Pawn Stars: A Viking Coin with a Complicated History (Season 10) | History

Pawn Stars: A Viking Coin with a Complicated History (Season 10) | History

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: A Viking Coin with a Complicated History (Season 10) | History”

  1. "they really didn't care about taking land…"


    Literally all of modern day England with the exception of West Saxe, aka Wessex, being controlled by the Danes for the sole purpose of having farmable land in the 9th century says otherwise… Which he even mentioned…

    Stick with robbing people Rick, you'd never amount to much as a historian…

  2. He's going to blow the $800 he just bargained for in a casino. Might just as well have thrown it in the sewer. Brainless.

  3. LOL Viking coin from 800 A.D in good condition just 1,200 dollars?haha if im rich i will bought it 3k and make it a pendant for luck

  4. Grandad:"Here kiddos,Take this authentic Viking Coin,It's absolutely incredible."
    Grandkids:"That won't buy us Vbucks rn wtf"

  5. Rick: I got an Expert viking coin guy, he can be here in 10 minutes. The expert looks to be 19 years old and googled viking coins while on his way to store skipping class . I got a guy. How many times we all heard that on this show?

  6. It's always easy to guess what Rick will offer, take the price and move the desimal point to the left one spot!😉

  7. Vikings was more than raiders They were the original shock troops/ Marines as they were first witg constructing shallow draft hulls which made it possible to go upstreams in rivers and attack villages far from the coastline. They also settled areas that still bears their name like Normandy in France ( Rollo, yes, THAT Rollo, lived there for some time and others..) and various places in Russia.

  8. This can be auctioned for more. Everyone knows of the Vikings and many ppl with money enjoy European history. At auction he could get 2k and even a 15 percent surcharge he’d come out of it with more

  9. When people start talking about history, all I say is you believe everything you read in a book written by criminal governments.

  10. I don't believe I've ever seen any item for which Rick or Corey did NOT have an expert to come in and give an opinion.  Really love this show.

  11. I have to wonder if the writing by the duke would increase the price even more since wouldn't that technically be the dukes signature? A coin and a known famous owner with signature who happens to be a duke.

  12. Seller: " I have something here youll really enjoy seeing"
    Ricks mind: "doubt it"
    Seller: "a vintage viking coin"
    Rick: " these are so easy to fake"

  13. I think everyone knows he’s going to buy drugs and a few hookers with that money his eyes don’t lie smh

  14. Um yes the Vikings did care about land, its really what they cared about the most. They were amazing farmers!

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