Stella By Starlight – Vic Juris (Guitar Solo)

What I’m going to do also on this…Is that I’m going to play a Free IntroductionIt means that there are no, there’s no harmonic boundaries or rules required.Because that’s another way of improvising with music…Without any Harmonics stuffSo I’m gonna exclude that at the very beginning and perhaps at the end.

Differential Equations: Families of Solutions (Level 1 of 4) | Particular, General, Singular, Piece

Families of Solutions (Level 1) The study of differential equations is insome respect similar to that of your calculus II (integral calculus) course. As a refresher,recall that when you were evaluating an anti-derivative or indefinite integral, we had to rememberto include the constant C of integration. An antiderivative that contains the constantof integration represents an…