The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 98- Positivity is a superpower! The 1%? 95 hour fast, Russia Bernie

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the beyond bitcoin show today
is February the 23rd 2020 strong hat uncomfy skateable that was yesterday now
I’m back in LA Wow bitcoin is next Bitcoin person responsibilities new
counterculture deferral of gratification conviction strive for greatness ambition
avoiding mediocrity principles over practicality ok yes you’re gonna hear
about it all today hello my elites get out so was Boris and UK Bitcoin master
it was a lot of fun hey the thumbnail for this video currently is me at the
uncomplicated will post party with a huge fan she’s a married woman though
people don’t go crazy now but she she watches the show her husband
is a great guy I’m like I say who he is he’s an awesome dude and I appreciated
the story she told me about her fandom since you’re a fan I wanted to show one
of the pictures you sent to me it’s sideways whatever I look you can see it
now if I’m gonna get rid of it and show another one but Eddie anyway also
yesterday show was not beyond Bitcoin we usually do the beyond Bitcoin show on
Saturday but I was I was in Las Vegas and a ton confiscated bolt and we did a
live show at night after the event and tres mayor and American
Caudill were on my show American huddle showed his face so this is the V on
Bitcoin sure we’re doing the V on Bitcoin show on Sunday so there’s a lot
to say about tres mayor and you banked it and everything and we’ll talk a
little bit about it today we’ll get a little bit in the Bitcoin but Monday
show we’re gonna talk about this people I am just catching up with all the drama
you dudes created on Twitter okay I let’s talk about let’s talk Thursday I
was in Long Beach for an event down there that Gaston and then Long Beach
people put on Rob pick me up I really appreciate the ride
and and the friendly people that are down there the people who just came out
to Long Beach to see me hear me speak fans of the show it was an awesome
experience without the positivity it’s gonna be it’s gonna come back to me and
it really has come back to me by the people who pick me up who do me favor I
mean who let me speak down there and people telling their personal stories to
me it is amazing the by the positive ID it is a superpower we’re gonna talk
about that in a second web city in Seattle says great show yesterday
bitcoinmeister thank you and he’s a friend of mine too
I do the positivity for him he picked me up in Seattle a few what was it back in
28 and we’ve become great friends here over the internet uh to Val dacra says
how old is that picture dude did you listen to a word I just said it’s one
day old it’s from yesterday it’s from Saturday the book the other
the beautiful woman who was a married woman to a great guy we were have it
we’re at the post party she came up to me and said how much he loved my show
and there was a there was a witness there and another guy from Michigan who
said he’s a big fan of the show – he’s a great guy I got to meet him yesterday I
really appreciate his support from when my father passed away and everything and
we spoke a little bit about that and a just a glorious honor to meet people in
person who found out about my father from me stories that I’ve told on here
and this is the personal day right step well it’s supposed to be Saturday is
that beyond Bitcoin but you get some insider meister information here and I’m
telling you guys if you bring out that positivity it comes back to you it
really does and the last few days this so yesterday so okay so long so I
started my fast on Wednesday because you guys know I don’t trap when I travel
I fast even when dudes were picking me up in cars by the way that was the first
time I was Wednesday was the first time I was in a car since December since I
was in Baltimore and but and that’s how I boy I avoid cars like that I don’t
need words I run I walk I take that the bus the the subway last night I took the
red line back home someone likes to say that ride that redline I say pal Matt
like button for Ryan ever riding a brother but I want to tell you you guys
are interested in how I run this life over here how I run my life so I so
Thursday night I came back home Friday I did the beautiful this week in Bitcoin
show I went to synagogue on Friday night and then I ended up in Las Vegas to Las
Vegas I ended up in Vegas at 2:30 in the morning ok 250 in the morning and before
then at the very last minute you guys remember a few shows ago I said hey if
someone wants to hang out with me from 250 in the morning until 8 in the
morning I’m free in Las Vegas sure enough a fan of the show for a long time
contacts me he’s like yeah come to my house you can you can take a rest there
and we can have a consultation in the morning so this what happened a great
guy a great fan of this show who knows how to live the right lifestyle baby
he’d minimalized see he didn’t drive a fancy car to pick me up he is an awesome
dude we high when I slept it on his couch Dan hood I don’t care spread the
word but it’s so then I get to the D and I see vortex there in person I see one
go great the great American huddle was there who
I recognized as I saw him I had that insider information who would it look
like but now all of you know what he looks like if you watched yesterday’s
show so did people make it a big job one God gave me this
the república a Bulevar 20 Boulevard which is what’s this worthless Satoshi I
don’t know what this is worth this is real bad as well and money for my
Venezuelan friends out there I got it thank you oh my god who’s not Venezuelan
but he’s awesome wine golf it’s he is just like he is on the internet dudes he
is a laid-back cool dude then I had fun the great dude he’ll he’ll make it on
the show ugly goat I was privileged to meet him
too I’m forgetting people I guess we’ll talk about it more and that you saw the
the hot old stuff I was wearing yesterday that debt that dudes did cool
so anyway we I just want to select AII summed up my last so I haven’t eaten I’m
um in I guess I’m in the 96 second hour of a fast and it took me a while to even
get this show prepared because there’s so much Twitter drama involved with
yesterday’s show people have clipped it and sent it out and you guys can check
it it’s a waste of time the drama is a waste of time you got it
