Next Breakouts: Ripple (XRP), Verge (XVG), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), & Bitcoin (BTC)

What is going on snipers Nayeem elevate here, I hope you’re all enjoying your day – lets
Go – just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency market analytics for today
We’re gonna be doing a technical analysis on Bitcoin etherium Ripple
Tron and some other coins just to look at where prices may be headed if we can predict any sort of
Breakouts coming as you all know yesterday if you’re a patreon the link is in the description below
We sent out over 11 trade alerts and 10 of them resulting in profits
You can see we’ve had over a hundred percent profits in the last 24 hours
Just because of all of these alt coins
Starting to go up in value if you guys want to get these trade alerts the link is in the description below
But we’re gonna be talking about how we are predicting all of these breakouts which altcoins to watch and which ones have not yet
Broken out as you can see all of these trades
Resulting in profits for all of our patreon, so hopefully you guys were able to take advantage of that
I see here some people did this guy says first trade alert
I’ve in turn I made a good 7% off of it good for you, brother
And I’m gonna tell you exactly why this is happening you see how all coin is starting to go up and dominant
Bitcoin went from 45% down to 40% well if we’re looking at bitcoins chart you can see we’re starting this horizontal channel
We formed a head and shoulder pattern yesterday
If you don’t want a head and shoulder is we have a free resource it’s in the description below
It’s called the discord and you can actually go on here and look at all of these different patterns
And what they indicate and obviously a head and shoulders top is a reversal pattern
You can see the breakout reversal appears right in the bottom right hand side
And we actually did not see that it got rejected, and then you can see as soon as it got rejected
We started to see price levels go back up to these known resistance levels of around 8200
But we have not yet broken past that and while this is all happening
We’re starting to see many more altcoin starting to move so what we’re gonna. Do is move out to the one-day chart here
Just to give you an idea of what we’re seeing here with RSI so every time Bitcoin has bounced off of this 53
We’ve seen it breakout to new highs and any time
It’s dropped below and has not seen any sort of support at these higher RSI levels
It’s went and seemed some further decline so this time we did bounce thankfully did not bounce at 53 it bounced at 51
But that’s good enough to end a trend is occurring right now
And we’re starting to go back up and testing these 60 levels which if we pass 60 in my opinion
that’s the perfect time to put in a position in Bitcoin to expect the breakout and by the
confirmation never buy before a
confirmation especially if you buy in a breakout so this is the point that I’m watching here to see if the our side can
Finally move right through that and then that’s also going to coincide with this hourly chart
and if we break out from
These known resistance levels of 8200 that is the confirmation to go ahead and enter a position
But until then we’re gonna be looking at coins like ripple for example here
Forming this beautiful cup in hand if you don’t know what a cup and handle is once again on our
Discord resource you can see exactly how this cup and handle forms with the breakout
Initiating right at that right hand side of the handle
And we can also see we’re starting to see known resistance
Levels being met here with current price levels so what we’re watching for at this point is for this
RSI to start to see some sort of retracement bounce off of the 60 forming this handle
And that’s gonna be the perfect entry point for ripple
You can see this negative divergence here with the volume as well if we were to go to this one-hour chart
You can see how the volume is starting to decrease which is something you want to see
whenever you’re looking at any sort of cup and handle because once again the cup and handle to form the actual handle you need a
Decrease in low trading volume, so interesting pattern here a potential breakout coming soon
I think the best entry point once again would be when this RS
I can retrace bounce off of that 60 and then we see that handle form to then go ahead and confirm the cup and handle
Pattern is forming and then the next coin
Xvg announcing a partnership one of the largest adult entertainment companies in the world yesterday, and then the price
Tanked why well you want to buy the news?
