The Bitcoin challenge! Bcash paralysis plan? Bgold as catastrophic insurance? Ethereum CAHF

The Bitcoin challenge! Bcash paralysis plan? Bgold as catastrophic insurance? Ethereum CAHF

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to today in bitcoin today is
October the 7th 2017 golden hold strong
hand long term thinking alright everyone
I wanted to thank thank a see you
yesterday or the other day he sent a $2
super chat so we’ve had some technical
difficulties today I’ll get into that a
second also I’ll be on vortexes show on
Sunday at noon pacific time that is 3
p.m. on the east coast so in in new york
so noon in los angeles time the bitcoin
challenge what is this a bitcoin
challenge all about we’re going to get
into that in a second that wasn’t the
title i just wanted to get you
interested and i rang i I read the wrong
line there all right BitFenix has
announced we have elected to designate
the segment to X fork as B 2 X 4 now the
incumbent implementation based on the
existing Bitcoin consensus protocol will
continue to trade at BTC even if B 2 X
chain has more hashing power ok that’s
good there’s only one Bitcoin they don’t
think bitcoin is going to be Bitcoin
isn’t Bitcoin will never be Bitcoin no
matter what the hashing power isn’t all
this but they do go on to say they’re
going to be careful and your coin base
also made an announcement so that we
might have some paralysis
where people are scared to use their
Bitcoin and I feel like and again for me
I’m just a holder so I’m not you know
I’ll take my time about it and I think
most people will take their time and
just see you know they don’t want they
don’t want to be affected by any weird
replay lack of replay protection and all
they’re just gonna be a lot of fun in
the air and you know it’ll it’ll create
a certain level of paralysis how slow
everything will become how little will
be sent oh you know we shall see but
what I think might happen here and
something we have to consider is that
the B cache people B cache is not going
to be affected by this at all
there’s no if there’s replay protection
with this it doesn’t affect be cache at
always be caches its own altcoin and it
wouldn’t shock me if they start
marketing it up then like hey worried
about replay protection just use B cache
and then the big cash price and we’re
the real Bitcoin look at these two coins
bickering amongst each other we’re the
real Bitcoin maybe hey man made maybe
that’s a plan out there you gotta keep
that in mind here B cash is still around
B cash can still cause trouble maybe biz
Quine is just a way for B cash to create
this trouble I don’t know some of the
same players are behind B cash that are
talking about this it’s something to
think about again in the long run it
doesn’t matter there’s only one Bitcoin
it’ll be fine
December will come everything will work
out but we’re gonna there’s gonna be
some turbulence here and if you if you
just pay way too much attention to this
stuff there’s gonna even be more
turbulence so I wanted to throw out some
theories out there to kind of calm you
down so you have a strong hand you don’t
sell all your sell your Bitcoin for biz
corn or be cash or whatever but there
could be a be cash pump there very well
could be a be cash pump um I’m starting
to think here and whatever just hang off
your Bitcoin and and and not that be
gold is trying to cause any trouble but
this paralysis could be good for B gold
also if B gold will be in existence by
then it won’t be affected by this lack
of replay protection by biscone and by
the way I think if Bitcoin if any
exchange wants to be legitimate I mean
they’re not gonna want to
they’re not gonna want to carry some
coin that has no replay protection
that’s just a troublemaker coin I mean
if you should boycott that exchange if
they’re just saying yeah we don’t care
about the lack of replay protection and
I think coinbase is almost saying that
now we’ll get to that in a second but
speaking of be gold
here is an interesting tweak that’s out
there and I’m not this is like the
checkmate tweet here against all these
biscone people if they get their evil
dream if it were ever to come true and
again I’m not saying this is going to
happen but the tweet is linked to below
what if Bitcoin gold is a stealth
proof-of-work chains change the GPU
infrastructure grows and in 18 months
time core switches to GPU mining hmm
that’s a very interesting theory
definitely a longshot theory and as I
said in the title it’s like it’s
catastrophic insurance for Bitcoin it be
gold is like the ultimate catastrophic
insurance just in case all the miners
switched over to 2 2 X but that’s not
it’s a Bitcoin but that’s not happening
but it was a it’s an interesting tweet
and hey man there’s always catastrophic
insurance unless you live in the United
States where they made catastrophic
insurance illegal with Obamacare and I
can’t buy catastrophic insurance that I
used it was used to be my main insurance
my main health insurance wow thanks
