Not a Nigerian Bitcoin Scam! Tim Draper’s 30K BTC win should inspire! Democratization of savings?

Not a Nigerian Bitcoin Scam! Tim Draper’s 30K BTC win should inspire! Democratization of savings?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin look at that
shirt look at that bitcoin show today is January the 26th 2019 I am back in ball
after like 30 hours of flying strong and long-term thinking conviction oh yeah
this is all about conviction right here offended by Sally oh where else did I I
lost my there’s so much I have to say here today that I’m just one Bitcoin
equals one Bitcoin ok strong hand so welcome to the show everyone hello my
elite friends it is late at night in Baltimore and this time I am in
Baltimore but it is still November 26 in a lot of the United States so this is
your November to 26 show check out the nut November to 25th so link to below
check out this weekend Bitcoin you can see it all at distraught my shirt calms
at vol was great but seriously Thanksgiving you’re not gonna get a lot
of content from a lot of people check out those last two shows it was a lot of
fun last three shows check out this show you if you’re not in America you’re
probably wondering why things are slowing down well it’s Thanksgiving at
BWI Airport it wasn’t slow tonight my god so many people picking up people it
was wild everyone coming back and yes I had four different flights today four
flights and guess what my luggage that was checked in did not arrive with me
but they’re gonna send it to where I am tomorrow Thank You United in advance it
best be coming tomorrow because I woulda pound that like button and get all those
Bitcoin shirts out of my suitcase which are which is in Chicago now I guess on
its way to BWI in the middle of the night yes okay and yeah it’s cold well
it’s not that cold but it’s not Australia I’m
miss you Australia and how am i wide awake I don’t know how I’m wide awake I
really want a good sleep but a new show every day that’s what you get here play
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around for yesterday’s show I was a little plain but the magic of the
Internet oh you can upload things and then it goes live so you have a new show
every day it was a good one beyond Bitcoin type of stuff I was
talking about Pete buddha-heads and then all of a sudden I noticed on Twitter
like he’s getting ripped on today just as I predicted
sort of anyway that’s beyond Bitcoin stuff let us get into Bitcoin stuff ok
you’re tired of hearing me rambling on about being back in Baltimore Ken Bozak
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at 2:00 p.m. on Friday very good we’ll have someone from the Netherlands Oh
Boris Boris will be on okay and people are saying hello who live oh yeah you
better believe this is live but even if it’s not live from you it’s
just as good when it’s not live I was talking about Bitcoin with some dude on
the plane today I’ll get to that in a second
Alistair Milne has a great tweet that reminds us of the past that you guys
should know about 2014 now he says it’s 2015 but it was 2014 Allison really says
in 2015 everyone was mocking Tim Draper for buying Bitcoin at auction for around
$600 the same people are laughing holder’s accumulating before the next
having I bought more yesterday says Alistair Melanie Alistair I’m so glad
you even though you got the year wrong that you reminded me of the great Tim
Draper what he did and I guess I remember people mocking him for buying
30,000 Bitcoin at an auction yes they said all you were so foolish that we
don’t know how much he paid but people assumed it was like around 500 600 and
they were laughing at him oh that stupid rich man he’s just so he just got lucky
he’s not lucky anymore he just got thirty thousand Bitcoin for
$500 a piece what an idiot people were saying it’s dying and you
envious people out there wonder how rich people get rich they
don’t they don’t need to fit in they know when do they have long term
thinking they don’t get freaked out by down markets so yeah the rich people are
getting richer now they’re accumulating now Allister mill he’s pretty rich and
he’s still buying it now hey but people will complain in the future and I just
want to tell the people who weren’t around back in 2014
how it was because I mean most people in their right minds are now like whoa that
was a really good deal Tim Draper got their 30,000 Bitcoin in the 3-digit Rell
oh yeah oh yeah but people were ripping on it people thought he was a fool
people thought it was crazy I didn’t I thought was great I was trying to figure
out how much they paid for each one I just want to know we’ll never know
unless he admits it all right so guys if you’re if you’re if you’re getting
worried about people saying oh how could anyone buy now just you know think think
back to them pound that like button museum or mahadev says bitcoin is the
Damac democratization of savings before real savings vehicles were only
available to the rich real estate and stocks he says are examples of that
today you can stack SATs and store your wealth in the scarcest asset the ability
to save wealth in Bitcoin will bring millions of people out of debt I have a