I’m sorry buy the hype and sell the news talk about buy the hype and southern you someone made a wrap
For us here. Let me go ahead and throw this wrap out here shout out to one of our Twitter fans
He sent me a private message. He’s like you keep trying to wrap in your videos
let me just write you a wrap and this is the actual wrap let me go ahead and
Do it I don’t know if I should shout it to flash creatures
Do it let’s let’s ask the lot live audience. Let’s see here. I’m all incest
Thanks tipster poubelle says George predicted
Xvg tetra says do you not use auto quality guys pick the right quality based on your speed that is funny
somebody said
Verge falling wedge possibly, so here’s the rap I’m a crypto trading machine. My name is Nayeem
I wear no pants when I broadcast my stream trading late nights, so I can buy me some steam
And I’m not gonna say the rest because it gets inappropriate
But other than that we got a ton of people on our live audience now will hate them in the house
Anti-gay, I should have never said that and how we’re gonna start controversy somebody says agent McQueen a beard yes, it’s forming now
It’s forming somebody said pump the like so that he can keep the beard for 300 likes
I will do that we have three hundred and five people watching three hundred lights will grow their beard like Osama bin Laden for three
Hundred lights and now the lights go up like always it’s like a freakin
Game show here, so anyways looking at xvg. Let’s go ahead and dive into the technical analysis
We can see we’re consolidating two known Fibonacci retracement levels back down to the point
38 and what’s gonna be interesting here as you can see we’ve seen the largest amount of cell volume in verges history
Being the fact that they made this announcement and a lot of people wanted to take their profits
Knowing that once again even in traditional markets when there’s a successful earnings call nine out of ten times the stock price tanks
So it’s the same thing here right when you have a good quarter. It’s like well great
Let’s take our profits, right we had a great quarter
How much better can it get it’s the same concept here in the crypto market
I am waiting to get a position in verge as a lot of coins would have had the
Would have loved to have the partnership that verge has now created with mine geek and DS adult entertainment companies therefore
There’s gonna be a lot more use case for verge so I want to get a good long-term position
And I’m waiting for this our sites to start to go back down to these known lower levels below
forty hopefully to see some levels of oversold RSI so that we can go ahead and enter a position with
confidence knowing that prices can start to head up and
Really, you can see here March 19th when we started to see a little bit more the price of verge was right around
386 Satoshi’s and now we’re almost double at around
802 Satoshi so I think we’re still a little bit overpriced right now, I think we need a little bit more of this
hype to wear off before we start to see
Better levels for verge you can see where straight on our way down here if we look at the MACD the fast lengths crossed
Right over that slow leg and you can start to see the history
I’m starting a forum, which means we’re starting to see more and more sellers come to the market for Verge
So I would wait if you are trying to get a position in verge let’s move on to a theory amande talked about this
Rounding bottom that’s forming here with a theorem
If you don’t know what a rounding bottom is very similar to how you have a cup and handle
But the cup and handle comes from a breakout, but a rounding bottom is the opposite where it comes from a retracement?
But also forms a breakout pattern, and we’re seeing exactly that here with aetherium as its seen some
extreme extreme declines and now starting to form this
Rounding bottom starting to get to the point where it’s gonna form this
Handle and what I’m waiting for at this point if we pull up the 1-day if you look at this RSI
We are testing that 60 I think we’re gonna pull back my Newt Lee
Possibly down to around 55 to 50
Hopefully staying within this neutral zone
If as we’ve done in the past then to see this handle form
Completing this pattern of the rounding bottom to then go ahead and see the initial breakout
You can see we’re starting to see this MACD curve
Which is an indicator of lower volume as well?
so you can see how this is starting to curve down you can see if we pull up the volume –
There is that decline in volume, so we’re gonna wait for that handle to form with that negative divergence right over here
So that’s what I’m waiting for for aetherium
I think that they’re still going to be a little bit more of a better chance to get a position and later down the road
As soon as this
Retreat races a little bit down so that we can see this handle form and then you can also see that we are approaching this
Resistance at the Fibonacci level which obviously is a known resistance level, and we’re seeing the resistance there with it surprising
That’s gonna. Be at the point 61 so that’s where we’re watching right now with a theory
I’m very interesting there and let’s go ahead and move on to
One of my favorite coins here the by Nance calling one of the most intrinsically valuable coins in the market in my opinion
But before that we’re going to go and take some questions from the live audience
Somebody says the price of lag has increased today
Beer took us 70 forces can barely get a sentence out tipster says turn down your bitrate in OBS it will fix the lag
At sniper soups name turn down your bitrate in OBS. It will fix the lag well
Hopefully this isn’t lagging for everyone. Maybe people too quality down to be a little bit better
cammarata said now that some of us miss the buy the news on bat when would be the next best time to get in on
Bat so basically talk in announcing a partnership today making the coin go up in value
Here’s what I’ll tell you whenever you see something see any sort of exhume errs
Just like we saw with verge wait further a trace from before putting in a position
There’s always going to be more and more opportunities in this market. There’s never a shortage of
Opportunities yesterday we had 10 successful calls and one of them were not successful
It’s actually still in the bye zone
Heading towards the tape profit zone, so we’re still waiting on that so it’s not necessarily not successful
It’s just not yet in the take profit zone, but understand that opportunity to come every single day right sometimes
There’s no opportunity sometimes. There’s a ton of opportunity sometimes
There’s a very little opportunity
so you just have to know where the opportunity is how to identify it and then
Going ahead and trading that opportunity taking the risk necessary finding more upside than downside
And that’s the one recommendation I can give by the confirmations. Don’t just buy the hype so looking at the buy Nantz technical analysis
We’re seeing this cup and handle form the handle is starting to form this may be the one coin
That is most poised for a breakout right now and what I mean by that as you can see this
RSI is starting to dip down low back to these known support levels and every time
We’ve seen the RSI hit 37. It’s bounced
significantly higher
That’s an obvious pattern that you have to be aware of right now and know that any point in time right now if you were
To dollar-cost average position in the by Nance coin it is most likely a good time to get in and what I’m expecting is for
This RSI as you can see of what what I drawn out here for the our sighted dip down and bounce here
So I’m waiting for a little bit more of our trace
But knowing that the volume you can see this negative divergence once again forming right there with the handle
It’s exactly what we’re looking for and then they’re also doing another coin burn at the end of this month
Which once again from the past three coin burns now?
