Silver and GOLD found while Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars!

Hey everyone, it’s seeker real quick before we get into this video we actually recorded this before the 11/14 live stream and then gave it away at the end of the 11/14 live stream the first ever live stream where I had 100 or more concurrent viewers, which was very awesome. So thank you for that Congratulations to Kevin Perry for winning the coin that we are about to find which we already found before you won it I don’t know if that makes any sense, but you get the point. Anyway, guys, let’s get into the video I won’t keep you any longer. Here we go Alrighty guys, here we go in this box. This is an old philharmonic Monster box, but as we slide it open you will see it is leftover rolls from the live stream You see we even got some of those dots here there and there but You know whenever we do our live streams, I always open all of my boxes live Everything is opened right in front of you. And so I sometimes I’m left with leftover rolls And what I was originally doing was opening and dumping him right away But what I decided to do was instead save the rolls and then when we get to around a box We’ll just do a video to open them. So that’s what we’re gonna do We’re gonna take a look and all of these rolls and see if we can’t get lucky. So hey, let’s get started Okay, guys, I did a count and it appears that we have 51 rolls So a little bit over a box, so we’re gonna get started as you can see I got my scoring sheet up just like I do with the nickel hunts So over on the side we got rare which would be anything like anything rarer than a walker. So if it’s like, you know Something really cool. Let’s just say we randomly get a barber or something. I mean, you know Probably not gonna happen. I have yet to find a barber coinroll hunting, but In case so you got Walker at 20 Benji’s are 15 you got silver proof So 90 or 40% silver proofs a Bicentennial proof would match for ten points You got regular proofs at eight magic coins at six 90% Kennedy’s at five Forty percent Kennedy’s at 4 and then miscellaneous at two points and nifc also at two points So let’s go ahead and get started. We’re gonna start on our first Roll and we’ll be able to use that scoring system to see how that box works. There are the edges Let’s go Hey Check it out guys. Look at that Haven’t seen that in a while that yes, you can tell from the camera. That is a gold plated. We got a 1973 gold plated half-dollar. Hey, it’s cool. We will take that Alright, let’s go ahead and update the scorecard. That would be a miscellaneous. We’ll give it 2 points Alright guys, look at that. We finally have two points on the board with that 73 gold plated quarter. We will take it There we go, we got something 1973 gold plated quarter Into the bag. Alright, there we go. There are the edges and back to back. No way. Oh Never mind. That’s a 1981. I actually just got tricked Man, I tell you what. It really does look silver though. Hold on. Let’s scrape this edge. Oh Yeah, that’s copper hah! Man, that is just not fair. Come on. Alright We will take it though. There are the edges man that look at that that looks silver in the roll like all day. Doesn’t it? But it’s not it’s not silver here. Let’s drop it No, Nothing Come on hey, hey Unless we’re being tricked again guys. We might actually have silver in the box. Hold up We will take it guys. We do have silver. I can’t even call this a box. This is like a Conglomeration of like four boxes, but we have silver in you know this box So, BAM 1966 40%’er lets update the scoreboard that is four points. So we now have six points in this Combination of boxes let’s go Silver let’s go. Hey guys, check it out. We got another gold plated half dollar BAM Right there Its… WHOA HOLY SMOKES NO WAY What in the world guys look at the scope What? Oh, I wish my face camera was on so you could see my reaction. Oh my gosh guys. That is a 1943 Walker that is gold plated there’s the rest of the edges I thought we were gonna have the number one of those gold plated Kennedy’s look at that. Oh That is so cool guys that is gold and silver that is gold plated silver Whoo, how am I gonna title this video gold and silver found in a box of half dollars. I don’t know We’ll figure it out. Look at that. Even the edges are gold guys. Look at this. Oooh I want to be gentle with it. All right, look check that out. Look at the edges. That is a solid gold here Let’s put it next to the 73 All right so here’s the 73 and now you can see now that you look at it next to each other that the edge of this one is worn down More but I would have never thought holy smokes guys. We just I don’t I guess we have to call that a walker I mean it’s a walker and a miscellaneous Look at that. Oh my gosh. That is so cool. So cool guys. Let’s go to full scope. Hold on Look at that Check that out Okay Okay, that is cool. I cannot believe that holy smokes well Well then well then Okay Okay. Well, let’s uh, let’s update the score. So that’s 20 points that puts us at 26 Points and we are not done with the box yet There are the edges All right, come on, oh, let’s find another one of those we still got…… Ten more let’s do this. Holy smokes that is mind-blowing. There are the edges Okay, here we go Hey look at that on the edges guys 1967 we got another 40%’er that puts us at 30 points All right We got another 40%’er to go along with the other one and a Gold plated Walker what is Happening. Oh my oh man. All right. Well, let’s go we got five rolls to go. How about a 90 percenter? Come on All right There are the edges All right, well well well so cool. All right, so we have this beautiful 1966 a 1967 we have a gold-plated 1973 and oh my gosh guys to get us to 30 points with the 20 pointer, but Gold-plated that is a gold-plated Walker. You got to be kidding me. That is cool Wow guys gold and silver found in the box. Thank you so much for watching Wow you made it all the way to the end of the video, I’m glad to see you here Thank you so much for watching If you didn’t like the video, you know what to do, but I did leave you some videos over there You can check out as well and above me. You can check out and subscribe to my channel Thank you so much for watching guys. We’ll have some more awesome videos in the future and we will see you later

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