Taiwanese coins with $20 coin

hello people and you’re going I’m just
going to show you the Taiwanese $20 coin which I did not unfortunately get in
Taiwan I had to buy it off eBay a few years ago now the currency of tile one
is a 1 5 10 20 $50 but the kind you’ll get in Taiwan we just these four in
which you’ll get two different types of $10 I’ll explain in VO before okay $20
you have a look these is just like 20 min on it these are traditional canoes
of the yummy tribe if you don’t know Taiwan or Formosa has indigenous people
which speak Austronesian languages which are related to Malaysian Filipino or
Tagalog and also Maori as well and it’s presumed to be the actual origination of
the Austronesian languages because he has the most varieties in which all the
other languages outside of formosa just belongs to ones one branch of the family
but on for most a day of at least five or six branches okay you’ve got down the
bottom you have Braille or two dots Buddha blind as you can see he’s tagging
all eight sides like you’re strange 50 cent coin take them turn on the reverse
it has a person called mono who thou a Sadiq chief which is
another Aboriginal tribe and here we have the wool she incident memorial now
I haven’t looked that up barrel presuming someone more connected to this
tribe courage you too am a sticker or something which quite commonly occurred
especially under the Japanese okay now down the bottom is the
date and this is the security feature if I turn it this day is 2001 I need to
turn it this way just try and make it clear for you just see it there let me
see if we can get a better one and then you go to pass on one that’s a
security feature hmm as you can see it is milled as well if I put these coins
together also it’s the only by metal coin currently she’ll put these coins
are going you can see they all milled through 50 dollars it’s got 50 NT
dollars on it which means new Taiwan dog so that’s it for these type coins when I
get the older clients I’ll make another dr-dos okay so thank you very much and
have a nice the

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