correction there dude the ability to save wealth in Bitcoin should bring
millions of people out of debt I doubt many people that are in debt right now
some people are in debt right now will buy Bitcoin but that getting into debt
mentality I don’t think they’ll be the ones that are buying Bitcoin they’ll be
the ones that are laughing at the Tim Draper’s of the world saying how stupid
and then being envious of them in the future but the important thing to
remember about this whole statement is if a person is in debt now and they did
start buying Bitcoin okay it could help them get out of debt it really could it
really could it is a say it could teach people about savings just give them the
mentality say we’re saying I got I gotta get myself out of debt then I gotta buy
myself some Bitcoin okay and then they’ll be forever out of debt because
they know one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin and you’re trying to value your wealth
in Bitcoin so I mean right now there’s a lot of people in fiat debt which is
pretty bad but once they get out of that fiat debt and are above the level and
they got some extra Fiat they turn to Bitcoin it’s just the opposite world and
I have mentioned on this show that regular wealthy people did have access
to you know the Facebook IPO before regular people did yeah again so this is
something this is just like a Facebook IP or a Google IPO for regular people
I’ve been talking about this for years and years and years so he’s getting at a
point that I’ve gotten that before alright thank you Monsieur
Matt O’Dell oh right so he tweeted out a chart I really liked a price chart and I
don’t usually you know I don’t like fancy sensor graphics but I do like
charts you can learn from so it wasn’t really a fancy set it was a graphic how
could it be a fancy set imagine being on a set that was just a chart maybe I
should do that one day town that like button
that would be psychedelic all right and yes I did watch that Brad Pitt and
Leonardo DiCaprio movie based in 1969 it was good I’ll talk about at the end of
the show some people didn’t think it was good I thought it was good but okay
going back to this chart I saw it on the plane because who you when you’re on the
plane for like 24 hours I was sitting next to a woman with pink hair at one
point oh or blue hair I don’t remember now I I fell asleep because I couldn’t
you know I couldn’t stay awake next to something like that so Matt tweeted out
a chart and you got I’m tired so I can’t really give a great description of what
it exactly measure person and I was talking about this on my videos the
other day about the percent of the previous all-time high that the price is
currently act well this chart charts out the percent of the cycle low okay the
the price the current price what percent of the cycle low it currently is and of
course that’s over a hundred percent it’s over on because we’ve we’ve already
reached a cycle low of whatever three thousand whatever it was so it’s it’s
way above that it’s two hundred for two hundred percent or I don’t know what it
is right now but he compares that percent of the cycle low price across
the previous cycles and you can see that we’re basically at the same point we
were before the preview before the 2016 having okay and the only difference and
I pointed this out the other day the only row big difference in the chart was
what happened this summer when the price of a Bitcoin was quite a lot more than
the cycle low and that didn’t happen to two other cycles so check out that chart
it is if you need to strengthen your hand I think it will I it’s that it’s
all cyclical type of deal that I talk about a lot and something that that’s
that the charts also show is that after they having it’s always
the percent the percentage of the psycho low of the price the percent of us ago
it goes up quite a bit all right and it’s in he’s following the same pattern
so you judge for yourself look at the chart below link to below and I point
attrex did it I forgot who did it now but man Odell tweeted it out and that’s
what’s linked to below should i erase that one and all right so I’m on the
plane and the dude we just got to talking and he asked me what I did I
talked about Bitcoin and he’d heard of it and he’d heard of it in 2012 but he
got gold and silver instead and he was kind of bitter about the Hat but he
really was oh he was a young guy and he was open he was open to learning and
you’d heard quite a bit about it and yeah we had a good conversation so I’m
always emotion always willing to talk about it and this was on the fourth leg
of my journey this was the Chicago to Baltimore flight and so I was I was
really tired and there was a lot of turbulence on that flight was it started
raining in Chicago but it was a good distraction made the flight go
by a lot faster so maybe he’s watching get yourself some Bitcoin for you for
your third kid that’s on the way dude all right it’s a good thing to get for
your kids that are on the way they’ll felt fella they’ll thank you in the
future something I also wanted to say is just a
reminder I’m in Baltimore in an easy way you can tell that I’m in Baltimore is
