Noodling change for errors and low mint coins

Noodling change for errors and low mint coins

so welcome back people let’s turn the
light on that’s better sorry today it’s just
gonna be a video I have an actually plan so what I’m doing is I’m just taking
coins sorry just emptying coins from just to see if
I’ve got anything yeah so there you go so what what you generally want to look
for is any errors in the bank notes errors on banknotes actually pretty
pretty hard to find they’re pretty scarce and serial numbers
so this one seems to have a six one two six oh yeah
yeah something wrong the letterings on that but it’s probably quite common so
that’s $10 I actually don’t get many of the older Tindall all night anymore nothing that I can see another ten
Delano AJ so 17s the actual date nothing too precious about serial numbers
generally if these are actually been circulated same just one is a fold day anyone you see it’s being pretty good
shape really no answer from then bottom so not
worth keeping $5 it’s something pretty good Nick you got that then we say that
that means a so really these are 2016 still common so not what keep your neck
here’s another one this is being used quite a bit serial numbers note
and nothing on that one here we have a number $10 bent forwards this is
definitely not a keeper 1780 no generally if you don’t see problems
straight up then it’s really not worth actually five dollar bank night being
folded so no problems of ICD serial numbers no so that that’s not a keeper
as well this one 16 serial numbers no nothing there
and if with the serial numbers if you don’t see anything straight away after
like one or two seconds looking at it it’s really not a keeper so here’s
another $5 serial numbers new CB mm-hmm they actually did print five dollar
banknotes for 2018 but they haven’t been released yet it’s that old $20 note I
actually have not come past a new $20 note it’s gonna take him at least six
months to start to come out and probably a better year to actually see that many
so that’s 2010 not really worth worrying about
so it’s those coin no those serial numbers so 1979 50 cent in 2012 so with
this one she got look for not doubling so 2012 let’s focus number 1 9 71
high-meat coin well circulated that one and gotta fucking change okay to ten
twenty cent what you need to look for is the bubble here this one doesn’t have it
so that’s okay and any other errors that you might be able to get 1998 no nothing
on that one then you know what 20 cent coins 2001 so
this one sometimes you get the readings has a problem and then you get some
errors on this side so that that one looks pretty standard okay ten cent
coins mmm thirteen any cuts no no I say this one any cuts so maybe I’ll actually
start noodling any sexual points on a free common coin not an ad-free early
eighties actually easy the gate mmm coins it they’re not so expensive as
well okay so more ten cent coins to ten you can say to 10 is actually getting a
bit banged up now oh yeah it’s a CAD zero so let’s zoom in so you can see
there is a cut up there so CAD just X date a little bit a very but not too
much that one gonna keep okay so another ten cent okay just demijohn that one 2014 so maybe I’ll flip them over the
other I said that light doesn’t reflect that much any cuts on it
no 2016 okay no name ID one and cards doubling
nothing on that so are we getting the five cent coins so you should actually
noodle five cent coins because you’re gonna actually get some cool errors so
19 there’s a double green bit that’s pretty common not worth keeping double
rooms it was more off-center than you but no not this coin okay that one new 99 new 2006 oops
drop that coin 2006 no nice one on that and you will have another coin
this one is 210 still in pretty good condition what keeping no 92 poor
Venetian is actually my favorite 5 cent coin and as you can see I actually just
like this side the coin lives within the actual dating and the lettering just
something about that day okay 2006 to 12 noon okay so then we got $1 we’ve
got the commemorative me just practicing a bit more it’s a hammer epochs climbing
coin not worth collecting is great don’t worry bit that you can’t zoom ever $1
coins okay she fastened one need to look at to see if it’s a rotator coin damn
it’s not but it does have some weak lettering so I need to look into that it
could be just where oh it could actually be a weak strike cuz these are pretty
known for weak strikes as well seen seems to be to be weak there but anyway
thank you any puds mm annoying a 2006 this one
this one’s probably a e4 yes it is high-grade but you know just like a
hundred eighty million of them so it was collecting in the coin sets or any of
they uncirculated packs cuz they’re quite common not really
they’re not gonna sell it like that thing this one need to look at to see
this kangaroo fair one has a missing leg no it’s gold leg sings no cuts anyway
let’s have a look at the two dollar coin soon
I mean I D 9 nerd makes me Batman the way no one again 2006 2015 1994 I’m
just not afraid be a limey coin Batman I’m worried about that one okay so some
89 74 million don’t worry about that okay it’s 80 ain’t first year but still
not worth worrying about 55 million 2018 pretty damaged days pretty common 98
this is a lower Mint coin so maybe dunno maybe just spend it 2016 I have any
problem hmm maybe it’s just the light that’s
just damaged post me and damage I was looking at it that’s scratch T so
splashed me and damage nothing really worthwhile anyway and then we have last
coin 99 and looks like my double room inside need to look into that but really
the only thing I actually found was this cut so look just look free change that
you get from shopping maybe next year actually next year I’m going to start
noodling I won’t do too much probably like once a week or once every two weeks
because it’s just too much hassle to get the point but anyway let’s say thank you
very much for watching my video I hope you like Australian money I hope you’ve
lots of it and just keep safeties Christmas and New Year’s and have a
awesome coin collecting time thank you and bye bye

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  1. Hi Glen hope,you are well mate how you are well. Question do you think any amule ie 2000 is over priced..? What would you pay for one person I would rather go for something good pre decimal. Many thanks for sharing mate look forward to your reply.

  2. SA's had new $20 notes since about Oct/Nov last year. Notes we get but not coins! Saw some German Marks today on: liletc(883). Thanks for that Glen

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