you got to be efficient people you got to be in motion and we will talk about
that in a second here so yeah give out good vibes you’ll give them back and if
you want if you want the high energy Meister and everyone says I mean you
take my word for it the guy you see right here is the guy you meet in person
okay so I will be in San Francisco that’s my next event will keep the
positive dudes we will keep it and I know a lot of people say to me i watch
your channel just because you have a positive attitude that’s great dude I’m
I’m glad I can do that I’m glad I can do that for people and uh but there are a
lot of people they look at the dark side of things and rock ape 73 says is trace
the nwc whale buying everyone’s bag if yes thanks trace for the free Bitcoin
well guys it looks like there is a chance that the entity that I had been
describing all along might be tracing there this is unbelievable news and and
I will talk about it tomorrow I guess you gotta understand so I got back so so
I go to the post party last night that the scam e’s were pretty funny pretty
funny stuff yeah I’m sure some of you watched it eat
it it’s Gracie at Thomas student – I was on Thomas’s show Jimmy song was on it
with me it was a good time check out WC n 4 for that but so right after the post
party last night I walked out I get on a bus take it back to LA I’m back here at
5:30 in the morning I get on the redline the subway Danny but some of you gotta
know why don’t you take uber or play this Bitcoin know I’ve stated that to
homeless to escape the cold so I get back here at 6:00 in the morning 7:00 in
the morning well I don’t know what I got here it was I walk it on Hollywood
Boulevard or the Walk of Fame to get back here on the good part near La Brea
and it’s surreal yeah because you you know in popular culture you see all the
names that are down there and I’m walking there six five there’d be
morning the sun’s coming up that was six by then you have is we got back yeah by
the way the flicks bus you know if you want a flicks bus review the drivers oh
man he skipped the stop and he had to go back and they are they’re talking about
other drivers that have destroyed other buses that totally totaled him but
messed them up so yeah which box is that not as high-quality as mega bus or bolt
bus I saw it again but I slept off it all over the bus last night and so I had
it once I finally got back here to where I’m staying my air B&B and lovely uh
awful labrie I here in the Orthodox neighborhood I do what I usually do in
the morning I put on the tefillin and I wouldn’t sleep them and so I don’t wake
up till 1:00 in the afternoon and now I feel good I feel great I can I can
really don’t feel the fast and but I needed sleep you need you need to get
that sleep I really didn’t need to get a good a good night’s sleep or good after
and so then I turn on the computer finally and I see everyone’s going too
crazy about the video that that went out yesterday Saturday’s video is like
legendary all of a sudden but the funny thing is most people haven’t even
watched the whole thing you can tell that they only watch the clip that a
Matt Odell tweeted out or whatever whatever it everyone’s saying about it
people do I have any watch the whole darn thing so I you know what people
it’s always good to why I say this all the time you know read the full articles
watch the full videos just don’t watch the little clips because you get the
whole thing there so that that’s that’s a little bit of the moisture lifestyle
and its own that now the fast will come to an end eventually I got to do this
and I actually have to run a little bit more I haven’t got my 20 miles in yet so
that’ll be a little controversial that’s on you I gotta run like one mile
basically but I feel great and I love you know doing it over 72 hour fast
supposedly it resets your resets your immune system so everybody
has saw me yesterday it was it was over it was over 72 hours already yesterday
when people were hanging out with me and you can see the energy you can see the
energy level now babysit for those of you who say oh well there’s a pest make
you safer faster fast makes you awesome all right now um and I just you know
Andy Hawk Anna coughing wasn’t there obviously more Andy Hoffman bored vortex
trace tone these are all people in the Bitcoin space okay and you gotta say
this for dues that I just met they’re all different but I like them all and
that is being a big corner when you can just say you know what I’m gonna I bet
Andy her hopping in person he is a personal friend of mine okay with you
and then all these people reveal Andy hoping for whatever it’s the fun it’s so
negativity he’s my friend he’s my friend so just say what you’re gonna say
vortex is my friend I love seeing him in person ever he’s a great guy tres is we
regret I mean I mean we’re very friendly I mean where are we
I got a you know I know pretty well he’s a businessman he is the business what is
he trying to destroy victimize an evil villain or whatever yeah no he’s no
villain he’s not and people trying to say bad things about race Tracy’s given
me nothing but respect baby traces giving me nothing worth first thing I’m
in Tracy’s a true Bitcoin her trace can do whatever he wants to in this space I
can do whatever I want to in this place and coffee can do whatever he wants to
in this space Joan Bay’s to do with tone Bay’s doesn’t
like anything to do with all points okay do I agree with tone all but take note
Tony’s a great guy Tony’s a great guy hanging out seeing him yesterday he was
so busy yesterday thank you Tom days for putting on that
event okay so you know people love to live vicariously through these
characters India in the crypto world or whatever yo come on go your own way
people get your own Bitcoin do it your own way and that’s being a true Bitcoin
well you can stay this dudes my friend I’m hanging out with this dude this guy
and gets everything gets a note of you people just love the scapegoat and you
know if Trey says something controversial all of a sudden traces the
devil tresses he’s the devil I mean guess for what I mean for what
some people are saying out there it’s unbelievable dude if you know if you
don’t have one Bitcoin and you’re gonna trace not a lot of Bitcoin in and yeah I
don’t fully know what happened yesterday okay
I wasn’t handed any pieces of paper I know trace came on my show okay and
trace has a lot of Bitcoin is no about that so when he’s talking about