that I always put the location of where I am below every one of my videos and
there’s just the attention to detail has been lost today by so many people so
many people are in a rush they they’ll ask me questions that I’ve already
answered in the notes section and they ask me where I am and it’s written right
I know I say it all the time like if you don’t know where I am I always have
written down a note section but attention to detail is a lost art today
guys don’t be impulsive go the attention to detail direction it can help you a
lot take your time read everything and tried
it together the specifics because most people they
are in such a big rush today there is no attention to detail and people who
appreciate attention to detail people who are not impulsive it’s a and when
they see someone else has that attention to detail it’s a bonding type of thing
that’s how you network ok that’s how your network haven’t attention to detail
all right by the way dudes so I didn’t check the Bitcoin price right when I
left Australia I knew it what it was and then I checked it when I got back here
so it’s like over 30 hours without the Bitcoin it’s fun to do it’s fun to do I
had no idea if the Ravens won the Monday Night Football game I knew they were on
I knew they were on Monday Night Football have no idea if they want and
I’m in Baltimore right now Baltimore County but whatever um just
you gotta get get away sometimes from but anyway you don’t get distractions
focus focus baby and I was focused to get home do a show and go to sleep
and yes I’m in the middle of a 60 hour fast and still baby I love it in a
minute fasting pounding that like button do it right now healthy stuff traveling
around the world Thanksgiving back in Baltimore
speaking of Baltimore Jim from Philadelphia 1983 world series town that
like fun uh Jim says he has got a good tweet that I tweeted out I think even
when I was traveling I was able to tweet retweet some things a few times baby
because I emotion that’s that’s why the Jim i retweeted the screen people liked
it if you get paid and Fiat and now your wealth in Bitcoin you just got a nice
race that is the way to look at it spending Bitcoin said sanguine adoption
just reached a new all-time high at sixty five point one five percent but I
thought some guy had the secret of segue and was going to hacking
oh no that guy’s just a fraud but people believe him pound that like bunch so
this good news about sacred good sad that some people are frauds but yes
sixty five point one five percent sacred according to this which I actually wrote
down like I think before I left Australia how many yes and 60-hour fast it is so
easy to do a 60-hour fast when you’re on four different planes okay when we’re
like over 20 Ali hours I own a darn play today or in an airport unbelievable and
this day just doesn’t end it started out in Adelaide by a journey started on on
the 26th and as I kept going in the wrong direction in terms of the time
zones it staged at 26 26 26 it’s still the 26 in Los Angeles in Hawaii in
Denver and everything it’s been to 26 for 39 hours it was a 26 for me let’s
get crazy I love it though it’s fun it’ll be nice to sleep it will be nice
to sleep I slept some on the plane but just sleep on a plane it’s it’s you
don’t get a good sleep on the plane not not satisfying not satisfy but you you
should be hungry I mean who could be hungry with you on a plane I mean really
that the stuff looks disgusting so yeah I started fasting on Sunday after my I
had a beautiful last meal and a delayed I still can’t believe I was just in
Adelaide yesterday well according to the time stones but it’s it’s weird man it’s
it’s weird but yeah I had my food Sunday night I won’t have it again until uh
yeah I had my food Monday night is Monday night because now it’s like I
don’t know what day it is okay dude I don’t know what days I am
like it was it was Monday night in Adelaide when I had my food but in in
both Baltimore time it was very early Monday morning
so yeah so on Wednesday afternoon toward evening Oh it’ll be 60 hours pound that
like button and I’ll go probably go jogging a teeny bit beforehand I don’t
feel at all man I’m just happy to be home in you know homes were a heart you
know I don’t really have a home anymore but this is you know my people are here
Baltimore you gotta love Baltimore oh man I have you got to the Nigerian story
yet people are probably one I hope you’re playing this at 2x people Zach
Allen said how you got have you got a YouTube community
guidelines strike for Bitcoin videos are people tripping no I have never gotten a
strike I can believe that some Bitcoin people have gotten strikes if they curse
and they talk about things that it’s hard to get a strike it’s you know if
someone completes ed something that offended someone like you can go in a
lot of nonsense directions I don’t go in nonsense directions and I don’t I don’t
curse and I I haven’t heard about you about Bitcoin youtubers getting strikes
but I hear about plenty of people talking about political issues getting
strikes okay but that’s the way I YouTube yeah I deal with it have a great
Thanksgiving with your family enjoy thank you Bitcoin to the moon thank you
