Stella and Olivia’s Twin-Twin Transfusion Story: Look at Them Now

>>Sometimes when she gets hurt, and she cries,
I cry. Cause she’s my sister.>>I remember calling him from the car saying
there was a problem, and you know, they can’t do anything for us. So you know, they actually
had recommended to go to CHOP.>>The doctor was telling us what the condition
entailed, and gave us the statistics, and I remember thinking to myself, those numbers
don’t sound very good.>>Neither of us had ever heard of twin to
twin transfusion syndrome. One baby was getting too much blood, nutrients, and one wasn’t
getting enough.>>We were both in a state of shock. What
was a perfectly normal pregnancy, just maybe 48 hours earlier, now we were in a position
of losing both babies. One option was to go into the blood vessels
of that shared placenta and create two distinct halves instead of one whole that was being
shared. So each baby is going to get the right amount of blood flow. There were only a couple
of medical facilities practicing this procedure. It gave us our best chance for a favorable
outcome for both babies. We had been told that the procedure at CHOP
went well, but you know, they can’t tell for sure until the babies are born. So the
day that they were born and the doctor said that they’re healthy, we felt very blessed
that we had been introduced to the right people to help us. We really felt like there was a full team
approach to this, which raised our confidence that this isn’t one person’s opinion.>>When they say, “Who’s older?” We
always say, “Stella was taken out first, but you were born in the same minute.”>>We certainly have a huge sense of gratitude
to all the folks that have dedicated their life’s work into figuring out how to give
an unborn baby a better chance at a healthy life.>>I would just say that I, I could never
thank them enough. We feel so lucky and so blessed. ♪♪ I walked through the doors of CHOP when I was
21 weeks pregnant with the twins…>>And look at them now. ♪♪

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