government hey man but I’m not we don’t
blame here I have insurance I just make
more money than I used to now and my
insurance takes up less of my the money
that I brought in I used to bring in so
hey you work harder are you thinking new
ideas pal Matt like button people all
right I so technical difficulties
tonight I couldn’t get this show off
live it’s taped I’m gonna upload this
hopefully it’ll upload fast but I want
to thank Ansel and Andy for the great
job they did with this week in Bitcoin
it was only 13 minutes because of the
technical difficulties that I’ve been
experiencing with YouTube or maybe it’s
because of Spain we’ll get into that I
just wanted to thank them straight up
for doing a good show and doing it
without me it was it was really strange
they could do it I could not get on my
own show so the internet is still not
perfect in this day and age in a modern
country like Spain or maybe it’s YouTube
isn’t perfect in a modern country like
Spain I don’t know what the exact
problem is here but to put it in
perspective it makes you wonder you know
Bitcoin adoption is gonna be faster than
Internet adoption you know in ten years
bitcoin is not going to be perfect in
every country still still just like the
internet we don’t get all our wishes
with the internet still although I mean
we’re talking about videos here I mean
video we take videos for granted we
really do take videos for granted so
video Internet adoption video internet
perfection is not here in Spain yet the
United States I got a hand with the
United States we we definitely have the
best internet connection connections of
any place I’ve been to all over the
world you know in terms of consistency
and le’s I never had such weird things
happen and again maybe it’s just YouTube
I don’t know we’re gonna stop talking
about that now though but hey check out
this week in Bitcoin the 13 minute show
that Andy and Ansel did what are we okay
so here’s a tweet out here a guy named
Luis who is a fan of the show he
straight up we asked Kiki if they were
going to support be gold and keep he
said they might now I don’t want anybody
to go buy a keep key because the
shape-shift owns Cape keen keep you now
but some of you already have keep keys
so maybe they’ll make the big old thing
easy for you that would be nice Gabriel
and Venezuela sent me an update I’m
telling you big hype in altcoins in
Venezuela not only Bitcoin now bitcoin
is way too expensive
interesting interesting so they they get
that thing down there where they don’t
know that you
you can get like 0.1 Bitcoin but again
hey cool I’m glad anyway then any of his
way the people Venezuela can be helped
out through cryptocurrency I’m cool with
hey people remember to pound this light
the like button subscribe to this
channel and check out the links below it
is really late at night here it is 2
a.m. in the morning I’m making the show
but I’m making sure I can get it out for
all you East Coast people at at a
reasonable time and I loved I love doing
these shows and it’s really unfortunate
that uh you know this place that I’m
staying at is behind me it is beautiful
I went and running today and the rain
and I went running but it is just a
lovely place this Airbnb that I have
linked to in previous videos I didn’t
link to it below in this video because I
didn’t have space really crowded down
there but this is like a beautiful place
but hey man the internet is not perfect
and everywhere you can internet is great
I mean for videos it’s not perfect I
mean I’ve been having I can watch videos
I’ve had a great time emailing and
everything else but hey if you’re a
youtube video maker you might not want
to come to this part of Spain but if
you’re not come to this Airbnb come to
el beer it is beautiful here I mean this
was great and Chris is a great host
man he’s he’s got his house outside he’s
got his pool I got everything it is just
beautiful this cottage I’m in here I’d
call it ok back to the show
so yesterday Oh Andy Hoffman’s got a new
post out there and I everyone should
travel around the world it is it’s I
mean I’m living it’s a good it’s fun
it’s fun you can do it people you can do
it become your own boss get in the big I
did it man I I got a lot of Bitcoin it’s
it’s my savings accounts awesome I
practice what I preach to say the least
to say the least so you check out Andy
Hawkins latest at his crypto gold
central com I link to it below you can
you know subscribe he’s got a seven day
free trial down there but he has an
interesting take on bit core he got his
big core crypto dividend he explained
how he did it
and if
you guys actually get your big core
crypto dividend you can spend it on
Andy’s uh beast as being a subscriber to
his blog yesterday when I talked about
who’s human Bitcoin and I urge everyone
to watch that video because I it was it
was like an hour video and of just
coming from the top of my head I would
read a name and describe what that
person meant to me in the Bitcoin social