you know keeping things private and talked about he said the North Korean
thing yesterday by the way the person who asked that question did you start a
whole big thing didn’t you uh Roman q and we’ll talk we’ll talk about that
that yesterday but I’ve said this many times if you’re gonna be part of living
in the Bitcoin overlay is that and understand what bitcoin is freedom what
that really means is that you can be friends with whoever you want you can
say whatever you you don’t have to worry about being cancelled trace there
doesn’t worry about being cancelled if you want to cancel
go ahead trunk tray Katzman try to cancel me try to cancel American Hado
American models on the show or whatever and I understand Jockamo is uh it
appears he’s a little angry or he’s I love giacomo – I love giacomo – and I
think we’ll see what’s going on here it’s really interesting as all you have
known all along these these crypto dividends I said trace is always he
knows that you get these things for free and then you sell them and I have always
left it at that this is a great way to become a Bitcoin holder you get the
crypt of dividends for free and then you uh you sound for Bitcoin now you know
all of you know I have said many times that buying this stuff is insane and I
have said that the entity that is buying it is insane I don’t agree with that so
if that ends up being traced if trace ends up being the guy that bought up all
the MWC I don’t agree with that I do not agree with that I don’t think that is a
good idea he’s a but you know trace got a lot of
Bitcoin so he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do so the person with the attitude that
said it Rock ap is thinking the right way he’s got the positivity here is
trace the MWC whale buying everyone’s bad if yes thanks trace for the free
Bitcoin yes trace if you bought on everybody’s back
thank you thank you for doing that now there’s a little more to this
obviously if he was handing out things yesterday that we could talk about that
later I don’t know I woke up at 1:00 and afternoon today people what a lifestyle
that’s the Bitcoin overlays could go travel Vegas Los Angeles walk
up and wake up at 1:00 in the afternoon big I’m living it baby
I am living it and I’m gonna go running and you don’t feel nice to eat but uh
okay let’s see surfer Jim there there’s a guy I met yesterday hopefully you get
traced back on to on for his take yeah I mean that and that’s the best thing
let’s get the take from the horse’s mouth let’s see what he’s saying let’s
let’s see what you’re saying Roman juice is all I wanted though isn’t it worth
paying a bit more from an ATM Rominger you start this is the thing this is why
you guys should be in motion Romek you his little innocent question
Assunta has sparked tremendous controversy so that’s why I say be in
motion people if you just do instead of complaining and screaming and don’t do
something ask questions do things you never know what your little spark is
gonna start what what a world the butterfly effect right people the
butterfly thing you can make it huge difference in this world and that
question has made a huge difference in this world
oh man what an adventure to see big words News says a big word most refers
to positivity and the and in motion the big coin strong hand town that like what
dude Bitcoin to the moon is great yeah I met you in person too man and you’ve set
these shirts over time you give it out it comes back to you and thanks guys
that’s all the people who’ve given shirts albany i got this one from my
buddy up and up Philadelphia when he put out on the event in 2018 which was a
great event and you know thanks for her for clothing me all my fans out there I
love these shirts I’ve got even more shirts now I got new running shirts you
guys are awesome hey you guys are awesome I can see I’m not gonna read a
comment in there someone says hey uh someone has a light coin question it’s
just unbelievable that some people still don’t get the show I’m not gonna say
dude and here we go here’s a quote I don’t even got who said this okay
I’m sorry it’s great I’m sure a lot of people have said stuff like who said
this but I wrote this down before all this drama and all this stuff started
you can’t be angry and curious at the same time how about that people so for
all the people getting angry it stifles it stifles your curiosity it’s not it
stifles your progress so if you ever get angry you know get over it and then you
forget because curiosity brings so much into your life it brings learning into
your life it makes you a better person so you can’t be angry and curious at the
same time I wish I knew who said that yeah I wish I did that’s awesome one and
so yeah yesterday’s video American model showed his face for all you fancy sets
and graphics people who get off window oh I finally saw him show and then there
are all these people ripping on him and stuff he’s a big dude he’s like 6:1 you
wouldn’t say that to his face all you Twitter warriors out there I guarantee
it I guarantee it and he’s taking the good he’s got a good
perspective on it he’s joking around he’s a big guy he’s a big guy I mean
that’s that’s it ripping on oh you’re ugly or whatever
they’re saying he’s got a wife and a kid and I am he’s a great guy
he’s a great guy so I mean people talk big they try to bring people down give
him prey he’s showing his face you guys that are ripping off ripping on him on
Twitter show your face no but thing here for all you people you know I talk I
talk about the NW secret to dividend perk for some some some time and now if
obviously what would happen yesterday it’s pretty big news and there’s one
thing that you cannot deny your people you cannot deny it when I say you get
Bitcoin insider information here you do you do there’s no denying you all known
about this MWC thing for a while and now everybody knows about it and perhaps
trace their that he was buying it the whole time or something like that for
for all we know here and you guys knew about it for so long and so many of you
did the right thing and just know you know you get something for free
you turn it into Bitcoin okay and it’s a it’s a great so many people don’t know
about the crypt of dividend aspect of Bitcoin but you guys do and there’s no
denied and you get the insight you get to the first pictures of American huddle
if that’s really an insider information for you but but but going back to this