We’ve seen a huge
Exuberance in prices the third one was the coin burner in which we saw the exuberance prior to the coin burn
But the last two were right before the coin burned
So I’m expecting this to Ciera Trey Smith, and then see the hype come back
And we’re most likely gonna see it retraced back down to around
Fourteen thousand two hundred and ninety seven satoshis because that’s where we found previous support levels in my opinion
That’s gonna
Be enough to take this RSI a bit lower to go ahead and bounce off of this known support level to then see that
Breakout here, and you can see the MACD is still curving down, but this is
Getting quite over stretch
and it’s starting to go ahead and fit within the past levels that we were at before and you can see this is where we
Started to see this curve all the way back and then seeing that breakout
We’re starting to see that right now
So I’m expecting this to start curving this way and then that initiating the perfect entry point for the buy Nantz coin
Which is what I am looking forward to so any questions from the live audience investors of crypto shout out
He says name is the man Texas loves you, bro. Thank you for that video. You made the other day
He made a video about the top crypto youtubers, and I was honored to get his number one pick
So thank you investors of crypto it means a lot its interested
You can’t rewind it because it’s a live stream rewind it once the live stream is done. Yes, Mike D
Says when the F is litecoin gonna get over 150
It will probably get there soon like coin once again is a coin that has such a significant amount of volume in comparison to coins
Like Bitcoin cash which is a head of light coin in total market cap and it doesn’t make sense because light coin has more use
case right now
It’s been around longer right I remember light coin back in 2013 when I used to trade Bitcoin
And it was like the baby brother of Bitcoin
it’s always been like that Brandon an interesting comment says I’ll be moving on to another exchange from G Dax in the
Near future and was wondering if you could recommend a great Fiat to crypto exchange looking invested in other Kryptos besides BTC
Eth nltc Brandon
I would just use buy Nance that’s probably the best exchange right now for all coins has a lot of liquidity and is
Extremely fast and simple and there’s a lot of API capabilities, and there’s also a really cool program
Which I’m going to talk about in our next livestream that can help you set up trailing stop
And take profits at the same exact time because remember whenever you’re going to create your risk management technique
You want to make sure you have entry and exit points?
But having stop losses is extremely important to manage risk to a certain percentage
So we’re gonna be talking about that somebody says are you going to the conference in Dubai?
Yes, by the way
I am going to be heading to a conference in Dubai with Brock Pierce
co-founder of AOS founder of blockchain capital very huge prominent name in the cryptocurrency
Sphere and all of you are also invited I have a 20% off code. The link is in the description below
Here is a little preview of the conference and what to expect if you are planning to head over there with
Me and we can go ahead and meet up, too
So we’ll go ahead and speed this little trailer up and hopefully you guys can enjoy this
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And you I heard John McAfee went crazy, and it’s not invited anymore
Most technologically advanced cities in the world and stay for the Desert Rose party a burning man light experience
Beautifully curated 3d mapping and so much more join the future
The future is now Futurama
blockchain innovators summit in Dubai 2018 coins back
And then comes the sponsorships
So let’s take some audience questions
And discuss the current state of the market with the audience here today before we end this livestream
I think it’s going to be fun to have a little bit of more interaction here
bearded lady said
You and Doug P. Are the best people I watched on YouTube
Great views from opposite ends of the spectrum both knowledgeable people. Do you know or speak to Doug?
