Starla transforms into Stella | Starla Recap (With Eng Subs)

Wait a minute. Are we lost? I don’t think this is our field. This is our land! My scarecrows are here. Good morning, Buboy! Starla, do you think
our wish came true? I don’t know because
I’m not glowing yet. Greggy’s fertilizer worked! Mister Greggy’s fertilizer
is amazing, Grandpa! It’s like magic! What should we do? Look! – You’re shining, Starla.
– Buboy… I’m shining! Hey, buddy!
Did you bring your homework? Yes, I have it here. Let me see! My mom will get mad at me
if I get a failing grade again! I hope I get the correct
answers on the quiz later. – Why didn’t you tell your mom?
– Oh no. Poor little girl! But Buboy already told me… No. Don’t worry,
because I’ll help you! Say the word and I will
grant your wish What’s happening? Why is the wind blowing hard? Is there a storm coming? The wind’s stopped blowing.
Continue answering your test. Good morning, Mister Caloy
and Mister Igme! – Prepare the documents, Dexter.
– Good morning, Attorney. There’s no need, Attorney. We’ve already
changed our minds. What do you mean? You see, Attorney…
our crops have grown! It’s a miracle! Because of the fertilizer
your father gave us, the seeds actually sprouted. Is that so? That’s why we’re no longer
selling our lands. We’ll grow more crops. What happened to us
was a miracle. Attorney, please tell your
father we’re so grateful. We’ll leave now, Attorney. Becky, what is that? It’s nothing! It’s a piece of paper.
Show it to me! It’s nothing. Hand it over.
I’ve already seen it. It’s a cheat sheet!
You’re cheating! No, Ma’am… How do you explain this? Leslie, what happened? I caught her cheating. That paper isn’t mine, ma’am. It just flew and
landed on my lap. I don’t know who owns it. But you still used it
to cheat on the exam. Ma’am, please… Don’t tell my mom about this. Just come with me. Oh no, I think that’s my fault. Mister Greggy, it’s like your
fertilizer has magic. My goodness. Does anyone else need
any more fertilizer? Just get some from this
pick-up truck. – Line up!
– Thanks so much, Greggy! What’s wrong Starla? I granted a wish
a while ago. Whose wish? Remember… Remember that kid that
was caught cheating? She wished for a perfect
score on the quiz so that she wouldn’t get in
trouble with her mom anymore. Didn’t I just tell you to be
careful about granting wishes? You’re so stubborn. Why are you mad at me? You’re so careless! You’ve granted so many bad
wishes the past few days! I’m the one who
should be mad at you! If you hadn’t left me, that wouldn’t have happened. Why are you saying
it’s my fault? You’re the one who
grants wishes! Buboy, I just wanted to go
home as soon as possible. It’s lonely being the only
wishing star here. It gets even lonelier
when you leave me. There will always be times
when I have to leave you because you’re not human! I can’t bring you with me
all the time. Also, just because
I left you alone, doesn’t mean you should grant
every wish you hear! You don’t understand
how I feel because you’re not
a wishing star. You don’t know how
I feel either because you’re not a person! I don’t want to see your
face anymore, Buboy! How is that even
possible, Buboy? I was just kidding. The two of you will never really
understand each other because she’s a firefly. If only Starla could
turn into a person, she can tell you
what she’s thinking, so you two can
understand each other. And you can play
if you want to. That’s a good idea,
Mister Greggy. That’s a brilliant idea! Should I do it? I mean, Mister Greggy
is a good person, he helped the people
of Barrio Maulap, and his last wish
was a good one. Mister Greggy, I’m only
granting your wish, okay? You’re a good person, and
your wishes are all good. Fine, I’ll do it. Say the word and I will
grant your wish and give you
what your heart desires, right here, right now! Starla? Where are you, Starla? Starla! I think she’s upset. – Starla!
– Kid! Where’s Mister Greggy? Uh, hold on. Daddy Greggy! – Alright!
– Daddy Greggy! I hope he gives us
some magical fertilizer! What is it? There are people
looking for you. Mister Greggy! What are you doing here? Good morning, Mister Greggy! Good morning, Mister Greggy. What are you doing here? We heard about your magical
fertilizer, Mister Greggy. Can you help us out, too? That way, our crops
can also grow. That’s right! – Ato!
– Hey, Doc Philip! – What’s going on?
– People are lining up… …to get some of Mister
Greggy’s magical fertilizer. We’re really grateful! Because I’m sure our crops
will grow thanks to this! – I’ll be on my way!
– Alright. Thank you, Mister Greggy! There you go. There’s more for everyone. Conchita Reyes The owner of the pharmacy? Yes, boss. The pharmacy
isn’t earning much so she’s thinking of
selling her land. Please, Mrs. Reyes.
