Roll Hunting Pennies – The North Carolina Box

Roll Hunting Pennies – The North Carolina Box

In today’s video we’re gonna hunt a
penny box from North Carolina hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and I’ve decided that I’m gonna go ahead and continue hunting these
out-of-state boxes as I get them if you haven’t watched my Oregon hunt or my
Rhode Island hunt or my Connecticut hunt obviously you can check my recent videos and check those hunts out… that being said this is from North Carolina I want to
thank John W for sending me this box now he did open it to double-check that it
was circulated and then he taped it back up he says he’s done nothing to it he
just wanted to make sure that it was circulated penny said he sent me that
way I could actually do the hunt so this is me the first time opening the box
since I’ve opened up the shipping box let’s take a look looks like we got some
dirty ones in there looks like we got some newer ones as well curious to see
how much copper is in here here’s to find out how many Philadelphia
Mint marked coins are in the North Carolina area and curious to see if we
can find any cool Wheaties foreigns heirs varieties you name it now John did
let me know he averages about a tweet cents per box so the target here is to
get at least eight but I always like to get at least double digits for ten that
being said I’m gonna get this box set up I don’t see any old Enders as far as
just a quick perusing but we’ll take a quick peek at that one
that’s an 80s copper sink and we’ll get in this hunt started as always I will
loop you in on my first good find also before I get started I guess I should
let you know since I seem to get a lot of questions about it where to find my
mats that I hunt during my videos I always post a link to my eBay store as
well as my Rob finds treasure website down below in the video description
which you can find these and other things that I have that I recommend
you’ll also find links to things like my digital microscope which helps me get up
close and personal to anything on the screen so I can check for those airs and
varieties now that we covered that let’s actually get on with this one box
penny hunt we’re on roll number three and we’re gonna have our first wheat set
of the hunt faison 1953 Philadelphia we’re on roll
14 and now we have our second wheat Center the hunt and this one is a 51
Denver it was obverse facing we’ll take it that makes to roll number 20 weight
sent number three a 1958 Denver last year we’d sent third of the hunt roll 24
we’d sent number 4 1952 Denver roll number 43 in the box and I think we’ve
got an old we’d sent can’t quite see the date I think it’s a 39 it is 1939 minted
in Philadelphia just want to get a confirmation under the scope most
dubitable that is only v wheats out of the box but at least it’s a pre 40s so
we’ve got one with some age finally let’s finish this rule and then we’ve
got seven more to do rule 44 we’d sent number six just a 45 philadelphia but
second oldest of the hunt maybe the box will give us a couple more roll number
50 we have six wheat cents we just took this as an Ender away start to grab this
zinc cent and notice we had another we D right underneath here so this would be
number seven of the box one less than John said his average was unless there’s
another one in the roll but let’s take a look what we got here
a 44 D and I will check it for the 44 D over s it’s pretty damaged around the
mid mark and pretty damaged on the coin in general but I don’t think yeah I
don’t see it anyway either way it’s another 1944 second from
the 40s of the hunt seven overall let’s just see if we have another one in here
I’ll just check really fast with you I may or may not miss it but I just want
to look because if we you be nice to catch the eighth one live
yeah I don’t think so let me go ahead and finish up this hunt I’ll give you a
recap including the side vines well we finished that box of pennies and it’s
gonna end right on seven wheat cents again we did get a couple of oldies we
got a 1939 and then we got a couple from the 40s as well 45 40 40 nothing
really great as far as years or mintage but that’s okay we do get seven wheat
cents we also got three Canadians and 83 and 85 and an 86 the 86 is probably in
the best condition as far as other side finds look at that first time ever I
believe I didn’t find even one 1959 transition year Lincoln Memorial cent
that’s crazy we didn’t get any keeper coins as far as
condition except for one which I’ll get to and then to 69 S’s
both of which aren’t the d do as far side fines are concerned I did find a
really nice 1983 die crack cent here let me go and bring under the scope we’ve
got a pretty heavy crack right there from the top of the Memorial Building
through EDT and United up to the rim we got another die crack on that side of
the Morra building through the eye and the see in America
just a slight die crack right there at the base of the oil but this one’s a
pretty nice one too right here at the pillars with the steps of the Moore
building all the way through one through unto the rim so pretty much a four-point
die cracked ones pretty heavy on there it is a nice one I’m gonna actually get
to keep it I don’t keep a lot of die cracks if they’re just a small little
bit and really die cracks are only more valuable if they run the length of the
coin or they’re contained in the middle somehow through a rim but these are
minor enough but collectively they’re kind of cool so I’ll be keeping that the
best coin of the box is this nice 1986 cent the reason why it’s nice is give me
a second I’ll show you why so in my modern Lincoln moral sense book I do
have pretty much every one of is gonna be right around mid state there
is a eighty-two small date calm person that I have struggled to replace now
they’ll be wrong that’s a nice one the problem is it’s brown and I’m trying
to get all this book to be read in this box we had a good amount of 82 small
date copper cents but they all were Bremen so I couldn’t replace it anyway
the reason I’m happy about this 86 Philadelphia is when I looked and
remembered about my 86 Philadelphia it does have a lot of carbon spots on it
same with my 85 D and 85 I’ve not been able to find mid-80s Lincoln cents that
were in great shape again this is not a bad cent but look at the carbon spots
that will be upgraded nicely with this 86 example so that makes me happy we did
get to upgrade one I’ve been looking for for quite a while
too bad I haven’t updated will upgrade my a too small date copper again it’s
still a really nice coin it’s just brown that makes me happy
we can retire this guy and we can get this book one cent closer to being able
to go into my Whitman classic book I don’t want to take him out of put them
in the open class a book until they’re mint state and read in this book
hopefully you enjoyed this one box hunt I do appreciate John W sending me a box
from North Carolina yeah it wasn’t really a very great box but it still at
seven weeks since we got an oldie we got a coin I’ve been looking for forever to
upgrade and that makes me super happy if you did enjoy the video I’d appreciate a
thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching I almost forgot
we didn’t even barely get a half a cup of copper so not very many cum percents
in that box whatsoever