but knows I’d never know I’ve never offended their Community Guidelines
although I am I offended by their community on a certain level but yeah I
deal with it oh so here Alice where Melanie says this is he says a new
all-time high in smart I can’t say the word smart but people were being smart
BOTS out there on they they’re they’re being very snippy snippy replies to pro
Bitcoin tweets exceeding levels last seen in the 3000 s last year yeah I you
pointed this out before Alistair people are getting the cranky they’re getting
cranky they’re getting cranky like it was December of a lack of 2018 I’m not
cranky dude you gotta four we got vibe man this is good vibe out there Bitcoin
baby long-term Tim Draper think like Tim Draper think like Jim Draper not like
fake Toshi down that like button it’s a great for positive guy fake Toshi not so
positive no all right we talked about Thanksgiving break controlling the world
it sure does even Australians are talking about in
this chat Bitcoin magazine Vlad who’s be on the show maybe I maybe Vlad will come
on the show on Friday I don’t know Ken Bozak still a couple the show on Friday
but Vlad is a smart guy you a rights for Bitcoin magazine and we reach some just
ask about YouTube YouTube D monetization Bitcoin fixes this YouTube denominated a
de monetization your is it de monetizing your content Bitcoin fixes this and it’s
a good article that gives a pretty complicated some complicated ways of
getting into lightning Network and earning money through being a YouTube
content creator a lot of YouTube content creators that deal with um controversial
subjects and then not so controversial ones that like deal with kids are are
getting D monetized and because they’re really strict now they’re like in every
video you make you have to say are there kids in this video and the default is no
but if you say yes I guess you can get the I don’t know I don’t have nothing to
do with kids and videos this is all about being over 18 here town that like
button although Bitcoin or that’s the thing about bitcoiners you could be like
a 14 year old and figure out how to get Bitcoin that’s it
Bitcoin can’t stop anyone you can be any age you could be 90 like Craig ships
father he’s over 90 now it could be I mean who knows some fourteen-year-old
kid in South Africa that somehow figure it now but someone Vlad wrote a whole
article and it’s a good article but I someone replied in the tweet in in the
tweet tweet thread wouldn’t thank you Tony I’ll get to you in a second man
wouldn’t it just be easier to put a Bitcoin wallet address in your
description rather than getting your subscribers to download things and make
accounts I gotta go with that one for most people
it would be easier just to and as what I recommend it for everyone just to list a
Bitcoin address in your description it most people can’t do complicated things
like download things and make accounts but he says Vlad says in terms of speed
scalability fees and even financial privacy is better for them to start with
lightning services afterwards they can learn
much more about how Bitcoin works and how they’re supposed to manage their
financial sovereignty okay that’s your take on it man
so Tony traveler just sent $20 in the super chat Thank You Man
he says strong hands well I appreciate the support Tony traveler and I’m glad
you’re a traveler I’m clearly a traveler I will be in Baltimore until until
December 12th and then I’ll be off to Tucson Arizona look at that you can get
shirts like this link to below you know there’s gonna be all sorts of different
shirts worn hopefully the shirts that are in my suitcase which is in Chicago
I’ll be wearing them again in the future real soon real soon this I really like
to get that suitcase back nothing nothing to like valuable in there but I
mean anyway okay yeah it was I was kind of shocked when I’m waiting at the
carousel and my luggage didn’t show up I only have one bet I got the bag I put in
my back with a laptop and some important stuff in it my Tallis a my tefillin and
then the the big bag is just I live off out of that big bag I only tried that’s
all I need that’s all I need for more than for like three months of travel I’m
good baby I’m a man that’s what a man can do he
travels light I’d like to get the suitcase back yeah I know it’s 20 years
old – of course I don’t buy a new suitcase but you know the Bitcoin shirts
and like my sweatpants and my running shoes are in there actually that would
be nice to get back instead of used some broken old pair like the the pair that I
wear like every day it’ll come tomorrow I got confidence in you United and BWI
etc so we’re finally getting to the point of the Nigerians here Matt Alburgh
who and I have talked about this view before he analyzes the peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading network selling networks
whatever you want to call them packs full and what’s it caught
d I can’t think of the other one in did local bitcoins that he he gives analysis
of this and he mentioned in it’s something I saw before I actually found
this article that in sub-saharan Africa again the volume is picking up the
volume is larger than it was at the all-time high I think I mentioned this