crypto dividend stuff it’s really insider information and now people it’s
this big controversy you know that trade you’ve known about
you see for a while you’ve known about this for so long on this show yeah since
last freaking year so that’s that’s a positive thing you guys can derive from
spending your time playing these shows at 2x and everything it is it’s more
than my sayings that I say it to begin the show it’s real that you you get the
insider information here and no fancy set of reference you’re not going to see
they’re not gonna you’re not gonna be entertained with guys saying right boy
to a million no you’re not gonna get that you’re gonna get real stuff all
right all right all right so let’s move on here and yeah I got over 1,600 videos
that disrupt meister comm if you have the time to watch the and learn from the
archives i can tell you that you will alright so we did really get bitcoin in
it so all you guys who really watch this for beyond bitcoin stuff a fast-forward
through that now you’re at the Russia trying to help Bernie oh what’s going on
it’s such a joke dude yeah I don’t like Bernie Sanders or anything like that
okay but to cover the government or someone says some aspect of the
government has found out that some Russian entities are doing something
where they like Bernie and maybe they’re buying more ads on Facebook it’s
ridiculous it’s not influencing people it
people are so Russia crazy I mean to Putin must be laughing his butt off it
he could do one little thing he triggers people inside the government and so so
the mainstream liberal government worker or whatever doesn’t like Bernie Sanders
they don’t like the president they like pretty stands I don’t know who they like
but if they got a chance to do Russia fun and and the mainstream media they
are gonna go with this Russia but I can’t believe anyone gets triggered by
this stuff anymore it’s such a joke who cares
go ahead Putin buy ads on Facebook make us richer but bring money into our
economy you’re not Russia is nothing how many
times you have to say this Russia is tough the Russians want to move to
Israel they moved the Israel pretend to be Jewish and move to Israel
what’s that they don’t even like Jewish people and they’re Russians trying to do
this I’ve talked about this on this show so many times but they must be getting a
kick out of this I mean they really must be getting a kick out of this show
Bernie Sanders briefed by US officials that Russia is trying to help his
presidential campaign then you see on Twitter filling Bernie new birdie knew
and he looks like a hypocrite too because he made he did you know say that
Russia was trying to help rushed and he’s like no if I become president
Russia will never be able to interfere again interfere would interfere they
done nothing they could buy ads on Facebook or something
who cares it’s just the election I think they should be able to buy I think they
should be able to do anything they won’t do in our election we tried we spent the
dices America spends billions interfering in every single election who
cares let people speak from their self
personal responsibility is new counterculture I don’t see how they can
get tricked by Russians yeah I like Trump now I’m that I’m no longer or a
communist I like Trump because Russia bought an ad paid mocked Mark Zuckerberg
two cents for an ad that I never saw and it’s so it’s so ridiculous these people
bought wasting their time worrying about Russia and just to close my god Russia
Russia here so weak we United States of America is the greatest country in the
history of mankind most powerful most wealthiest they can do nothing to change
anything here no well they could watch a new but they’re not gonna do that
okay they don’t what the world that they’re not that crazy they still had
those things but supposedly those are falling apart – it is wacky and wild but
it is kind of funny that that nothing’s this infighting for the people that were
calling Russia the Trump of Russian slave or whatever now they’re calling
Bert their own and it just get off it’s a waste of your times if you’re a
liberal if you’re conservative or whatever who and some people are just
using it as they think it’s such a team sport to them this Democrat versus
Republican thing that can just they know it’s fake and they’re just putting it
out there they’re saying it more and more and more but yeah there’s there’s
Twitter threads saying Bernie do I say he’s popping up look at it
it’s just pie it’s a waste of my time I shouldn’t even spend one second on it
but I just wanna I wanted to put it out it know you’ve always been a gob you
this dude don’t hide from it don’t tide don’t try to bring out your
Jewish roots to Baz you’re a self-hating Jew you’re the worst of the worst of the
self-hating Jews Bernie but hey do it I won’t keep it positive people do what
you’re doing their birdy it’s there’ll be riots in Milwaukee
probably that’ll be fun for the dudes in Milwaukee we’ll see we’ll see what
happens crypto angels said that so that that’s drama that’s a waste that’s soap
opera it’s is so proper guys thought they did and and we have drama in the
crypto space too and I was talking about this don’t waste your time on any drama
I just gave you a nice summary and my my thing on it crypto angels who was great
to hang out in Long Beach check him out on Twitter crypto angels test get check
him out on YouTube he says smash that like button he said
$2 in super chef Roman shoe said I never thought it was possible with Putin is a
better control than duty he doesn’t like I can tell you he doesn’t like my people
very much my religion he’s no fan of that stuff I’m pretty sure I’m not
scapegoating anyone in need no Fantana meister probably I have to say that but
it is funny what he’s doing here to make people paranoid my lord and he’s trying
not even him it’s probably like a bunch of eighteen year olds now in Russia that
are like hey man we stole some big we scam some Bitcoin from some people and
now we’re gonna buy some ads on Facebook and Twitter and just try to freak these
Americans out even more it really could be it really could be just a bunch of
kids in Russia or Ukraine or Eastern Europe that are just doing all these
buys it triggers something and some government bureaucrat is like oh look
just pour it your interference interference
let’s Attell let’s leak it to our media friends so they can hurt the people in
