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M”WI• PO ANGIELSKU M”WI PO ANGIELSKU As mayor Giuliani used to say…
Itís zero tolerance. Iíll repeat once again,
zero tolerance for criminals, If we allow teenagers
to break car windows or to steal slices of pizza…. We can be sure that the next time
theyíll try their luck at something bigger. We are seeing you No crime is too small
to go unpunished. The perpetrators of minor crimes
may not feel impunity. Everything starts from small
or offenses street fighting. Always authorities pretend
that they can not see anything . M”WI PO FRANCUSKU Do you know how to get
The Palace of Culture ? The Palace of Culture. Straight
down Pu≥awska and then take a left. KLAKSON Thanks How long have you been working
in the police? åMIECH Next question. And have you heard of the low
harm-effect of the crime? No, never. Every crime harms
and thatís why itís a crime. Yes, but the prosecutor and the courts
in Poland release two out of every three criminals caught because of the
low social consequence of the crime. – I donít understand it.
– Neither do we. The law in Poland protects the
criminals and not their victims. Well, your law is terrible,
and you should change it. Weíre policemen
and not politicians. Well, carry out your duty to the utmost
and let the politicians play their part. Because what they do? Good question. I donít know where
it bloody well is. – No problem. – Whereís the car?
– Donít know, I didnít see it. Kruszon, go to the general,
and have him give us a car, his preferably. Why bother the general. I see youíve had your car nicked. Would you
like a lift? Weíll find another one. Arenít you ashamed to be driving
around the capital city in a Nysa? They stole our car, in front of
the police station. URUCHOMI£ SILNIK Donít turn on the engine,
just in case. Hi, Patryk. – Whatíll you need it for?
– Sure itíll come in handy. My gran used to say that all
things come in handy eventually. Patryk? I just took the umbrella.
No, not that check one, the folding one. Log in, log in. Here we go. Weíve got a link to the satellite.
Weíll find the car soon enough. I donít think itís gone further
than fifty miles from here. O, Kondeja. You skipped training? As you see, I know Russian
and not English. Kondeja? Are you captain Kondeja?
– Not captain, inspector Kondeja, the leader of the special pursuit squad.
– Right, youíre the new one, I suppose. Youíre the one that dolly-bird
from Mostowska forced on us? Yes, Kruszon, from detective Aldona GieÒko.
The training courses are for you. Youíll have to learn this and that.
Without me, youíre like blind kittens. You had your car stolen from
right under your noses. – Itís by the Vistula.
– Letís go. Wacek, check it. From top to bottom.
Breaks, engine, everything. Kid, you come with me. – Your name is Tomasz KruszyÒski?
– Does that name ring a bell? – Donít be too smart. Calling him
by his first name, thatíll freak him out. Do you want me to check out this paper?
I see you want to. Topor, how long have we known each other, eh?
– A long time, chief. 12 April 1976, I arrested you in front
of the Eurpoejski hotel. You`re trying to sell two Swedes dodgy currency.
Old news, detective. Youíve handed me Pershing, Gico≥a, Malizna,
even Wπt≥usz on a plate. Diabel, Czach, Naleúnik… I wouldnít
bother my brains with them all. But why speak so loud about it, eh? Let the young learn about
the history of their country. – I, nothing…
– Thatís the deal. From time to time you serve us up
one of your friends and we turn a blind eye to your agency, or your
vodka transports, or your green houses. – Detective, you know that I know.
– Exactly, I was sure of it. The deal has become a bit of a bore.
We no longer want to cooperate with you. The guys whom youíve shopped are going
to find out all about you. All your whores are going
to take our bus east. Silk? Isnít it a shame to wear that around
the house. Pimping, smuggling, organized crime, drugs trafficking, criminal terror. You, Cypa, your son, Patryk,
all your family and friends. A beautiful trial, you smiling for TV. Detective, I really donít know whatís going on here. Have you seen that crook, or not? – He doesnít understand.
– Tell him. – A stolen police car?
Youíve 48 hours to find that git. Guys, Iím not God himself. Thereís a stolen car standing
in your parking space. Youíd better find it. 47 hours and 59 minutes. Good hunting. None of Toporís crowd would be stupid
enough to steal a car with a GPS system. Anyhow, heíd never leave it in front
of his own restaurant. You two are all right, but you Kruszon,
have still a lot to learn. Carry on, sonny, donít trouble your head. I think that whoeverís done this is someone
who isnít afraid of either the police or the mafia. Someoneís trying to show
that he means business. A model policeman,
what a precise analysis. Do you really think that
we thought Topor had stolen the car? Well, seeing as you know everything.
Iím not asking about what I know, Where did you get it? Was he
in the dump and you took pity on him? Told you, heís from the capital,
from chief Aldona Ginko. – At what is he the best at?
