Silver Dimes Found Coin Roll Hunting – DIME TIME

it’s Dime Time! Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right it’s dime time! Picked up two boxes of circulated
dimes in hopes of finding silver proofs any errors or varieties you can find and of
course foreigns, as well I’ve had my fair share of luck with dimes I’ve also had a
lot of dying time Scotch times if you will so hoping two boxes is enough to
find some goodies to post this video if for some reason we have a lack of finds
obviously I’ll marry this hunt with the future hunt
that being said we’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope for some goodies
I checked the tops of all these rolls don’t see anything that says I’m silver
or odd doesn’t mean there’s not silver enters on the bottom sides or some
silver inside enough chitchat let’s get hunting roll one let’s find
some goodies we’re on rule 45 of the first box yep 45 straight rolls almost
with no fines the only two fines I have here is a 2017 that has been sanded down
quite a bit thought it was odd and then I also found
a pretty nice rose toned dime that I also kept that being said I bring in
because I’m not certain yet that looks like silver and it looks like it could
be old now I’ve been wrong twice this is a third time I’m filming something but
this looks pretty good 19:57 minted in denver we got our first
silver dime of the box 45 rolls in five more to go after this roll well maybe
we’re onto something here very next roll roll 46
I think we have another silver dime almost in the exact same spot as the
other one and we do 1964 minted in Denver silver diamond
number 2 and that’s back-to-back rolls hopefully we’re getting into something
here and it bleeds into box 2 let’s keep looking with back-to-back rolls having
silver I figured I would open this one live just in case we get lucky and find
something silvery and the third straight roll no ideas though you turn the camera
on and the luck goes away all right nothing there what are the last few
rules just like this if I find something I’ll bring in rule 48 just in case Oh take a look at that we got one live for
you guys and again towards the front of the roll silver diamond number three let
me zoom in here and we’ll take a look at it together 1962 minted in Denver silver dime number
three of the hunt we’re all 49 like I said we’ll do the last five or six live
just because her part in silver and I’m right now and that one looks like it’s
gonna be a skunk bring it back in for the final roll roll number 50 the final
roll of the first box which was completely dead until the last six rolls
we have found three silvers in the last five so far can we get a fourth out of
the last six um I don’t see anything in here odd edge
here’s puppy a 60s pretty worn 1969 knew it was old but I don’t see anything
silvery in this roll so I’ll be back with a wrap-up and that will pray that
this oxblood into the other one alright we
finished hunting the first pox and you know what what started off to be a
disappointment box ended up being a great box for me I got three silver
dimes of 5070 a 62 D and a 64 d can’t believe we got three silvers in the
final six rolls to make the box not a bad one of course you saw that rose
colored diamonds well it’s not gonna pick up very good on the camera but
that’s okay I know it’s rose-colored you can see it next to the other ones and
the damaged one now that we got one box down and we have some silver Pines
let’s pray since I picked these up together that that ending is somewhere
in here as well that also reminds me we didn’t find any 2009 dimes in that whole
box they’re getting harder and harder for me to find out here but we’re always
on the lookout for him all right I’ll bring you in when I have
my first find fingers crossed hole 27 a box 2 and we got something silvery but
it looks a little odd like it’s not the right color
figured I’d bring in just in case yeah I knew it looks suspicious all right and
it was certainly not a US silver diamond instead I think that’s a 71 1971
Canadian dime just missed Canadian silver by three years still cool fine
I’ll add to the board and check this out rub slick toner rub slick toner rub
slick or duper toner well we’re on the last roll of the
second box and it’s been a silver skunk box a 2009 skunk Bosch we do have a
finder to that I’ll show you the wrap-up but I wanted to open the last rule live
just in case we got lucky and I’m not seeing any luck here so I’ll be back
with the wrap-up unless something is hiding in this roll another box of Dimes
is hunted before I give you the final wrap-up I do want to show you I’ve got a
couple of Dimes underneath here they’re both 1970 philadelphia’s and you do want
to check the reverse on these if you look at the top
Torche you’ll notice that on this example we have some heavy lines running
at a 45 degree angle at the left side to the top of the torch if I bring up the
other 1970 you don’t really have those deep lines
you have these two smaller lines that are closer together they’re not heavily
punched but yeah when I bring up the other one again you can see them clearly
this is what’s known as a 1970 Philadelphia dime with a proof rehearse
and it is a variety that is recognized by PCGS I don’t know man look for
because a lot of the times it’s hard to tell if you really have a strong proof
reverse strike on it but in this example based upon the strength of the strike on
the reverse on a 49 almost 50 year old dime and the fact that we have both
those 45 degree lines on that torch and when I compare it to a standard one and
I pulled out several of these in they all look just like that then I’m pretty
certain we’ve got one let me go and bring up the PCGS website and show you
what it has for value and compare it to mine so I brought up the PCGS website
and I’m on the pop report section population report so if I go to the 1970
dime you can see there’s a plus here that means there’s a couple of different
varieties one is just a standard 1970 10 cent and the other one is a 1970 10 cent
reverse of 68 proof FS 901 if I click on that one and i zoom in you can clearly
see those two 45-degree angle lines on the flame now if I go to just the
standard 1970 10 cent dime right here and click on it and I bring up the
reverse of that one you don’t see those two lines you just have a little bit of
those flame marks right there to the left when I show you the back of the two
that I’m looking at the standard one right there you can see the flame marks
to the left but when we go to the reverse you can clearly see those two
lines sorry for the shakiness I’ll bring it back on screen one more time so you
can see it again standard I’m not a lot of detail just a little bit of lines on
the left of the flame and when I grab my 1970 with the proof reverse Oh heavy
strike 45-degree angles on that flame so pretty excited about that
I don’t normally hunt for these because again it is hard to tell unless you have
a pretty decent dime if it’s a proven verse or not and unless it’s in at least
extremely fine condition it’s only twenty dollars or less in this condition
this might be a twenty to twenty-five dollar dime but I’ll take it for the
wrap-up we ended up completing what we looked
out to do on the worn slick Toder worn slick toner worn slick and toner I
thought that was kind of funny I also found pretty nice 1985 dine here it’s a
little bit soft around the edges like it had a grease strike problem but it’s
almost uncirculated and then finally in that box we did find a 1971 Canadian
dime three years off silver but we did get those three dimes at the end of the
first bucks 50 70 62d and a 64 d and those make me happy hopefully you
enjoyed this time time today if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always
everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

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