No doc poor crypto is an awesome individual though
He does very well in his own sense in poker, and he’s very entertaining in crypto as well so shout out to him
But we don’t have any sort of personal connection
But maybe we will soon unknown now says when is your conference in San Jose and San?
Francisco good question that conference will be in
June and that will be June 26 and 27, and it’s called the blockchain connect conference
And I do have a discount code that I will be releasing on Twitter, so follow us on Twitter if you do want that
Crypto man says BTC bull trap. I wouldn’t consider this a bull trap yet
We rejected off of the head and shoulders
So we did not drop below these resistance levels as or these support levels as I had predicted
We were even going to go down to
7400 or be rejected and we rejected and went right back up to these known resistance levels
So we’re now we’re forming a horizontal channel so at this point
It’s really just watching if Bitcoin can break through and we can confirm this breakout
Or if it’s going to go ahead and drop below and either or there’s not that much risk at this point
So that’s why I’m focused more on alt coins
That’s why we had ten trade alerts yesterday that all resulted in profits because that’s really where my focus has been
We’ve seen a ton of profits in these trade alerts look at this this was over a ten percent gain right here
we had Tron that was over a
Ten percent gain as well nano was pretty good as well
So I’m focused more on these alt coins as we start to see this dominant shift more towards alt coins
Jesse Compton says June and July is reserved for the World Cup
interesting aldo says orlando can be a great location for a blockchain convention
Yeah, they have one of the largest convention centres in the world there
Sultan says they can’t fork your personality, and I named him the man, thank you brother. I appreciate that
Vince a says what alts have the dev capability to achieve their tech paper and roadmap
I would say silica is probably one of the most undervalued alt coins right now
They just launched their test net if you have not heard about it, and I’ve been talking about silica for quite some time
And it’s already about 40 percent up since we started talking about it, so
Multi coin trade says you have to recognize that X VG is the Christopher Columbus – all Kryptos because it has opened the door to
The other alts that will come behind absolutely. I think any coin would love to have had that partnership with mine
You can all the other companies that Verge’s partnered with that’s why I’m waiting once again for this price to head down
I’m gonna lock that
Stinking position in Virge and I’m gonna keep that position because I think that Virge is gonna have a very nice use case later that
I wrote it’s a success story. You know
It’s a fork of dollars coin which was a joke but it’s created something that’s beings. You know used by a large company
That’s a big deal right. It’s all about driving determination remember
It’s about having a quarterback determined tipster says hit like now Nayeem. Got beard yes
Oh, no if we hit 300 likes I gotta grow my beard
Hopefully we didn’t hit 300 life so often in this stream right now. It’s that we don’t hit it did we hit it
Oh my gosh. No police none. What you didn’t hit it
What are we at right now 109? Oh?
Thank god, okay, I know we have over 300 viewers. I thought that’s what you meant when you said that
Mohammed Allah be says stellar by the end of 2018. I think stellar is gonna make him move up
Just like us recently did but yo s is all speculative value right now
Investors of crypto with eat will eat en recovery electrum in my opinion
It’s distributed upon so many miners right now that I still believe it has a ton of use case
left or to come and the reason I say that they just
Recently about a month ago signed a partnership with over a hundred thousand users involved in the partnership
And they’re still trying to create and negotiate more deals, so I am keeping up with electrum, and I still have my position there
Little hello kitty says smash the likes, thank you little hello kitty
I think you’re the one that initiated the one in the last stream where I almost had to
Make that beard commitment, but I’m not planning to grow this I want to make it look nice obviously
Because we did get a bet before about me growing it, but we never said grow it like Osama bin Laden
So I’m not gonna do that
Hopefully as long as we don’t have 300 likes which I think we just went up to
162 which is ridiculous
Mike D says 500 likes and Nayeem will twerk. I’ll do that for 500 likes I’ll twerk right now
For 500 lies
This is a game show Alex Dumitru says have you anything to say about ether blue blue crypto keep on keepin on I?
Don’t have anything to say about those. Sorry yoni says hey name
I think dnt beat C formed a massive bullish pattern could you do a quick ta on that coin, please? Yeah?
