Online coin and banknote catalogs I use

okay so hello people and going not too
sure if this actually records voice I might have to do a voiceover later but
today I just want to show you some of the catalogs online well these are the
major ones that I use and basically it’s just for web pages you can use
everyone’s but these are the ones that I actually like there is actually more but
I don’t really go on that often so if you’re interested in Roman Greek or
Byzantine or Celtic or early English silver coins you use wild winds so wo v
dot wild winds calm and ooh you go down clicked winter you can use – you can use
this up the top but it’s just easier to come here because then you’ve got a
catalog and you’ve got differences references so you’ve got Republican
coins you got purgatory or coinage so that’s before the imperial reign and
imperial cornish so the coins issued by different emperors then you have our
Greek coins I like to choose the third one which gives you a list of towns so
down here you have two different regions and you can click a city or up here you
actually have the city names so and then it has the region behind it so you can
find it in two ways and then after you click the name so let’s choose one just
random okay cap PA yeah Katie yeah so that’s in the
Peloponnese then you press GO and then it gives you a list at first it doesn’t
show the images but you can browse with thumbnail images and then you can now
see the images then it has a description and it has images and if you click on
the text it gives you some information so this one’s a e17
to pull rank for grams blah blah blah and sometimes to give you a price and
also gives you who this one doesn’t sometimes it gives you who actually
uploaded it or donate the DME just because mostly images are actually
donated so it’s like this one extremely rare maybe they got that himself so let’s go
to another one so that’s a great point each go back boys and tyne so use this
catalog the same with Sam just any in the first alright then you can think on
thumbnails gives you images of all the coins so this was a half follows text
say okay so it says you meet from improve sales auction cover lock so
they’ve got now themselves or that catalog is issued em and especially the
key if you want to click on the image it gives you a better focused image and
let’s have a look at you’ve got the Celtic coins well so you got partial
inscription you’ve got word search as well so you can put in a search for a
word that’s actually on a coin so maybe you Romo then we can search it and all
these are actually on the wall wins website so we click on one of them and
it gives you well Roman Republic so that’s part of the inscription word for
Roma and that is how you use that so that’s a pretty good website okay
now if you’re into Asian or African coins
you would use this website xeno thought are you
and it’s probably named after the Roman Byzantine Empress zento they do have
byzantine coins as you can see here this is a major database for Chinese or Asian
coinages so Central Asia in South Asia which includes India and Pakistan also
the Indonesian Indonesian are independent colleges the issue before
the Dutch and British occupation of the area know that and also the African
coinage is so if you go down here has five years which includes China Korea
Japan Southeast Asia which includes Malaysia and Indonesia and Vietnam and
those countries South Asia which is just India Pakistan Bangladesh more dives
pre-islamic Asia North Africa so North Africa will be new media Exxon Egypt
stuff like that and any pre agent Cuenco would click on it this website should be
a slow lately and it has a catalogue Danny so has around Central Asia
Afghanistan and your East Africa oh yeah not bad man and yep Islamic globe so
what I need to look up some coins have actually recently purchased and that is
the guessing it is it guessing it guess not
that’s it so and what so I’ve got a coin from my food the third I actually got
one of these but it actually doesn’t have to be based see there’s
nothing in the database can’t you so on see doesn’t know anything in the
category so just ignore those ok debase do hum so I may have purchased one of
these but I’m not too sure I’d have to show you when I actually get them
I like Islamic coinage because well it’s money man man he’s cool so then we go
back it’s basically hey look if you’re not
too sure then you have to go down then to vacation first if we can actually use
this site and there’s paper money as well so modern paper money so if we
click on that one and go to China nice China China and actually as pre-clean has 18 photos
mm-hmm and seven songs so it’s earliest so has a printing plant and that’s what
they always banknotes actually look like let’s say we will find you an actual
background gin maybe maybe not so as printing boards but no actual how about
you on the first and among your Mongolian dynasty of China so yeah do we
have one not really that looks terrible let’s click on this oh yeah that seems
like a good Bank night so that’s the earliest bank note okay so let’s go next
one if you’re into modern coins then new master a lot of you should be free of
this and this is good for medieval your pain coins the coinages of the Americas
and modern coins I wouldn’t actually use it for her ancient coins like the
ancient Romans once a time wild winds and once I don t know because it’s a bit
confusing and it’s not really that organized that well so you couldn’t
click on the menu if when you go to websites just play around with it you
can’t do much damage to them so I’ll click country search and has all the
countries sometimes like this Malaysia it’s separated into different time
aspects of Malaysia categorized are alphabetically so if we want to look at
North Borneo or British Borneo then you can look at
the catalog and if we select it two and a half cents
it gives you to the specifications of the coin and if you go down gives you
the mintages and also sometimes it gives you some values and they also swap on
this so maybe some of those coins you can swap and also gives you links to
purchasing that coin so that is never stopped pretty easy website to actually
use and the last one here’s where is it hi this one if you’re into banknotes so
this doesn’t have all the bank notes it doesn’t have no girl bank notes those
that are not official II excludes the pre unification Japanese bank notes but
it does include a pre unification bank notes of Switzerland Italy Hungary
Germany no not hungry so this is German beggars German National Bank it shows
you the images let’s check that one and show you the image some information
doesn’t actually give you the dimensions of the banknote or a color or the amount
that was printed so that’s a major drawback there maybe on an upper website
you can actually find now so if anyone knows I like to actually see it so those
other catalogs that I use for banknotes I like to say thank you very much for
watching and have awesome been that collecting time people also I’ll leave
links down below because they do sell stuff and I do leave links in case you
want to purchase something that you’d like to see on eBay it is an affiliate
link I give it five percent or whatever purchase prices and I use that
you actually buy banknotes to show use as well and also it might give aways so
have awesome time people please gives you GL thumbs up and if you like
collecting stuff um let’s say thank you very much for watching bye bye

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