Stella Neighbors

I can just do this right here. And I saw my… All I can say is thanks. -All I can say is thanks.
-Thank you. Aww! So we have to be together? I love it! -Hello!
-Hi! -Hi!
-Hi! -How are you?
-I’m well. How you doin’? I’m Michael. Lou-Anne. Lou-Anne. Do you live out here? Yeah, I live just a block away. I live right back there in apartment 1E. I’ve never seen you before. Where do you live? Upstairs in 4C. Do you know your neighbors? I don’t know my neighbors, actually. I try to avoid people. I just feel like we should all talk to each other so much more. People get drawn into their own lives. It’s very easy to get caught up in what you’re doing. Everybody’s going through a story.
Everybody’s got a journey. If you could re-do one thing in your life, what would it be? Oh, wow… Maybe my waistline… I think I’d say I wanted to spend more time with people I liked, and I loved. Loving somebody… If you’re doing it right, you should be doing it forever. You gotta chose that, all the time, ’cause it’s easier to hate than love. When you say love, I automatically think of a relationship that I’m not in. Oh, no! My biggest accomplishment is that I didn’t end up the way
the neighbors said I’d end up. If I pick up the phone, could it be better this time? Would it be easier? And had we been able to find the tools to fix this,
which would have been so simple… I would have parents. I had to pull back from them because it was becoming traumatic. I feel like people really connect with vulnerability the most.
And they just want to… -Just want to give you a hug.
-A hug, yes! -Oh my God, a hug!
-Absolutely! -Thank you for sharing.
-Thank you for holding my hand. Now I know where you live,
so I can just pass by and say hello. I’ll ring the bell. There’s karaoke. Not too far from here… -I love karaoke.
-On Wednesday nights. Oh yes, I would come! Where the music at?
Where the music at? I’m gonna look for you. Not in a creepy way, but like a regular… -I’m gonna get your number before we go.
-Yeah! Sure! -To meeting!
-Yeah! To neighbors. Yes! Cheers! Cheers Leroy, good to meet you! -It was nice meeting you too!

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