– I donít know. Go and ask him. He shoots worse than you, he answers
back even when heís not asked. Now you can learn a bit of police
work, lad, look and learn. I look, I learn, and then I think. Thatís what
youíre all going to have to get used to it. Take him to the post office and send
him back to chief Ginko as return post. Let her adore him more. Ginko, youíve
got a problem with your memory. Now, the combatant is right, Iíd prefer
to be a PC plod than in this special pursuit group. You loosers, no one would nick a pen
from us lot, never mind a car. Enough, put that pistol away before
you do yourself or somebody an injury. so you can practice on that. – Youíre staying, weíre going. – Youíre not going to check it out?
No. And thatís an order. How did those wheels wind up
in my parking space? Cypa, did you see who put it there? – I was in the jacks. And you, Patryk? Did you notice
anything, son, eh? Nothing, Dad. And you Junior also saw nothing
I suppose, eh? I was upstairs with the girls. – What am I paying you for, you shit?
– Topor! Guests. – Your name is Tomasz KruszyÒski – No change.
Are you the son of…? Yes, I am the son of Zbigniew
KruszyÒski. Solidarity activist, whom you
were looking for 4 years. – 3 years, 5 months and 12 days. How strange it is that in a free Poland
youíre still working for the police. Perhaps it is strange. When we were turning
your house over, you tried to assault me. – You were just a kid.
– How moving, do you want me to cry? I was carrying out my orders. .
I thought it was for the good of Poland. Letís get back to the present
time, shall we? – So do you still have a problem?
– Yes. Do you think a new power is on the rise?
– A new mafia? Thatís what I think.
Theyíre more intelligent, better trained, and more ruthless than Toporís people. And how do you know about all this?
– Gdyby byIi s≥absi… Cosí if they were weaker, theyíd
want to hook up with him. Theyíre strong, they want to take
him out and call all the shots. Youíre arrogant, but you do think.
Only donít overdo things on that score. – Iíll give you a chance. The last one. – Iíll give you a chance too. Also the last chance. You can call me Joachim. Achim, if you like. Really. Darek! Darek, hereís the coffee. Hold on, dad, I have to talk. Yes, Mum, Iíll buy the potatoes. I canít talk now, Iím in a meeting. – Hi, Dahomek.
– Hi Grand. Hi Juby. – It was nice of you to find time for us.
– Grand, you were my leader, you pulled me out of the fire.
You donít forget such things, do you? And as usual, weíre here to
see you on business. I wanted to exchange this in a bank,
and I was within a whisker of being arrested. Give it to your lady and have
her check why. Iím building a house, Grand. Iím getting
married, and soon Iím going to be a father. Please, Dahomek. Surely you wonít
refuse your brothers a small favor? Oh, loosen up. Youíre far too tense. – Youíre marrying your Øabka, or not?
– Not. Pay her as much as you want,
and you can keep the rest. Theyíre real. As you know the Polish
currency canít be faked. A beautiful house. – Piss off, chum. Youíre doped. – But the folks are inside. Are you twisted, chum?
You want to have me stuffed? You, where did they get our pass from?
Theyíre my brothers, cousins. Hi Patryk. You need a leak? – Come here, weíll hold it for you.
– So you wouldnít spray yourself. You also have everything for free, eh?
Grand, this is life. Everythingís for free, all you have to
be is the son of the mafioso, eh? Come on, Patryk, letís talk. Great! What gives, Patryk.
Iíve received money from you. – You took it yourself.
– Donít answer me back. And the money, you forgot to tell me
that itís slightly counterfeit. – You never asked.
– I told you to watch your tongue.. – Iím sorry.
– Beside. Have you got more of the goods?
– Of those counterfeit Euros. – This is all bloddy girlsí loo.
– Police. Please donít disturb us, please. Please.
Iíll hold. Who gave you the hot stuff? Topor? You shouldnít have left those wheels in our
parking space. The cops were not impressed. I thought we were friends
So where did he get the readies from? Iím going to send my dad after you.
You donít even know who I am. You donít know how many of us there are.
You tell your father and Iíll kill you. Who are you guys, a private
army of supermen, or what? Now weíre going to be partners, Patryk.
Weíre going to dictate our terms. You and us. your dad is about to retire So are you in or do I have to kill you? This is the paper from a real banknote,
and this is what I got from you. – Do you see?
– Yeah, I see. – A fairly handy number, eh? – Fairly handy, yeah. I see that
you havenít a clue what Iím talking about. – No.
– In all EU countries itís been settled that all banknotes are to be printed
on the same paper. A reserve of banknote paper has been left over however,
very similar to the one on which the Euro is made. – And what about it?