politics we don’t like like it’s so funny and that they’re people they’re
liberals in America and conservatives they are just spitting so smart people
who are like trying to analyze oh it’s horrible that brush
is interfering in their election dudes people don’t it’s an election it’s not
like it’s not like you’re having a kid or something like that
thought you’d produced a new human being it’s it’s funny you know yesterday was
the caucus and lost in in in Nevada only thing I saw were big Tom Steyer ads and
he wasted money gone and that’s great for him let the billionaire contribute
to the economy found that like fun and I really and I heard Bernie won I don’t
even know much about it yet don’t care okay
steel horse said being a pretty frugal guy do you buy expensive running shoes
yes and I have mentioned that before I do buy the best Asics but I I do much
research I buy them from Amazon or Ebay like the older models of the best ones
they’re people who I guess have access to shoe stores to the the display one is
that no one likes someone wanted tried on once or something and so they’re
brand new and you and this is a tip for people who
want to spend on shoes instead of going out to the mall or whatever and spending
a hundred and fifty $180 for these a six weights well get the older model that
was displayed somewhere already that doesn’t come in the box or you can buy
from China that’s kind of risky though so yeah I get mine for like 60 bucks and
stuff but I buy the best ones i I bought I buy the best for it sometime it just
depends sometimes it’s closer to $80 or nine dollars or whatever but you got it
you got to get the best shoes for your feet or if you damage your shoes that is
your feet then you could damage your legs and as you get older that’s that’s
bad that’s really bad you don’t wanna have bad legs so I buy the best running
shoes possible a six new Nimbus gel they’re called a six and Emmas gel if
you wanted to and that’s what I wear once they get old those become my
regular shoes so if you saw me yesterday that’s what I was wearing but those
aren’t the ones I run with anymore I’ve shown him before town that like button
okay so we’ve talking about Russia and Bernie I just think it’s a funny joke
now and you trumpet and brush side anybody in brusha brusha right okay we
spent a lot of time on that moving on okay this is from web Bev Mason it’s
getting dark outside now man this I’m really falling behind this this might
become a longer than nine five hours fast but hey this is
conviction I do a new show here every day and I had to get to be on one in so
the web Deb Mason says the Glee with which some people convulse when an
overhyped company flounders or fails not for fraud or mismanagement but because
it was trying something very hard fumble the launch or ran too long on a bad
assumption speaks volumes I agree there are so many people out there that sees
that see of course he’s a corporation that tried to do something and they
weren’t corrupt at all but they failed and then they’re like aha
you see down with that corporation and that’s what people have been wishing
upon test love but they haven’t gotten that so so I agree it speaks about
volumes of other people that they have to rip one OCO ha ha see they tried
something new they tried to innovate and they failed and ha they’re failures and
I’m not exactly dude keep it positive conservative economics this is a term
that is being used that year on Brooke talks about on the show that Senator
Josh Hawley of Missouri is is and and some other dudes are are putting out
there that Trump really has brought to the to the out to the people that people
have interpreted they’ve come up you know what what Trump has done he wants
interfering with economics as as a liberal almost would to help the people
to help the working class and Orrin Kass has a National Review article about at
the return of Kurt conservative economics and and now the Trump has a
let’s forget about the Trump part of it ok but because people have built on the
atmosphere that Trump has created to as conservatives they’re worried about
income inequality now and and I have said this from the show that is that’s
just a way to get people annually and to get people jealous so what if someone’s
making more money than you okay so what if someone’s a trillionaire and you’re
not you fix yourself you move to a better opportunity you find a better
Tunney but this conservative economics is about bringing up an income
inequality and saying that the government needs to make things more
fair for the working class and they have like a religious aspect to it of
immorality it’s the right thing to do it’s the right thing that people and
tucker carlson is talking about this you know people should have to leave their
towns if a town if the one business in the town goes out of business then we
should find a way to support the government should prop up that business
we with the government should bring new businesses should bring new
opportunities this is like Bernie Sanders
it sounds like Bernie Sanders it’s management of the government so the
conservative economics that Orrin cast is talking about the Josh Holly is
talking about that your rod rook is ripping on in this video
your rod work is absolutely right it’s it’s Bernie Sanders episode it’s
interview so you got to call it both ways if the conservatives are are doing
this income inequality thing then call it out and in same thing with the I
don’t believe I need anyone doing it all right
maybe I should turn the light on in here I don’t know what’s it what’s it look
like I hate I hate that light let me see something here what’s what’s what’s with
this what’s that oh god no oh God look at look at my look at me you see give
this white glare to my face that’s better yeah fancy city even Adams
getting in the fancy sense of graphics all right yeah pound out like the lot of
you Ben pound me keep on asking questions
ah yeah I do want to run soon but okay and eat soon in my cold shower every day
that I eat I do a cold shower Robert hardbacks in there he says sake me yeah
we were talking about the other death the other day Robert in person you go
there are a lot of good shoes it’s you know you’ve got a you got to figure it
out on your own once you figure out what you want what’s running shoe is for you
then you can order it online over and over again and save a lot of money so
conservative economics that’s a new trend that you’re going to hear about
