Tank Stella S7 Commander Card

greetings commanders and welcome to the season 7 Stella commander card video Stella is the last commander to get a commander card in this series just as season 8 begins and the reason Stella’s been kind of put to the side is because she’s kind of been put to the side in the meta we didn’t quite know what to do with Stella in season 7 because of really this main problem of the tear space damage provided by tier 12 troops not really working with a normal Stella build I’ll give us some replays and show that later in a brief nutshell guys what made Stella so great right was her wings of eternity skill it lets her go again when she goes again she can actually trigger new gems and she can hit tare space on her combat damage so a set of normal double and trickles triple strike commanders like Cerberus and Kidd Stella actually gets multiple turns per round of her slot so a lot of infantry commanders would use her as a one slot bust put a little Sagittarius honor put a little Scorpio whatever the tier 10 arterial Evan you had was that’s how you would play her and just bust through bigger airship commanders because the main concern was always golem Rogers elf really wasn’t around until recently but Stella was always the one slot bust counter to defense commanders and then this season she kind of fell off because there were better options available tier 12 you had to ignore your opponent’s stats Stella justdidn’t sized up against tier 12 airships with her tier 12 infantry we didn’t know how to use her so in season 7 we actually found a way and there I don’t want to give any one person credit I’ll say there was a few people trying to build out I know you lost was doing it I know that NYC had but player maybe those Hot Wheels that was trying it out and I know dad from FB I was doing a Stella tank build so without further ado let’s jump into it let’s go to where this all started and it started with Stella not doing so well so this was the original problem Stella versus tear space Stella with tear space is broken so here was the traditional Stella bill damaged damaged dodge Dodge right huge gear 785 thousand liters ship and going into a fight against another offense commander she should do well against an offense or defense commander up until this season so you lost provided this replay a couple months ago and it really put the world on notice that infantry commanders were in trouble so basically what he’s doing is one slop busting knowing he doesn’t have a great chance against this setup when he really should so here’s what happens he is running Libra which is gonna do nothing for him in this matchup well almost nothing right alright so here he goes all of his troops dead there so now he gets wings of eternity Sagittarius so Sagittarius ignore 60% of HP still only hit for a few hundred so at this point only 320 330 two have been killed with a regular hit and at airspace okay here’s another attack but he misses remember because Vega is running awake and dodge most Vega zarnow people are running defense crit with her because so many people are avoiding or are just running so much guaranteed hit that you kind of don’t need to run dodging on Vega anymore it’s still good because you know you’re not people don’t always trigger their skills but most importantly against Stella if you dodge Stella which was the infantry meta it made Vega really strong so this is an older replay Vega was running dodge if she doesn’t land a guaranteed hit with Gemini satchet Aries which she had to run Gemini Sagittarius she was gonna miss now that’s why you know Stella got pushed out for Gillian echo cuz she wasn’t hitting hard enough for Terris base damage wasn’t enough and she didn’t have a built-in guaranteed hit so Vegas were dodging her and defense commanders like Rogers and Reinhardt we’re just beating her and straight-up fights so we had to figure out a way to get Stella more useful guaranteed hit was important so we knew Sagittarius and Jim and I was important and we wanted to really utilize that Terra space damage from tier 12 but tere space requires HP and Vegas breakdown ignores your opponent’s defense so having HP helps against your Terra space damage and then having less defense helps you know let you stack HP so the the breakdown doesn’t ignore the defense you were stacking anyway so this huge shift towards HP started to happen and when that started happened we started to see they and gillies become less useful and commanders that ignored HP then stacked HP he started becoming more useful in this replay what we’re gonna see is clever is rocking full accuracy pants how desperate do you have to be to be running full accuracy pants but he knows that accuracies a problem running Sagittarius Gemini is okay Sagittarius is good to Gemma nice socks for tier 12 but he’s so desperate to land hits he had to run Gemini and accuracy pants going against an airship commander now he does okay in this because he runs a low risk March and he hits hard because he’s starting to stack HP notice the helmet here it’s Valkyrie okay he still has a tyrant chest on the shadow is a better option for that but there is this natural shift in air in infantry commanders to start going more HP and this is a good example of just kind of that shift happening this happened I want to say a month ago or so when they were still toying around with the tank bills I should probably fullscreen that huh oh jeez okay so you can see now his HP his his terror spaces are starting to hit really hard so 600 180 so he’s hitting a lot harder with his terror spaces there we go oh geez all over the place okay anyway so there’s a nice shift we start to see it but once again Vega with Dodge is enough is avoiding