Please help me. I told you to go home already. But Mrs. Reyes, my mom really
needs medicine right now. Didn’t you hear me? I don’t have anything
to give you! Leave! I need to get her land. Yes, boss. Where are you? I’m just worried about you. Please forgive me. Starla! Psst! Who’s there? There’s no one here. Psst! Hello, Buboy! Who are you?
What are you doing here? What are you talking about?
It’s me, Starla! Starla? What do you think? So, what do you think? S-Starla… You’re actually pretty
as a person. I know, right?
Isn’t it amazing? How did this happen? How did you turn into a person? I just granted
Sir Greggy’s wish. Oh, that! That was just a joke! No, that was a wish. He’s just concerned for me. He doesn’t want me to be sad. Starla, you shouldn’t
have granted that. Why not? Now, we can play
and go on trips. Don’t you want that? Of course I do,
but what if it’s a bad wish? – It’s a good wish!
– Bad wish! – Good wish!
– It’s a bad wish! No! [GASPS] Yes! I told you so!
It’s a good wish! Yes! I’m sorry, Starla. I’m doing this as
your best friend. I’m worried for you. Come on now. I promise we’ll play when
I get back from school. Promise! Come on. Smile! Fine. Just stay here, okay? Don’t cause any trouble. Don’t let Daddy Greggy see you. He might think you’re here
to steal eggs or something. I know. Stop nagging! My husband and I
worked hard for this, and this is all I have
left of him. That’s why it’s hard
for me to let it go. Well, I thought… …the pharmacy is not
making enough money. That’s true. Some of these medicines
won’t be of use anymore. The heat destroyed them. And I’m already buried in debt. I was thinking of joining
the cooperative for now. I heard a lot of people joined. I’m hoping they can
give me a loan. I’m really sorry. You refused to help my mom. So I won’t stop until I take
what’s most important to you. What was that? Who’s there?! What a cute kid! She has fair
complexion and nice hair! – Thank you.
– She might be a foreigner. – Hi!
– Hello! Look at her! Foreigner? What does that mean? Are you copying me? Um… No, I’m not! Stop following me around! Who is that kid? Mister, I’m going to the town. Hello! She has beautiful hair! Hello! Thank you, Miss Badet! Boyong! Hi! Do I know you? Yes! I saw you with Sylvester before. Oh, Sylvester is my best friend! He’s a good hairdresser. Did he do your hair? Are you from here? I’m new in town. I have to go somewhere. – Where?
– To school. I can give you a ride
in my tricycle. I’m headed there anyway.
Let’s go. Alright! Miss Badet, we’ll be going now. Yes! Buboy. For the first question, what is the star at the
center of the solar system? Starla? Ma’am, I know the answer. – Ma’am!
– Yes, Buboy? May I go out? [LAUGHTER] Quiet! Didn’t you just go out? Mister Greggy almost
discovered where I was! What? Yeah! But don’t worry because
he didn’t see me. I got away just in time.
That’s why I’m here now! It’s so much fun
being human, Buboy! – Buddy!
– Oh, Starla… Hey, Bud! Come play– Hi! Hi, I’m Tonton. What’s your name? Hi, Tonton! I’m Star– She’s Stella! Her name is Stella, Buddy. She’s my friend, too! Stella? We did it! Buddy! Yay! Yes! We won! Why are you hoarding? You’re a greedy young boy,
aren’t you? You’re right. I’m actually starving. We had a lot of activities
in school today. I’ll go outside now. Hold it. Why don’t you eat here? Uhm… I think I’ll enjoy these more
if I eat outside. I’ll go now. Alright then, but we’re going to
the market later, okay? I need to buy something
for tonight’s dinner. Okay! I’ll go now! Okay. It felt like
I wasn’t alone, Buboy. Starla, you’re never alone. You’ll always have me. You’re right.
Thank you, Buboy. I plan on joining the
cooperative, Greggy. I might be able to save my
drug store with their help. Are you going bankrupt? Ever since we started
having power outages, it affected the shelf life
of the medicine I sell. If the cooperative
can’t help me, I’d be forced to sell
the drug store. My husband and I started that
drug store together, Greggy. If Jaime were alive right now, he’d be sad seeing the state
that our drug store is in. Are you still fighting? The bottle isn’t lighting up.
Is Starla still inside? She’s still there. Maybe she’s sleeping
so I won’t disturb her. Let’s just leave her alone. What do you think
should we do? You only need to make a wish
so I can grant it! Come on, Buboy!
Do it now! What should I wish for? Mrs. Reyes said that
she’s been struggling since Barrio Maulap
ran out of electricity. It’s simple! Wish for the power supply
to come back here! Okay! I wish for Barrio Maulap
to have electricity again. Okay, Buboy! Say the word and
I will grant your wish and give you
what your heart desires, right here, right now! Starla, are you okay? I feel dizzy!

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