Storage Wars: Top 4 Collectible Finds: Cards, Coins & More | A&E

Storage Wars: Top 4 Collectible Finds: Cards, Coins & More | A&E

44 thoughts on “Storage Wars: Top 4 Collectible Finds: Cards, Coins & More | A&E”

  1. My guess is the Pokemon card had been played with and as they said lot's on common card's I would have told her $400. I have got 1st edition card's for $1 just because it says 1st edition does not mean it's worth big money.

  2. The person that opened all those pokemon packs must of had crappy luck if the best they pulled was a rocket moltres and a pinsir holo

  3. I find it funny how nobody ever talks about the Magic: The Gathering collection that Darrell got screwed over on.

  4. Honest to go I cringe watching the show because it’s cheesy in my opinion and how they treat these expensive thing gets me angry

  5. When he signed the comic books on the front it made me slightly cringe. Yeah to some collectors signed copies are worth more, but some collectors just want to frame them and display them so signing the front of it devalues it.

  6. The only reason I clicked on this video was because I saw pokemon cards and I was like let me watch this she made 600 dollars off of pokemon like what who would sell trash that is worth 110 dollars and and rare pokemon cards the person may be a mom who was throwing out things but the person sell those cards for 45 dollars the person is dumb

  7. I used to watch this show back in the day and believed all of it, but after watching clips again I can clearly see that this stuff is all planned and planted by the shows writers and producers. No one just finds a bunch of original TMNT comics just sitting in storage unit.

  8. Those Pokémon cards are all first edition!! Those in all are worth 5 to 10 thousand dollars in all!! She got ripped off lmao

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