I’m not down with it let don’t let government interfering bad
any level so a lot of you guys know that you’ve all know a Harare
he’s a controversial figure I do learn a lot I love that concept of you know he
people believe in certain stories I do not agree with him on his he’s kind of
got a down outlook sometimes i go kind of change is gonna ruin everything he
spoke and or a panel at davos who conspiratorial davos it’s linked to
below you could watch the whole thing now i didn’t like this video at all i’m
sharing it because uh the glenn whale glenn wheel guy is there and actually
vitalik deuteron likes glenn wheel and they have that movement the radical
markets movement which i’m against but the panel is so freaked out about
climate change okay that they they’re talking they just they’re obsessed with
labor unions and making sure that AI doesn’t get rid of labor unions and they
don’t realize that AI is gonna bring make work so much easier for people okay
and people can be paid in ways other than money too they’re gonna be able to
cut be compensate in so many ways you the working man has had to work so
physical physical labor picking them corn and cotton and everything now
you’re gonna be able because of AI we’re regular people gonna have to teach the
AI to so some people are going to be paid money just to sit at their house
all day and click on things i mean this is the golden age where you’re entering
but they’re worried about the Duggan’s and the working man won’t be able to get
jobs anymore they they want to use force to regulate AI to stifle innovation and
they don’t get this is such an exciting time they’re being party poopers uh i
get a lot of them are intertwined with unions and everything i get it you got
to look up for your friends i am ii do it you’re gonna do this where the big
boys play but they these people will be paid better then hard labor people okay
but they’re paranoid that no no they’re gonna be everyone’s gonna be taken
advantage of it because of AI that not gonna have the old labor union jobs
anymore so clearly it’s all it’s all going to be people being ripped off no
people are corporations are gonna wanna pay people from what they could do
okay Lenin let’s see how it happens I’m not not try to stifle it before it
happens but you’ve all know Harare I mean he’s not as extreme as some of
these people but watching yourselves just get the but it’s a very interesting
vibe that you get from this like why you guys we’re so darn worried we’re
entering a golden age I mean I don’t think I guess their jobs the penalty you
mean unions are something and some one of them’s a bureaucrat from from
Brussels from and it’s they just don’t get me they their whole life is about
government interference and when they see something so revolutionary that’s
what they think they got to do let’s get a government you know you can still have
your unions in the time of AI okay go ahead try to unionize but they want the
government the forced union okay so uh I am loving it geez I am loving this AI
yeah even from this knit from this panel which is a bunch of paranoid people I
just started thinking myself now yeah just people that aren’t that intelligent
are gonna be able to sit in these cushy jobs at their houses is just click on
things that teach the AI that’s great maybe it’ll open the door for people you
know Jordan Pederson says people under 85 an IQ can’t even work real jobs but
maybe this may I see it that maybe this AI economy they’ll be able to do some
things to teach the AI okay maybe I got a I got a positive outlook the more
technology has come to this world the better lives that we’ve had so I think
it can improve for for all levels of people Romer Treece says did you and to
watch it yourself guys it’s very interesting no super Davos it’s all out
there I mean I’m not hiding anything did you have an interesting beyond
Bitcoin conversation at uncomplicated Bowl I mean I talked to some people
about a lot of different things at unconscious cable this is beyond Bitcoin
we’re this is the beyond Bitcoin conversation but I talk to people about
other subject matters other other than big coin there were people try asking me
about winning obviously you know uh you know what you should get you usually get
married they see theirs additional people and someone brought
that up to be some no no I said I said again you know I went ahead love to have
a son one day but I I don’t wanna have a wife I’ve had plenty of women in the day
and everything like that and I said in this golden age we’re gonna enter maybe
I will be able and I said I’m in no rush I said I could be like Anna Nicole
Smith’s husband he was 90 when he bought her and so I don’t know rush uh-huh to
do it and everything and the guy the the guy said yeah I think I’ve heard you
mentioned on the show before Adamson all right what was the male-female ratio and
I’m confiscating all says rocky well if you watch yesterday’s show I actually
said I think I said that it was higher than usual might have been 10% women
instead of 5% women and then we’re super there was that you know you know who was
there we’re in three different outfits going from one outfit to another that
the hostess of the guy I mean I don’t really know her at all tones friend um I
don’t I don’t know her at all I she’s a pretty woman and she was there and she
was in three different outfits had to switch outfits three times I
guess you know how did so and there were some thirsty guys there definitely some
thirsty of course but there were some great women there too and there were
there were a lot of great women there you just speaking of women to at a great
women Joanne can’t do I met at on on Thursday I said I was gonna meet I was
gonna miss her on Sunday but I’m really gonna miss her on Monday but she’s in
motion she owns Salt girl clothing calm what an interesting person
she she’s Jones alcohol Jones Act Joanne at the Jones Act I think some of you
know it complicates imports into it complicates getting materials into
Hawaii okay and Alaska and so she goes on a boat
she’s one of the few women on a boat a huge vote that brings shipping
containers full of everything you can imagine from California to Hawaii okay
and if there was no Jones Act this would not exist so and so all on her journey
before she goes on a journey she’d get downloads a bunch of my videos and she
she watches them she’s she’s only been in the Bitcoin since October but she’s
