About “Stella Novae”, Steve Shehan 3rd album of the 3 CD pack “VIS”, Click on CC for English caption

Stella Novae is…I would say it’s rendering tribute to texts we’ve heard a thousand timeand that can become at some point invigorating because we’ve heard them so many times, in identicalor pompous ways…and here I said why not taking texts whether known or not, from Baudelaire to Racineand there is even a text from Michelangelowho…

Stella By Starlight – Vic Juris (Guitar Solo)

What I’m going to do also on this…Is that I’m going to play a Free IntroductionIt means that there are no, there’s no harmonic boundaries or rules required.Because that’s another way of improvising with music…Without any Harmonics stuffSo I’m gonna exclude that at the very beginning and perhaps at the end.