9 thoughts on “PayPal co-founder to RNC: I’m proud to be gay”

  1. Democrats. The party that created and supported, Slavery, Jim Crow, the kkk and now BLM just to name a few. A party that has been a curse to blacks and hispanic for decades. Just ask former president L B Johnson.

  2. the cameras roll, everyone claps. What's the harm in that? But back home they do their very best to deny rights to the LGBTQ community. Kuddos to Trump for even making this part of the convention…but once the presidency is secured, they will show their true nature.

  3. Hillary's camp is spending millions to have people make comments to improve her image…Yep..PAID Commenters …its not going to work…Hillary is a HORRIBLE VILE CORRUPT LYING CRIMINAL

  4. So many triggered leftists in the comments. Typical, they're pro-gay, pro-black, pro-woman, etc. until they don't support leftism.

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