La Leçon de Jazz sur Keith Jarrett – Stella By Starlight commenté – Antoine Hervé

Now here’s another piano transcription,the famous introduction of “Stella by Starlight” with a trioIt created a great buzzsince musicians considered it as a major classic,originally from a musical like most jazz standards.Turns out that Jarrett thought he would showwhat he could make out of this jazz standardAnd he played a brilliant introduction, simply brilliant.First, he…

Stella By Starlight – Vic Juris (Guitar Solo)

What I’m going to do also on this…Is that I’m going to play a Free IntroductionIt means that there are no, there’s no harmonic boundaries or rules required.Because that’s another way of improvising with music…Without any Harmonics stuffSo I’m gonna exclude that at the very beginning and perhaps at the end.