– And this is the paper. Thereís hardly any difference at all. Kondeja. I have to tell you something. I didnít live with my father. By the time
he found out, heíd already had a new family. – I didnít know. It wasnít me who knocked you about during
the search.My step-brother was three years old, Heís standing in the summer house,
you can give it back to him now. Your brother works for Topor.
Perhaps he could be put to some use? Unfortunately, he believes his superiors.
He thinks that they want the best for Poland. Very funny. First weíll get the car.And then weíll
sort out the counterfeit stash. Iíd go after the family.Patrykís mother
has been dead these past ten years, and Topor hasnít married again.
Thatís something we can start with . Apparently your son is heading off to college.
Let him work hard. Europe needs its elite. And perhaps youíd like something to eat, or drink?
Youíre changing the subject. None of my lot had anything
to do with your car. Iím not asking you who didnít
do it it, just spit it out who did. – Yes, we had a gentlemanís
agreement. – But I donít know yet.
We donít need you any more, get it? You donít control the city,
weíre going to close you down. The third one, do you remember? Itís simply appalling for a policeman
to go through a desk. Without a search warrant And the counterfeit stash.
Why didnít you report it? – What stash?
– Counterfeit Euros. Patryk goes off to college and weíll send Interpol the evidence
that heís a resident with the Saratovsky mafia. Heíll be finished.
Stay away from my son! He hasnít done anything to you. All youíve set aside will do
for the next five generations. And Patryk could really have
a different life to yours. Just think what his mother would
have wanted. God rest her soul. Tell us Topor, where did you get
that money? Tell us! Theyíre not Russians,
itís the Marseille mafia. They kill politicians, they rule France,
they rule the EU, kill all of us, you included. What, are you afraid of some French frogs?
Iím not afraid of them, tell us where you
got those dodgy Euros from. Boy, youíre young enough to be my son.
No, I couldnít. PUKANIE DO DRZWI Boss, is everything okay here? Leave us Cypa, leave us. – You have to shop..
– Or else, what? Youíve had enough. You want your son
to be a respectable businessman And no one will shoot at him and
his future wife wonít disappear into thin air like your missus did. Iím giving you my word as an officer,
weíll back away from Patryk, and heíll become whomever he likes. He could even
become the president, although thatís a dumb job. You shop to us those Frenchies, and weíll have
them rounded up within a few months.
Theyíll never know it was you. We want to get to the source
of the cash: The intermediaries,
smugglers, the warehouse, the printers, Sure itíll be a long process.
No one will ever suspect it was you. Do you still drink the usual? Yeah, the young
guy doesnít drink, pour him some water. But you will leave Patryk alone. Mag. You have a tattoo.
– Theyíre surely not the initials of… – No, its a token of remembrance. Here. Itís an identical banknote that
I also made for the police. What?
for CBå. No, itís not important.
Youíre getting married, but you donít love her. Darek, I know you. Sheísí pregnant
and now itís a shotgun thing. Zaba, Iíve already done the thinking. Have a look at what I borrowed
from my mother for your wedding. – You like it?
– I hope youíre not coming in this, eh? You can always come back to me, Iíll wait forever. – Whatís happened?
– Nothing. Iíve been to buy potatoes. Tell the French that youíve found a buyer
for the plate. Weíll buy it from them directly. – Youíll be out of the loop. – And youíll leave Patryk alone.
– Sure heís given you his word as an officer. Kondeja has already promised me so much. Young man, you give me your word
and perhaps Iíll believe it. Youíre an officer, you have your
honor, and you also have your word. What are you all glazed over for?
Are you going to give him your word or not. Fine. You have my word of honor.
No offence, Kondeja. Youíll be out to pasture soon enough, and he may yet become a minister. We have a deal. And your dadís a beardy guy, eh? From conspiring
did he enter into politics or business? – He combines one with the other.
– Like the rest of them. And precisely?
Heís a tram driver, like he used to be. Heís happy with his lot. – There are not too many of those about. True Thatís why the worldís gone to pot. Everyone thinks that driving a tram is
a piece of cake.Itís something which
takes years of practice. Yeah, the turn.You have to go
gently with trams, And they know how to be grateful too. – You were seeing Aldona.
– Dad, letís not talk about it. Sure Iím saying nothing. Watch the turn. – She was cool.
– Dad. Letís not talk about it. Hamuj! ZwoInij! Joachim Kondeja… Joachim Kondeja
is your leader. Move to another unit. The police force is no play school,
I canít bop about to different tunes. – You donít understand me, son.
History is still important to you. Your tram is on the conspiracy stop. Sure Iím telling you that youíve got it all wrong.