into it and so I said you know I’ll give you a plug because you want to
incorporate Bitcoin into your into your business so it’s it’s linked to below
I’ll bring her up again but what a interesting you meet so many interesting
people a woman who is on one of these huge shipping could take says I I said
what’s the percentage of woman women bit very few very few lower than Bitcoin
it’s lower than Bitcoin but good for her she gets to go back from California to
Hawaii like often it’s a very good route apparently all the dudes on these the
big shipping ships that they want to be on that routes it’s fun I mean you can
imagine California that’s a Honolulu let’s the left lots of good suits
scenery there and I’m glad she’s learning about Bitcoin on the way over
and I said I’d give her a plug she’s in motion pound that like button what but
but but again you don’t need beautiful women to make a conference great okay
you don’t need that it was it was a great time on Saturday it was a great
time on Saturday and of course at the bar afterwards right the bartender says
in Las Vegas that they look they’ll dress like strippers I assume they are
all strippers it might as well be a strip joint that the amount of nudity is
being show and this was a it was a fun it was called the inert it’s not a strip
joint it was a something you know it’s a place where people hang but my lord my
lord were those were those women dressed like strippers okay you know the only 80
percenters here that by the altcoins because the strippers telling true they
would love they were to love the scenes at the UH at the was the scam ease
yesterday at the nerd they love that stuff
okay don’t value drop in Bitcoin not women Val your what the Bitcoin alright
we’ve talked about I think spot real quick you heard me I got invited a think
spot it’s not too cool right now it’s just like a blog and James alter is on
it and he like uses his like old material so if everyone is gonna bring
their old material that you can get other places and it’s not an exclusive
spot then why would anyone want a go to things but now I think some people are
creating original material with it but I’m just giving you my review real quick
and I gave it the other day also when I was you know I was talking about how
Jane Oh lecture basically admitted that all
the video he knew all those videos he was making about cryptocurrency were
annoying and then if he became the press when people started hating him but I
mean this is where the big boys play I mean he when you when you’re making
yourself admitting that you’re making yourself look like a scammer just to get
attention and that’s what he admitted I mean you get what you’re paid for there
dude but so he’s on think spot I don’t know Jordan Peterson’s obviously
been sick lately so you know he’s gonna has a drug addiction problem and he’s
trying to get off of so maybe think Scott’s not being maintained very well
it’s still in beta so some of others of you it’s not that great right now we’ll
see how it progresses but like people want to reviews of it there’s a review
okay I talked about the 95 hour fast I talked about Joanne Mayer and soft girl
Chloe I do what I mentioned it’s putting this out there there could be more
YouTube issues for bitcoiners you know getting random strikes here and there
the algorithm there’s some stuff going on I can tell so don’t be they’ll go
crazy they’re not picking only the bitcoiners there’s just the algorithm is
on the loose again it’s picking up certain words of certain people this is
what you get on YouTube this is what you get with algorithms this is why they
gotta be trained better by people in the future in the Golden Age okay there’s a
there’s a positive take on it so should Bloomberg exist that was something that
I heard someone legitimately asked him at any debate should should he exist
that’s pretty sickening I mean you might not like him but should he be destroyed
because he’s a billionaire I mean billionaires are people too okay
and here’s here’s a related article related and so if Bitcoin Bloomberg
shouldn’t exist because he’s rich well then what is really rich and she are you
rich and then should you not exist because you’re rich so let’s get into
this right now this is this is from Erik Voorhees
nearly everyone in the US that rails against the 1% and wants to tax the F
out of them doesn’t realize that themselves are actually the 1% why
shouldn’t government take 50% of their $32,000 salary and redistribute it to
those who truly need it all right so what’s he referring to if you make over
$32,000 you’re a part of the world 1% in terms of salary okay I know that
might be shocking but it’s it’s true now he was quoting Michael Novogratz who
actually got it a little wrong Michael novigrad said the average the average
income of the global 1% is $32,000 a year think about that that’s wrong III
thought that sound a little weird so I did more research and I found the tweet
and a link about it he says this guy says you’re misquoting investopedia
$32,000 is the lower bound of the 1% not average okay and that is a big
difference which could easily be 10 X to 100x that we did the average could be
easily a 10x 100x that yes so don’t care about the average care about that if you
the lower bound of the 1% of the world is 32% if you make over 32% your salary
is one of the 1% highest in the world okay but it gets real high eventually in
that 1% another lower bound for the 1% is a $770,000 net worth for the world
again that’s wealth if you have over seven hundred seventy thousand dollars
in wealth if you got a nice big house in a nice in the United States basically
you are one of the 1% of the rich of the world so it’s all that in mind and some
of those people are of supporters of you know cancelling Bloomberg and all these
tax schemes should should should should we should show yeah obviously I’m one of
them I mean most people you know in America are 1% either in salary or
holdings in terms of wealth holdings in terms compared to people in the world
should we exist should we exist should we should
everything be taken away should we be taxed at 50% so my money can be
redistributed somebody in Somalia does that sound good
put that’s a perspective you should take on this I want to go back to your on
Brooke real quick if you wash around books
he brings it back he’s you could simply distill him to this be proud of success
