Radiance of the Seas Has Fuel Spill In Wellington Harbor NZ Little Blue Penguins Being Monitored

Radiance of the Seas Has Fuel Spill In Wellington Harbor NZ Little Blue Penguins Being Monitored

it’s Bruce here with travelling with
Bruce I’ve got an update here from Royal Caribbean the radiance of the Seas has
arrived in New Zealand and there’s been a problem already thanks for joining me
and subscribing to my channel giving my videos thumbs-up so I really appreciate
it everybody it helps my channel a lot the story goes like this folks the
radiance of the Seas from Royal Caribbean has arrived in Wellington New
Zealand to begin the summer sailing season and if you want to see some
incredible beauty this is an area of the world you want to go to get on a cruise
and cruising around New Zealand yeah pretty nice pretty nice views but here’s
the issue apparently yesterday the radiance of the Seas came into the port
here in Wellington at Wellington Harbour and she was coming in for refueling and
there was a spill of diesel on the docks where the ship was located apparently
the contractor had had a problem one of the pipes leaked and eight hundred
litres of diesel spilled out now that is a problem because this area here is
surrounded by penguins little blue penguins are everywhere and at this time
of the year I guess they are making their way into downtown Wellington of
all places and towns all around here these little critters come right out of
the water start waddling up the shore I don’t know what they’re doing looking to
nest somewhere looking to eat who knows what there’s Signage everywhere little
blue penguins crossing at night don’t run him over well as soon as the spill
happened it was immediately reported to the environmentalists and the agencies
for this area and they came down to the harbour to inspect any damage thankfully
no blue Penguins were spotted in the vicinity of the ships none were in
distress and the the staff of the harbour along with environmental people
immediately began to basically agitate the water and literally spray fresh
water onto the salt water to dissipate any of the feel if there
was any at all and after 24 hours or so no penguins are reported in trouble I
guess this is a major nono in New Zealand and so far so good so the
radius of the C’s has dodged a bullet the season is about to begin a bunch of
tourists are going to enjoy this area and no Penguins were damaged or hurt or
harmed in any way we’ll stay on top of the story if anything else comes up
thanks everybody talk to you later bye for now

10 thoughts on “Radiance of the Seas Has Fuel Spill In Wellington Harbor NZ Little Blue Penguins Being Monitored”

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  2. I have never cruised New Zealand. I think it would be fun to watch those little blue penguins waddle around! Glad the fuel spill ended up being contained away from affecting wildlife.

  3. I'm glad the blue penguins were unharmed. EPA can be quite expensive. Looks like a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for keeping us informed Bruce!

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