Palestinian refugees: Maryum, ‘Azza Refugee Camp

Palestinian refugees: Maryum, ‘Azza Refugee Camp

Of course Beit Jibrin 18 For the last 3 years I didn’t go there and see Some of the houses are left but not their house They have pictures of their old
home inside (the wall of pictures) Nobody hates the place they were born Even all the money of the world will not be compensation for us for our homes She used a word we don’t use now in Arabic Instead of ‘home’ She said back there at her home Beit Jibrin she used to do agriculture she had some plants and she used to eat from them We are refugees but we are
in our own country They didn’t go to another country
and they are here The right of return should be for all not only for the one who
was actually expelled from the land We have nothing here in the refugee camp what we want is to go
back to our homeland No, no, no No way We should go to Jaffa, Haifa, Akka You should go to the place we were born Because my homeland is there This land is not mine This place is not mine Yes It is true that Bethlehem is part of Palestine but I can’t consider this place (the camp)
as being mine and continue all my life here

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  1. She had to move like 15 kilometers to the northeast, lol, so sad and terrible. She must suffer so much.

  2. United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194 was adopted on December 11, 1948, near the end of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. The Resolution defined principles for reaching a final settlement and returning Palestine refugees to their homes. It resolved that “refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.” (Article 11)[1]
    The resolution also called for the establishment of the United Nations Conciliation Commission to facilitate peace between Israel and Arab states, continuing the efforts of UN Mediator Folke Bernadotte, following his assassination

  3. boycott Israel. just look how Sargeant Shuster is torturing the arab woman with questions about peace… this is worst than Auschwitz.

  4. you ask why are the children refugees children are also considered refugees and have the right to get back to their homes ?!
    the better question is why do jews that even their great great grandparents lived in europe deserve to have this poor lady's homeland

  5. Arab's honor, thats the reason why there will be no peace.
    stop cryin about things that happend almost a century ago, move on and build yourself a state.
    jewish refugees from europe and the middle east arnt carrying the keys of their old house no more.
    they moved on and built a seccesful country

  6. And that's why they won't have their own state. Sad, but what do they expect? To have 1 Judenrein state and one state which Pal refugees will flood and turn into another failed Arab state with persecution of Jews? I don't think so.

  7. These Pals in "refugee" camps are actually greedy. If they don't like their homes, they could move their asses and make money, so that they can improve their standards. Choosing to waste your life in misery, simply for blaming jews, is quite dumb.

  8. Thanks to all the Zionazi ha$bara trolls!
    Thank you for displaying your megalomaniac supremacism and dishonesty 24/7!

  9. LOL can someone explain the large dislike count for this video? Its an elderly lady and her daughter i assume, being hospitable to their guests talking about their past (with pictures to prove it) and prospects for the future. They never once said anything offensive, mean or derogatory to or about the Jews, they were tame and quite respectful. So what is there to dislike exactly?

  10. What a Double Standard. Today every jew has a right to get the Israeli ID, although he didn't live there a single day and you are asking the refugee why he wants to turn back to his hometown? Really?

  11. Started wars and lost. Time to accept those simple facts. You were not victims, you were instigators. Israel took in its refugees, time for Arabs to take in theirs.

    This old lady lives very close to where she used to live. It's not like she's in a different region from her origins. She's a few miles up the road. Get a grip.

  12. So there really isn't a Palestinian homeland? Just the house in which she was born?
    No wonder they don't have a state of their own.
    How she must grieve for all the other current and past refugees in the world who have had to move!

  13. Who the hell still calls themselves a refugee half a century after the event? No sympathy for those who have carved a dysfunctional culture when the rest of the world has moved on.

  14. Well you can see the differences between the Israelians and the Palestinians by the comment , the Israelian keep talking shit to lady who was kicking out of her land , what a nice people

  15. What do Israeli people think about Armenians and the Armenian genocide? Do they view us a brother nation?

  16. It's funny how invaders jews from Europe attacked Palestinians and invaded them, killed their families and now they call them terrorists!

  17. They had to walk a daunting 20km and now them and their illiterate, worthless children are perpetual "refugees". They should be repatriated back to the hijaz along with their foreign, imperialist religion.

  18. Just look at the comments here by Arabs and the comments by Jews. The Jews spew vile hatred, even towards an old woman who has lived under and apartheid occupation most of her life. They literally foam at the mouth with their hatred. However, just me pointing out what can so easily be seen by the comments below is enough to get me labeled an "anti-semite."

  19. All Palestinians have the right to go back to THEIR Palestinian land, just like how a random ass 5th generation Chinese who happens to have a great great great Jewish grandpa is granted “the right” to “go back” to Israel. This is called the right of return, it usually makes Israelis shit bricks

  20. fucking serious? No offence to the old lady, it's always terrible to run away from war. But you seriously can't move 5 km to Bethlehem? I'm from a Soviet country, people got their houses burnt down, Stalin tried to completely starve Ukraine and destroy it. People went to Siberian work camps just for having university degree, money or land. And they can't move fucking 5 km in the same country? Seriously?

    This fake Palestinian cause is so fucking annoying. You see these Palestinians on other videos crying and saying what terrible victims they are, but they're holding a top of the range iPhone on their hand while wiping the tear from their cheek. WTF? Why do Arabs don't talk about how they expelled all Jews in Egypt, Yemen and surrounding countries, where the fuck do you expect the Jews to go? on the moon?

    This whole Israeli Palestinian conflict is just a clash of 2 civilizations, Israelis who are an advanced and secular society, and the Arabs who were Bedouins 100 years ago, still think how people thought in the dark ages in Europe, that's it! If Palestinians we're an advanced society, and the people actually weren't brainwashed and simple-minded, then there wouldn't have been any war, the Jews only attacked if they're provoked, if they wanted to kill all Palestinians, they could do it in one day! why don't they do it? because they have human rights and courts, what do Palestinians have? human shields and hiding fucking bombs in schools, type on YouTube "palestinian tv" and see the shit that they teach their own children!

    Can you imagine if Israelis actually left Palestine? what would be left? probably some crazy Dictator would come in power, brainwash all people, the people would start a revolution, then probably some rebel army would come into power, and the cycle will probably repeat like 5 times. Israel is the only country in the middle east that remotely resembles a democracy, people have very high human rights, Arab Israelis can be politicians, they have the same amount of rights as the Israelis. Can you say the same for Jews in Arab countries?

    Truth hurts but this is the truth, Arab countries need to become secular and learn critical thinking. They can't even grasp the idea of critical thinking and freedom, maybe only 2% do. Once they advance sociologically, then there will be peace in the middle east. They still have a long road ahead. For the record, i'm not Jewish/Israeli, not Arab, not Muslim. This is an outsiders perspective.

  21. Many of these people are technically "internally displaced peoples" — not refugees. This is an important distinction.

  22. The land belongs to them why should they take compensation they have lived there for thousands of years before Moses and his merry men came around kicked out of Egypt !!

  23. just a simple advise, the translator is not good, he could do it much better, you had a female translator, she is the best, she was direct & brief.

  24. Remember kids, if your father was born in a land and you were not born there, it is not your land. But if you're ancestor was born there 2000 years ago and you were not born there, it IS your land.

  25. why not the children of the palestinians ??? what a question!!!!! why did the children of israelis as they say returned to the holy land????? you are a secular not a jew dont tell me coz it was promised to you!!!

  26. God help them… I feel like this old woman was my grandmother! God help them to fight against satan!

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