those hits so here’s a massive replay this is from NYC versus tnb this season and what you have is is NYC’s Mel got her Hot Wheels vs letter T and B’s letter one of the biggest players in the game and he’s running this tank build kind of showing off what it can do so the wings eternity keeps triggering the skills Sagittarius kids notice how Sagittarius doesn’t hit very hard 1473 kills 20 troops even though he triggered Sagittarius but he doesn’t care about the Sagittarius ignoring your opponent’s HP all he cares about is making sure he gets a guaranteed hit to land this tear space with all the HP gears he’s stacking and we don’t see his gear in this in this replay but I will show you it soon so watch this that 20 drops to 1169 so massive hit massive hit what was that 300 something so he’s not relying on his guaranteed hit anymore he just wants that tear space damage cuz it hits so hard so Stella’s are realizing okay now with this damage reduction gear guaranteed hit gems and stacking HP Stella can really trigger over and over and over and use that tear space to tear her opponents of park so we saw this progression from Stella being like the best offensive commander in the game to now being like the infantry tank build which is awesome this is from the livestream this is a longer replay this is NYC versus visa also visa has a game coming up this week Thursday 4 p.m. if you want to watch that they have some awesome they want to show off but I don’t know if I’m be able livestream it we’ll see but cab here is going against Estella twice his size and Stella should always be beat pretty bad by Gilley because Gilley disables her guaranteed hit gyms for the first round and you know Gilly Gilly hits hard in her own right forty percent guaranteed hit skill with ignore defense like Vega but this de Stella is not running defense gear so she’s not really getting hit that hard by the nonviolent resistance and she’s a tank build so we’re starting to see in this replay that yeah it’s a little one-sided that that Stella probably has an account that has way more research than hers but and twice as much leadership but it’s a matchup that typically Stella gets wrecked in and in this one she doesn’t stella goes ahead and actually wins this thing pretty convincingly let’s go back to here there it is you can see he crushes right through without taking too much damage now this Stella still took some damage here don’t don’t kid yourself but at that point we kind of realize like okay this Stella tank build is the real deal and that was I think maybe the semi-finals and then the following week we had an announcement that this the tank build for Stella is finally useful we found a way to use it against pretty much every offense commander in the game and it’s okay against defense commanders Rogers and elf and and not own about Reinhardt be not Reinhart but if you run the guaranteed hit gyms in the damage reduction gear you can do you can dominate other offense commanders and pretty well against defense so defensive commanders excuse me now let’s get into the Oh dad replay which is somewhere here okay this is the Oh dad replay stream I to save this from a previous scene so it’s a Max Stella for some max Vega defense gear on the left and guaranteed hit vs basically a maxed out Vega on the right now notice she’s running andromeda which makes your opponent skip a turn which is quite good not as good as a guaranteed hit but maybe better in some cases Vega dodging Stella Dennison and drop so he’s still getting dodged which sucks but you know that’s the cost of playing stellar you get those bonus turns you don’t get the guaranteed hit but those in drama and drama does radiant’s are triggering so even though she’s not gonna guarantee did she’s disabling her opponent you could make an argument for like Sagittarius Gemini Pisces and in and Andromeda’s radiance but there’s a couple other good gems out there so it’s kind of up to you and when you’re Stella and you have awakened on it’s like you should almost go like crit wither because you can just if you do get hit you don’t get hit very hard it’s kind of a big deal she’s gonna get hit she’s gonna go multiple turns she wants to survive but here comes a breakdown and a Gemini and that’s just like the super combo which is what you’re so afraid of but notice how hard to hit some it’s not that badly I think it does here yeah it one-shots him so so even then the Gemini breakdown combo from Vega is still massive but you know she made him skip her first three rows Vegas first three rows and the AMA drama is still going but she’s getting really unlucky with Sagittarius and Gemini triggers really unlucky but you know and that’s kind of like Vega is not a bad commander he’s still gonna do well especially with that dodge awakened on he’s unhittable oh you know the more time that goes by the more softened up he gets finally we get a Sagittarius but there’s no true they’re 200 troops no no damage oh that’s unfortunate that’s unfortunate yeah I’m expecting that many troops to kill about through 400 and if their terror space so let’s see man she really just needs better triggers Gemini Sagittarius is so important there’s a Gemini okay so this is a half damage hit cuz I was only 2800 there 16:33 said 200 so 400 killed per tear space is what she’s going to be doing here is a guaranteed hit but it’s only a half stack of troops but when she starts triggering she really starts beating him down and that’s kind of the build a bunch of tear space damage from guaranteed hit gems a bunch of damage reduction from just that basic gear stat and all defense in the slots so let’s see if I had it pulled up I’ll probably edit this in to the final thing but yeah here it is so here’s NYC’s