we’re still here if
you’re want to get an old coin it’s actually currently minted get the Maria
Theresa Tyler this is a silver bullion coin you can buy it from on ebay to cost
about $35 depends but you can buy it from the Austrian mint for 20 euros I
believe that’s probably not including postage and it’s called the Maria
Theresa Tala because well it’s a size of atala which is a
trade coin before the 1870s and it was issued in a German area so the Holy
Roman Empire and this one the this one’s the frozen
date so it’s a 1870 appear as X and how you tell the difference between this and
the original coin was in Austria it has instead of DV it’s supposed to happy you
so big coin seven sided coin you talking about the one polar I’d have to dig that
one out that’s the current coins yes only one puller is five sided which one
is the seven sided coin can’t remember see the so many coins out there that sector gone hmm sure it isn’t the size of this one I
think the one puller is like that 25 pulled on yes that’s the size of this
one I remember so it’s probably yeah so there’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 so 25 pulled on
one fuller at this one you have bi-metal 2 in 5 pull up what’s Weiland coins are
quite good do you like then there may be in coins I
find them quite boring how about them botswana banknotes –
they’re very pretty better than Australian banknotes yeah
they’re very good can you buy anything with 25 puller so if you’re talking
about Botswana oh where is it yeah is it gonna know so I made a video on
this coin this one so I get a sort of like an error because then it’s not
gonna too much light so the Queen’s Head here
the coin said here is actually not implanted properly it’s more like where
is that of a coin I just had it so this is an error because I feel something
wrong with the minting process and the coin wasn’t minted properly like this
coin is actually quite good no this one’s not gonna focus God live
streaming’s to be cracked this quiz sir my ears so I’ve got this coin as you can
see it’s not minted properly so this is the original coin as you can see it’s
minted okay this one must have had oil on it because it they can mean to not to
be implanted and so this one this one is not as bad as that one you can’t do 25 likes you can only do
one I like all the BOTS wailing coins and that they’re quite good designs and
they represent the current country in the coat of arms that’s pretty good
grouse not like some other countries I’ll tell you one African countries
coins out of good Ethiopia so this one’s a 25 céntimos or sent him I gotta send
him he has it has the date here so that’s a day have seen Peru coat of arms
as Haile Selassie’s on this side it has a date in numerals so sorry and the cool
thing about it is actually at the side as you can see the actual so it’s been
indented and it’s also read it as well so I love these coins as graphs coin one
of you best now is there any every information you want to know so I have
lots of coins here if you weren’t here before actually got some punch mark
coins from India these were standard coins about 2000
years ago before before deep greek-style coins actually Greek style coins
actually replaced these so these these were in circulation up into about 300 ad
units 17d they lasted longer especially Sri Lanka and they’re called cash apana
so what else do I have to talk about I
didn’t actually think of anything to talk about in this but I have some are
there any good source of food in founders indian coins for tea kasha
panas probably not there was a good website on the internet I think it’s
been taken off you could try zina though are you which actually is a repository
of coins from Asia though mainly the largest II depositories from China and
then in the end but no not really in the nothing extensive as well the
problem they have without these Indian punch my coins is actually identifying
the symbols so this so this one here has the Sun symbol there and I reckon that
almost the central government but the rest of the symbols they’re not sure
actually done yes they are
they are mysterious no I don’t have any our Confederate States of America of
banknotes they seem to be quite expensive
sooner or later or gets on so then not too short they think that the central
government actually mented them but it could also be that you know private
individuals would have minted these as well they just would have made it a
certain size and use that as a trade coin so actually quite interesting
because you can actually get different types of varieties like this variety is
a standard Marian empire variety but you can get long ones which are the earlier
ones which is you before – Marian Empire and I’m going to end it here because I
got someone calling me thank you very much watching maybe I’ll be back later

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