his other shows but but with this he wrote an article and his really
interesting article packs full is the most important Bitcoin company you
aren’t paying attention to so what is happening
he said Nigeria remittances growing okay here’s a quote from the article because
it shows he’s got what he’s found out is that Nigerians around the world and in
Nigeria they figured out a way to kind combine remittances and Bitcoin and gift
cards and taking pictures and there they’re buying Bitcoin and gift cards
and they’re sending money home to Nigeria this is good and despite the
note the nuria the the Narita is a very inflationary
currency and even though bitcoins price has gone down lately they’re they’re
still doing well so what is happening here then what I discovered is that
mostly Nigerian immigrants in the USA are purchasing gift cards in the USA
taking a picture of the card and receipt and then immediately sending those
pictures to their family and friends in Nigeria using what what’s up those on
the receiving end of the gift card purchases in Nigeria are the ones who
then upload the pictures to paxville these Nigerians in Nigeria use the gift
cards to trade for Bitcoin and then turn around and completely a second trade
which sells the recently acquired Bitcoin for Nigerian currency through a
bank transfer the whole process is described in the diagram below
apparently it only takes like 20 minutes it sounds pretty darn complicated but
they’re using paxville and paxville has enabled a lot of people on the fringes
apparently to get their help handle Bitcoin do some creative things with
Bitcoin but because they makeshift remittances with Bitcoin
create every minsters Bitcoin read the article this dis mat albergue dude he’s
good he’s good with the statistics and he’s good with talking about something
that a lot of people don’t talk about and I don’t pay attention to packs full
at all unless when he talks about it once it’s hot and finally well uh well
end it with a non Bitcoin note once upon a time in Hollywood was the movie that I
watched I try to watch some other movies I fell asleep boring they weren’t good
don’t even remember what they were now but once upon a time in Hollywood it is
a good movie if you know about what really happened in 1969 if you know who
Sharon Tate was you have to understand him Sharon Tate was and to understand to
know what those horrible people did to chair Tate and her friends that horrible
day in 1969 but and then and then too you know and did you know you get this a
peek into the the Hollywood scene back then Leonid Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt
do a good job and there were some beautiful women in in the movie the some
of the Matt Manson girls one of the Manson girls was portraying her the
woman portraying her the girl portraying her was was beautiful and the real life
people weren’t too beautiful but Sharon Tate was incredibly beautiful person and
the actress portraying her was a very beautiful woman but if you’re if you’re
familiar of LA also you can pick up some sights here and there that you know
about but it is a fairy tale remember this is a ferret once upon a time in
Hollywood it’s not a true story it’s based on some true things and it gives
glimpses into what was going on in 1969 in Hollywood but there is part of it is
unsaddle II it’s sad that part of it is is a fairy tale what what happens in the
end didn’t really happen in real life but it isn’t it is a good movie but I
think a lot of people don’t appreciate it as they don’t know the whole history
I mean stefan molyneux gave it a horrible review and i took i disagree i
really disagree with i think was I thought it was entertaining and as
I enjoy seeing how life was back then and I I do there’s a certain aura of Los
Angeles you know when I’m walking around and I’m
curious about what was it like back in the day here in stuff anyway that’s it
that does things like movie recommendation for free of course if
you’re on the watch it for free or get it free on the internet somehow or watch
it on me when you’re on the plane but it was I found that I found entertaining I
thought they and I you know say what you will I know a lot those are such
mainstream guys Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio and I don’t care about their
politics or anything like that they’re good actors they they are good actors
and it was entertaining and I don’t like the blood and gore of Quinn Tarantino’s
movies I usually watch them at all there wasn’t that much blood it was at
the end there were some there were some blood and gore but yeah not as uh not as
and there was a psychedelic reference in there too there’s an Ellis the cigarette
so I was talking about psychedelic stuff but don’t do that stuff people stay
healthy healthy town that like button alright yeah that’s it half hour show
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister time to go to sleep remember subscribe the
channel like the video pound that like button bang out that button click on the
square right there i will say hi to you guys in the chat bye bye

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