Why not let’s do a dnt
T a really quick
Let’s see if we found a potential breakout that I can just call out right now on this stream
So this is what I do when I’m looking for breakouts
You want to know how we predict the ten breakouts yesterday number one you go into this one day chart
And you see the overall trend right you can see we broke out of this contracting falling wedge here
So you’ve got this contracting falling wedge. That was forming
We broke out of that recently so that obviously was showing a sign of a reversal and now we’re forming this ascending channel
With known support levels and now what I’m watching for is this RSI you can see positive
Convergence here RSI very very steep, and it’s high and has it already broken 60 yes
It has that means it’s bullish right you can see we found we tested 60 and then we finally broke past it very bullish
So this right here is a potential breakout MACD. What are we seeing here? Okay? Well look at that you can see
Unknown resistance of the MACD is up here and other known resistance is up here. We’re nowhere near either of those
We still have a little bit of room to go
And you can see we just curved back then
Recharged the fast length is starting to head back up in my opinion very bullish sign there
Let’s go ahead and go into the one-hour chart now
Let’s see if we can predict this breakout so with this one-hour chart now
We can go ahead and make our support levels a little bit more concrete here by drawing them out more specifically
And that we can see we can determine any further patterns here, so if we see any patterns
We can see a couple fractal rounding bottoms here one two three
And it seems like it might be forming another one every time the RSI goes above 60 here
You can see on the one-hour chart it typically retraces back down
So I’m gonna probably expect a little bit more of a tracer
I wouldn’t call this trade alert right now if I was looking at this coin for a trade alert
I still think there’s a little me a little bit more of some retracement left
We’re probably gonna form another fractal pattern here
So you can see here with this
Cop form there’s just a ton of little cups within cups you can see this is about to form and I’m expecting maybe this to
form the best entry point would most likely be right here if this were to form and then that entry point would be at the
Bottom of the cup that forms next which would most likely be on this ascending
Support line so at that point our side would most likely see its
Retracement back to recharge itself to then see more bullish sign so that’s what I would be looking for so in this coin
I would say that it may be due for a breakout soon, but the entry point is probably best in the next
Five to ten hours depending on how fast this price moves moves, and then you can also see
With this negative divergence with the volume as well volumes starting to decrease which isn’t always a bad thing
I’d like to see high volume than decreasing volumes because that typically indicates that if it’s decreasing attention has worn off
Prices has been able to retrace and recharge too. Then eventually see more and more volume
Just like we predicted to break the breakout with bitcoin
Little hellokitty says love your show buddy. Thank you no problem
Somebody says can you look into AI o n let’s do another one?
Let’s see if we can find another potential breakout something that might be breaking out fairly soon
So I think this was a trade alert that we actually had at one point
And that’s why we have all these different areas drawn out already
And if we were to actually look at this one here
You could see our side would be way too high for me at this point, so we’ve already broken past 60
I don’t like to initiate trade alert right like at these higher RSI levels
And it depends right you know if you look at this MACD you can see we’re already quite over stretched
Heading towards these known resistance levels, so I wouldn’t necessarily call this a breakout at this point
I wouldn’t really feel confident making this call and remember
We’re looking for more upside than downside potential so knowing we’ve already seen this huge exuberance
I am expecting a little bit of consolidation especially because the whole market over the past couple of days have has seen
quite the number of gains
We can most likely expect
retracement over the next couple of days right it’s it’s always gonna be a greenway followed by a Redway followed by a greenway followed by
a Redway followed by a greenway followed by a redwood by the confirmations
Somebody says you get blurry as well man. Everybody just wants to complain today. I am sorry
Sand Piper 22 says verge isn’t a fork of doge coin is a fork from Bitcoin peercoin from three and a half years ago
Which means that basically is something totally different and only the baseline is the same?
Well, I might be confusing that then with a different coin somebody says eighty-eight is on a breakout do check it out
We’re already looking at many breakouts here Muhammad a lobby says is n cash price easily manipulated
We’ve seen a lot of manipulation with n cash recently. Let’s see what else somebody says do silica halo Han
We got a ton of requests, but I don’t want to go into too much on this one video
It’s already been 25 minutes, and we want to be graceful for the people watching after this, but thank you guys for watching today
I hope this added some value and I think that’s gonna be it for today
We’re gonna be diving into some more technical analysis over the next couple of days
And if you’re on patreon stay up to date with our trade alerts as I am watching the market with about seven coins right now
That are potentially gonna be breaking out and other than that. Thank you all for watching once again
My name is Naima. La Badie and like always snipers out

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