and in America everyone that was the vibe of America once that everyone
strive to be great and if you achieve success you were proud of it now we’ve
got so many people out there with these negative attitudes saying you should be
canceled if you’re successful you shouldn’t exist
you should be guilty for being successful and productive at you should
being victim hey man person respond see is a new counterculture learn positivity
okay learn how it was in the old days take personal responsibility and be
proud again and be productive and be in motion again don’t fall into this
traffic is that’s mainstream culture now it is isn’t it used to be where you’re
on Brooke talks about being press it just stuff that you’re on but he gets
vilified for the stuff that he says that yeah people should try to make a lot of
money what is wrong with trying to make a lot of money what’s wrong with that
what’s wrong with being successful it’s a way of measuring your success okay Los
Angeles days you know when I wake up early in the morning so many days in LA
you’re like why is it it’s kind of gray out there it’s 10:00 is 6:30 in the
morning 7 the mornings great I’m worried it’s gonna rain and then you get back
from synagogue and you start to prepare for your run and still it’s it’s 7 is 8
o’clock and it’s still a little dark and it’s gonna be cold today maybe it was
this gloomy don’t fall for it people put on that short-sleeved shirt okay
put on those sunglasses it gets sunny that gloom gets you then all of a sudden
you’re running 9:30 in the afternoon the Sun is in the morning it’s pounded down
it’s like it’s beautiful it’s LA don’t fall for it this is sunny Southern
California sure once in a while I might rain but most mornings it kind of starts
out gloomy in the winter and the winter quote-unquote and then BAM it’s sunny
you’re happy you’re glad you’re not wearing long sleeves because your sweat
with the long stick with the short sleeves on that’s a little tip for you
and a little bit of what I see in the morning my mornings here something that
you got to get used to is it does start off a little gloomy sometimes and you
might even be wet from the evening before some do don’t don’t think it’s
gonna rain it’s not gonna write it’s gonna be your sunny
real soon dudes which is very positive keeps you itching a good attitude all
right okay I’m gonna have to skip this we’ll talk about children being stuck in
government schools next time that’s linked to below though and now we’re
gonna go back to our in Hoffman or in Hoffman I’ve got all these complicated
named people I talk about but I hope you really read their stuff summation net is
his blog I mentioned before another good story there
why specific positive feedback is so important so this he gets into like the
the traditional office world here with this if you’re a manager this will
probably help you or if you’re a worker but what I take away from this is this
quote I really like this positivity is a super power there is something special
about positivity it’s the fuel that allows a small group of people to
believe they can create something new and change the world as they do it
positivity is inherent in the yes and mentality that motivates others to keep
getting better it’s a super paddle power positive feedback is so important
because it captures this power and combines it with tangible feedback to
help employees and the company as a whole grow use it often okay so they
gave a little company trip tip out there but hey keep it on the pot I really like
that I I do I do really like that and so read the article positivity is a super
power and that’s what we’re talking about the beginning of the show so I’m
learning that more and more every day you learn you learn something every day
try to learn something every day at least maybe and some of you are like wow
that’s so basic isn’t it no I don’t think it is that basic most people skip
that they get they become negative Nellie’s and scapegoat ores and
everything that’s that’s the default it says it for now you gotta work for
positivity I think you got to work for it a little bit I guess it’s easy just
to give up it’s easier to give up than the beam and in motion okay and I want
to give just a little insight in my system here when I me now
Isis these guys need a a 10th guy for the minion a lot I’m getting up early or
6:30 and I love the game end this on the show before you are much more productive
when you get up early okay you do you can do a lot more in the morning
and so the synagogue stuff in the morning being the tenth guy in the
minion that’s a real good trick it helps them up and it helps me out because I’m
up I’m back here before 8:00 a.m. I’m ready to run ready to check the internet
and be back on East Coast time because west coast were behind and that’s just
kind of a little bit of a disadvantage in many ways and I’ll be I’ve been able
to do earlier shows here which I think a lot of you appreciate instead of me
doing them in the middle of the night in mountain time so there’s a little tip
that that’s part of my schedule here on the west coast and I I really help I
hope I can implement it in other places I’ve sort of done it but it’s the it’s
the helping up the guys at the synagogue is is the spark that that gets me going
that that’s the thing that is that is altered this system here a little bit
and I really do wish that my system could be like get up at 6:30 in the
morning every day it’s art it’s it’s not hard but it does it has made me more
productive and I’m having fun so that’s that’s that’s me that’s my little tip of
the day get up at 6:30 morning rock egg says I’m a truck driver with 1.3 billion
Satoshi’s I am I a 1% oh yeah you probably are I can’t do the math in my
head nothing wrong with be my presenter dude tell that like button our schools
teaching personal responsibility yet no no they’re not I think it’s getting
worse and worse and we’ll talk about the schools in the next show because I’ve
run out of time all right it is dawn it’s dark in here
I’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe
the channel lets you show sir you check out the links below pound out like and
bang that Bell button I’ll say how do you guys real quick and chat before I
get out of here check out I definitely check out disrupt
meister comm and tech balls to see all this wildness that’s been going on
lately see ya

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