This is the twenty first century. This is my work, my life. Iím not
going to get weird with my boss, during the Koúciuszko rising
he pulled in my revered father. Iím not talking about going weird on anyone,
just look after yourself. – Whatís all this about? The Police had every device to hand,
listening devices, informers And theyíd been looking for me,
a lad in his early teens, for four years. – Your leader is a crap copper.
– Theyíll lock you up eventually. When you came out after the amnesty,
I saw you for the first time. You really had a beard then, Brodacz.
– And then we lost touch. – Tomek, you know how things were. Thanks to Kondeja, Iíve got to
know my own father. If he hadnít locked you up, youíd
still be in hiding to this day. I have to go. Take care, son. Keep your eyes in the back of your head. – Hi, Dahomek.
– Hi Grand. – I think I saw Juby. – Yeah, heís gone shopping. Sit down. Relax there now. – Have you had lunch?
– Iíve dinner waiting for me at home. I donít mean to put temptation in your way,
or lead you down the wrong path, here from Marseille every day.
You remember? TGV to Lyon and then a plane.
Iíll order some molluscs if you like? Come on. Youíve got those discs on a guarantee.
For sure? Good. – Have you heard of Mamaj?
– Whatís Mamaj? Mamaj is a mate, heí can be a bit touchy.
Heís traveled around a fair bit, robbed shops, not to mention his girl And they robbed
a bank in the backwaters, get it?
And they made 70 grand. – Nice, did they nab him?
– Yeah, heís doing porridge. But do you know that when they
were robbing that bank someone got 30 million stash to Balearic Islands
or somewhere like that. Just like that, electronic cash. – I donít understand.
Someone used Mamaj as a smoke screen, He got 70 grand, whereas there
was another 30 million involved. Per≥a, how do you know such things? Kruszon, if I didnít know what
was going on in the city I wouldnít be where I am today. – Howís your kid?
– Heís interested in music. Is he still in the orphanag?
Theyíre looking for a foster family for him. – Without your permission? Theyíve taken away my parental rights,
and his motherís still dead. Justice isnít on my side. So it passes through normal
infra-red tester. Yes, it has to.
Youíve sorted that out wonderfully. Thanks. Mate, you pulled me from the fire.
Itís something one doesnít forget. There are those that do forget. Thank you. And was Øabka happy with the cash
or did you have to give her one? Thatís none of your concern.
If feel that they both are. One more thing.
What does your wife do, Darek? – A nurse. Whatís going on?
– Oh nothing. A beautiful profession. She looked after my brother
when he left us. I didnít know. You had a brother,
and what? Did he die? He had septicemia.
It made me see life differently. – Besides, she doesnít know.
– What doesnít she know about. About Dahomek, for her Iím just Darek
who worked on the building site. Hi – Hi Aldona. Did we arrange this
or is it just a coincidence? A coincidence. We donít arrange
to meet anymore, Kruszon. – Itís the larger size..
– Thanks. TELEFON Mammy? Iíll be home. Iíll be straight home after
the cinema, mammy. Think about it Dahomek.
Things wil be as they used to be. You know well that itís impossible.
Thatís all behind me now, get it? Iíve always admired your honesty, Dahomek. Okay, I understand. Youíre starting a new
life, youíre going straight, well done. I went to confession for Easter, you know.
Really? And what did you tell
the priest? Everything? To provide expertise is one thing. But to take a gun to people
and kill them is quite another. Youíre right, real action is
a totally different matter. Apparently you recommended me to CBå? They were looking for someone like you,
so I recommended you. You told them that Iím some sort of hot shot. If you think that way about me,
then come back to me. I sent you to CBå so I wouldnít
have to deal with you anymore. I told them that you were the best,
and they took you on. Besides, I donít want to be with the
best policeman. I want to feel safe. I want to have a guy whoíll come back
home of an evening, and not some nutcase. Iíll quit the police, just say the word. The word is no. So forget it. – I wonít. – You will. You just
donít get it. – You donít understand. – I didnít dump you.
It wasnít like that. – Then how was it? – I left you for another guy, Kruszon. I was with him before us, and when
me and you were a couple. Iíve more in common with him,
canít you understand that? No, itís not possible. Think about Malwina.
Think about your sister, Grand. What brought my sister to your mind.
Youíve never met her. I remember you speaking about her. You only
have her, and whatís going to come of her? I think about her all the time.
Sheís the only reason Iím back. You see, you have to fight for your family. No, you have to work for your family, get it? – You didnít tell Øabka about us?
– Sure she knows nothing. Excuse me. Iíd like to pay. That should cover it. Bye.
Hold on, Iíll meet you half way. No worries. You have a family, and that goes with it.
Iíll pay. Youíre behaving very strangely, Grand. Bye, friend. – 116 zlotys.
– Make it 120 zlotys. – Juby!
– March or die. Sir, sir. Are you not feeling well?

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