Life Sentence 1×06 Inside “Who Framed Stella Abbott” (HD)

– Guys, let’s face it, I’m unemployable.– You don’t have a choice Aiden.You wanna keep living here for free,you have to get a real job.– So episode six is “Who Framed Stella Abbott.”– Who?– Who did?– I don’t know.(laughing)I can’t wait to see this episode.– I got no references, no job history, and no experience.Who…

Life Sentence 1×06 Promo “Who Framed Stella Abbott” (HD) Moving to Fridays

Wes, you’re the love of my life.I’m just having a sexual fantasy about a man who isn’t my husband.Oh Stella.Is everything okay?Stella.Seriously, dude?That was not your cue to appear.Life Sentence returns all new on a new night, Friday April 27th on The CW.