54 thoughts on “Roll Hunting Pennies – The North Carolina Box”

  1. Nice box. Wish you had found a 2020. That way I would know if they were near me. Central NC here. Thanks Rob.

  2. Nice box. Wish you had found a 2020. That way I would know if they were near me. Central NC here. Thanks Rob.

  3. It sucks that you need 1000 hours to livestream from YouTube because u want to do a livestream of opening pennys but I cant

  4. Rob I’m in the Charlotte, NC area and hunted my first penny box during your live stream last Friday (2/28) and literally found 1 wheat cent in the entire box.. I did find an Indian head but I still think TX beats NC boxes just from what I’ve seen from your hunts

  5. Loved the penny folder part of the video. Great looking folder. I know I would like to see a video showing and explaining how you use the coin folders vs. Whitman classic binders. Maybe other people would like that too. I use the cheap folders for everything modern except my type set (Dannsco 7070).
    Just a thought.

    And maybe you have already done that video and I missed it…lol.

  6. I will look through my keepers and if I have a red 1982 small date copper, I will send it to you. I owe my love of coin hunting to you because of your 10,000 pennies searched video. That was EXCITING, lol.

  7. I love in Michigan so when I'm hunting cents I get about 1 Canadian in 20 cents. Then when I go to the bank they get rejected from the counter.

  8. Nice video. About how long does it take you to search 1 box? Who are the haters with the thumbs down – get a life…. See ya on your next hunt!

  9. From my state, eyy!
    It may even be from the same three or four banks I go to.
    Just for the record, I get around 2-5 wheat cents in Chapel Hill for a $25 set. I know only 3-4 other coin collectors in the town of 65-70k.

  10. I picked up 6 penny rolls from my grocery store bank yesterday, and found 3 wheaties. Can’t get mad at that.

  11. I work at Dunkin and Always gasp when I find a wheat penny. Found one from 1913 the other day! Rough condition though but really cool

  12. As a Treasure Turd, I am a little sad that you don’t like brown pennies. But to each their own. LOL! 💩 Nice hunt!

  13. Thanks for sharing Rob! Makes me feel blessed to be averaging 12 wheaties a box! Just wish my bank wouldn’t of started charging me a $6.50 surcharge per penny box to get them now!

  14. I been Thinking about doing a box swap with you but my last 3 boxes were loaded with Canadian pennies. I collect Canadian pennies. My last box had the most Canadian pennies in it at 40.

  15. Hey, Rob. You should do an ongoing series with a goal of hunting a box of pennies from every state. You could keep track on a big wall calendar and call it the 'Statehood Penny Box Battle'. That would be pretty cool.

  16. Hey, Rob had a question. My name is Kevin and I truly enjoy your channel. Would this be considered a collectible serial number.. MB 88229944 L?

  17. Hunting my first box of quarters ever finally. 15 rolls in and 2 2019 W war in the Pacific, 2006 Nevada proof and a few 2009 quarters I set aside so far. I'll update if I find anymore. Thanks for turning me onto this Rob!

  18. I live in North Carolina and I don’t get jack from the banks!!

    Edit: i get way to many P mints tho sometimes a D and little to none S mints…I was also surprised to get more Canadians in a box then wheats but many Canadians come to South Carolina for the beaches for weeks to a month during the summer

  19. Why not an Oklahoma Box? I never searched one but I am finding wheat cents in CIRCULATION INCLUDING A 1938 WHEAT CENT FROM PHILLY.

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