Hot Wheels or male god and he’s running eternal barrier eternal barrier stack in that H because the damage isn’t coming from actual attack damage it’s coming from the guaranteed hit followed by the tier 12 tear space damage he’s running to body of the Phoenix zg Elle’s deranged made an argument that a little bit of Dodge in the chest is better than anything else I disagree but whatever I think shadow would be better here yeah she also needs to dodge to like it’s important to have a little bit dodged and in the pants she must have the these she must have the invincible fearless pants fearless pants alright we got this time boys okay the wrath of the gods wrath of the Titans wrath of the something in the helm so damage reduction damage reduction and then she runs three piece Cassiopeia the Walker Jim set which is also another 10% damage reduction for like almost fifty or sixty percent damage reduction which directly negates how much damage you take from melee combat damage and tear space damage and that’s that’s the build you know Sagittarius Gemini Pisces Andromeda but if you want to drop the Pisces and go for the three piece for the for the Redeem introduction you can do that plus the stats are a little bit better on that Jim set my Stella doesn’t have the right gems in it because I don’t play Estella I don’t think I’ll ever play a Stella like that but here’s all the gems in the handbook so if you go to Cassiopeia he’s trying to get that 3-piece damage reduction remember that does work on infantry troops even though it’s a walker only gym set and the stats work as well but what you don’t get is the five set piece bonus unless you’re running Walker troops you have to have the Walker troops to trigger it so I’m gonna go through the infantry gems real quick because member tier 12 is infantry only see there anything else you can run other than you know Gemini’s Sagittarius Andromeda for sure then three-piece Cassiopeia or where is it Aries Aries isn’t terrible soften and they’re damaged I guess that’s okay I probably just have the straight-up constant 10% damage reduction cuz it works on terror space terror space ignores what’s your base damages so Aries won’t get a lot of value so yeah I think that’s the build guys if you want to negate that if you want to have one in the gate that if you want to argue that definitely put in the comments below this this Stella build hasn’t really been proven it hasn’t won in Eagle active battles and hasn’t overturned a massive Rogers or elf you know you can always beat a Vega with Rogers you can always beat a Vega with an elf you know it’s Stella is not really needed she could she can beat she’s kind of like an in-between commander she’s like full metal without the utility but can kind of go both ways anyway that’s that’s the Stella bill I mean that listen it’s I wish I had more concrete stuff about it but that’s kind of where it’s at it’s damage reduction and guaranteed hit skills and surviving and taking some hits and just battling it out so at least she’s still relevant in the meta unlike my man golem and let’s do a release let’s end this video on a release if you haven’t picked up your mug yet we are in pre-release still on patreon a couple weeks we’re gonna go live on patreon so you can support the channel get your own special handcrafted custom-made Ark of war founders club mug very high quality amazing you can get it join the founders club patron com I’ll put a link in the description below send one right out to you and a personalized letter from me thanking you for support anyway you got to pick a commander here remember if you guess the commander correct you get two bonus points for the next livestream raffle just let me know you guessed the commander right when the raffle goes down if you’re there put it in the comments below now I’m gonna be releasing a commander if you guess it right you get bonus points you know what let’s double it let’s quadruple it eight points eight points if you guess right don’t cheat don’t cheat and if you get it wrong though you get minus one minus one raffle points is anyone keeping count all right here we go released three two one be merry be merry baby oh what a mess anyone guess Kakarot anyone guess Goku alright that’s it that’s the Stella video that’s all 13 commander cards for season 7 if you’ve seen all 14 videos good for you but I think I’m done with the commander cards for this season I don’t think there’s anything else left to do there I don’t know we’re gonna do it season 8 I don’t think I need to redo a bunch of commanders unless someone pops up say Talia is gonna need to have a good breakdown I’m think I’ll do a commander card series but I really enjoyed the commander card series because I feel like it revisited and kind of reinforced ideas and concepts in the late game so that players could just reference it a month from now maybe they saw it they weren’t really thinking about they can go back remember the whole point of this channel right is a repository of knowledge a library a talking library for players in the community to interact and grow and hopefully join the line community get a part of this thing guys get behind me get behind the channel let’s see where this thing goes and stay tuned because we got some new content coming like this channels never seen we’ve had some great support on patreon on YouTube I’m pouring that money right back in right back in new intros new quality new edits it’s all going back to the channel so uh yeah thanks for supporting it we’ll see you on the next one just a couple more weeks guys and patreon is gonna go live we’re still in pre-release when it goes live though is it ever gonna go live

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