#OpenUp  Stories

#OpenUp Stories

Hi I’m Josna and I’m a fashion
designer I sell through my facebook page and also
through flea markets in Bangalore One of the biggest challenges I face is that my
business needs are not recognized by banks. Hi I’m Vaishnavi I’m a digital
marketer by profession and I love to make quill jewelry during my free time. I
sell these through Facebook and WhatsApp groups. My customers pay me through bank transfers as well as through debit and credit cards. I spent almost 2 hours a day tracking and identifying payments from customers or making payments to my
vendors. Keeping track of income, expenses and accounting is just so difficult. Now
that I’m getting more orders a lot of my time goes in reconciling my bank
transactions payment gateway and keeping note of my income and expenses I feel banks should help home entrepreneurs like me with short-term loans that can help me
take bulk orders especially during festive season. I recently came across
Open a digital banking service for homepreneurs like me. I was surprised when I opened a business account digitally in less than five minutes. Recently I’ve
started using Open- a digital banking service that helps me with my accounting,
payment and banking needs in one simple platform. Open helps me identify and
tag transactions which makes my income and expense management easier. Further
I also get access to short-term business loans tailored to my needs. With
all that sorted I’m glad I’ll get more time to follow my passion!

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  1. Interested but need more information about your platform and dashboard use. Like to have detailed information about your platform.

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