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The Ace Family does quite well for themselves
and definitely don’t shy away from showing off what their hard work has amounted to.
On Austin Mcbroom’s instagram alone he can be seen posing with a Lamborghini, Range Rover,
Gucci and Supreme clothing, and of course let’s not forget the blue Rolls Royce Wraith
his wife Catherine got him for an early birthday present. The rolls royce alone cost about
$320,000 USD. Austin’s wife Catherine can also be seen rocking Louis Vouton bags, shoes
and of course a matching diamond watch with her hubby. On top of all this, according to the Ace Family purchased two properties for a total of 10 million and
had a developer merge the two homes to make it one mega mansion. The price to merge the
two homes has not been released, but i’m sure it cost a pretty penny. Since starting their YouTube channel in 2016,
The Ace Family have clocked in almost 3 Billion views and over 16.5 Million Subscribers at
the time of this recording. According to website’s like the couple are currently
sitting on a whopping $13 Million dollars in the bank. Now this wouldn’t come as a
surprise to many due to the fact that on average the Ace Family’s videos get over 3 million
views per day, but at the time of this recording, in the last 30 days alone, their channel has
gotten 94.5 million views according to Now math was never my strong suit but even
if they got 50 cents per view, multiply that by 94.5 million and I can tell ya, it’s
a lot of money. Especially for 30 days. Now as always we ask you guys a trivia question,
so what network did the Ace family just recently sign with ? You gotta let us know in the comments
below and stick around until the end of the video to find out the answer.
What’s going on guys? My name is Jarred Bronstein and today we are going to take a look at the
financial come up of The Ace Family and what they spend their fortune on here for you on
The Rich Life. Our last couple of videos in this series were on Dan Bilzerian and Tfue.
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after the intro. The ACE Family is a family of four that consists
of husband and wife Austin and Catherine and their baby girls Elle and new born Alaia (alaya).
Austin is a former NCAA basketball guard who was committed to the Saint Louis University
men’s basketball program between 2011 – 2012. He also played football and baseball at Campbell
Hall School. Catherine was a fitness model and aspiring actress and tv personality. She
is originally from Montreal, Quebec but soon move to LA to pursue an acting career, which
eventually led to her going on a date with her now husband Austin. The two got married
after jumping out of a plane and not too long after they brought their first baby Elle into
the world. Mike did a before they were famous video on the Ace Family so be sure to check
that out. The Ace Family’s first youtube video dates
back to July of 2016 and was titled The Ace Family Q & A. Although both Austin and Catherine
we’re quite active and popular on social media prior to their first youtube video,
the Q & A was just the start of great things to come. They followed up their Q & A video
with a series of pranks they played on each other, which only led to them growing their
channel exponentially. The one video that really put them on the map was a prank Austin
played on his dad, in which he tricked him into believing his car was scratch. The loveable
family has since continued to grow their subscriber and view count by making more prank and challenge
videos, as well as vlogging their daily lives. Aside from ad revenue the Ace Family receives
from youtube alone, they of course have merchandise. Enough to last a life time. From hats, to
hoodies, backpacks, blankets, pillows, phone cases, hell you name, they got it. And they
come in all sizes, his, hers and even baby. Now will all this money you’d think the
Ace family would show some love to those less fortunate and they definitely do. Back in
2017 The Ace Family gave away a brand new Jeep to one of their followers and most recently, sold out the Staples Center
for a charity basketball game that will see the Ace Family’s team go against Chris Brown’s
team. The charity game sold out in minutes and will feature YouTuber’s such as Mr.
Beast, Jake Paul. Ricegum, Faze Rug and more. The first charity basketball game was actually
between Austin and Ricegum, and featured other you tubers such as Adam Saleh and Tanner Fox.
They raised 75,000 at that event back in 2018 and donated it to the Thirst Project. Aside from their charitable donations, The
Ace Family definitely loves to spend all that hard earned money on themselves. As previously
mentioned they’re currently in the process of building a mega mansion, which consists
of two properties they’re merging into one. The cost of that alone is $10 million plus whatever the developer
is charging them to do the merge. The house is being built on 1.8 acres of land and is
expected to be 12,000 sq ft. It will include 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. On top of this,
Austin has a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan which starts off at $223,000, a Rolls Royce Wraith,
which costs around $320,000, both which were a surprise from his wife Catherine. And what
kind of guy would Austin be if he didn’t return the favor? So of course he went out
an got his wife a 2018 Range Rover Autobiography which has a starting price tag of $177,000.
This doesn’t include Catherine’s Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon customized with
20 inch wheels and a 4 inch lift kit, rims, limited edition light on the top of the Jeep,
which has red cardinal leather interior. The Jeep cost somewhere around the $44,000 mark. Now to top off their cars and home, the couple
also loves to dress quite nicely. Austin is usually posing on instagram wearing brand
names such as Gucci, Supreme, Off White, Daniel Patrick, and Bape to name a few. Catherine
can usually be seen rocking her Louis Voutton backpack, but other than that seems to dress
much more low key than her significant other. With that being said, she seems to love Yeezy’s
as she does have a few pairs. The couple also have diamond encrusted watches and Austin
has his fair share of diamond bracelets. So it’s safe to say the Ace Family not only
enjoy living the good life, but also love to give back to the community which is great
to see. I don’t see these guys slowing down anytime soon, and although they now have a
4th member of the family, I don’t think they’re going to be changing their name
to the ACEA family anytime soon. Or maybe they will. I think Ace just sounds better.
For those of you that don’t know, the Ace family was made up of the first initial of
Austin, Catherine and Elle. Anyway the Ace family just signed with Univision Creator
Network, which will look to help the creators branch out into other areas of content, such
as beauty and mom focused programming for Catherine. Here’s what Austin and Catherine
had to say about the network, “We are excited to join the Univision Creator Network family
and be part of a company where we feel valued and part of a supportive community. We are
proud of our Hispanic heritage and as many of Univision viewers, we are raising bilingual
and bicultural children, that is why UCN is a perfect fit for our family.” Univision
also works with creators such as Rosy McMichael, The Crazy Gorilla and the Martinez Twins to
name a few. Aright guys, I’m wrapping up this video here,
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