media and why they were important and
why I you know associate with them I
forgot to mention Levi who I was on his
show the other day and he’s
cryptocurrency edutainment and he’s
pretty funny dude then he he’s got an
interesting take and I like him and he’s
he’s working hard over there and he is
in he’s in the Netherlands all right so
the the mysterious people who I think
are Chinese but behind the etherium
community activated hard for coin they
sent out a tweet that says get some
popcorn and watch crypto currencies
dividing and it says pound
etherium CA hf alright so I asked them
if they could give us an update but it’s
very interesting because the Byzantium
Fork of aetherium is coming up on
October 16th so these guys originally
said they would create their version of
aetherium right before then so is there
going to be an aetherium 3 are we going
to find out right before in the next 7
or 8 days we shall see so it was very
interesting that they sent the tweet out
you can you can check that out below
alright so that people will talk about
how to do by is going to have their own
cryptocurrency and you’re gonna be able
to buy this cryptocurrency and it’s a
centralized cryptocurrency people I mean
the United States could do it I mean
babies brought this point up but I mean
I don’t think I brought this up many
times also that people don’t seem to
care in this world anymore about
centralized cryptocurrencies they they
get into all sorts of things I mean this
wasn’t about it was it was getting away
from the Fiat model that’s what I
thought it was about but you know
there’s all sorts of newbies that are
part of the 80% that just buy anything
that’s hot so they’re gonna buy their
well country if this actually happens
Wow a rich country has its own coin I
better I better get it
well basically at that point you will be
supporting the government of Dubai so
it’s not like you’re supporting some
mysterious centralized the
cryptocurrency maker out there you know
a lot of people say you know X
cryptocurrency is centralized I’m not
going to get into any accusations here
but you will be supporting a government
the government of Dubai and I I’ve not
been to Dubai before I am never going to
Dubai actually and but they say here’s a
link to what degree has Dubai been built
by slave labor you can make up your own
mind when you check out that link the
person lives there he describes visiting
a workers camp there so you can if
they’re indentured servants whatever you
would do they have a better life as
indentured servants without their
passports there than they do in India or
Pakistan you know anyway you can make up
your own mind if you want to support
that uh cryptocurrency and that uh who’s
behind it so uh spent yeah all right we
talked about the Spain internet the biz
coin has a countdown site now and again
people they’re counting down to November
19th the 2x Bitcoin people so I mean
people people do ask like oh when is
this going to happen
November 19th looks like you can check
out their site below and just follow the
countdown clock and you won’t have to
ask me any questions about that or ask
anyone any questions about that
I think the be gold people should have a
countdown clock also that would be very
helpful I’m not a fan of icos but I
disagree with the following tone of a
tweet that he sent out the solution to
stopping the government from printing
money is not to have everyone in this
room print money actually I think it’s
awesome that anyone can
make their own cryptocurrency and I
think it is very threatening to the
status quo of money if again I’m not
saying everyone do their own ICO but if
you want to do these uh friendly Forks
if you want to make your own altcoin go
ahead man go ahead I think that’s
awesome I think it’s all for me
bitcoin is the you know that is the
standard that is the world reserve
cryptocurrency so no matter how many
other cryptocurrencies you make it’s not
going to hurt Bitcoin it is going to
shake up the status quo too because the
more creative people get with that this
the more people going to find out about
cryptocurrencies so no I don’t agree
with that the solution is stopping the
government from printing my it is going
to eventually I mean it’s going to
change the status quo as money as we
know it so go ahead people make your own
cryptocurrencies anyway you can all
right so we’re yeah and yes so coinbase
also made an announcement i link to that
they’re a little bit more friendly
toward this b2x they I think they’re
willing to call it Bitcoin eventually
anyway they’re a signer of that
agreement so you know Russell Spears is
a guy who comments on my videos he
mentioned how Bitcoin is evolving it’s
an evolution with these crypto dividends
I totally agree and I know a lot of
people are they have a hard time with
friendly Forks like grasping the concept
it’s you know we we can’t predict how
all this is going to evolve and just you
know go with the flow people I mean not
everyone could have predicted this it’s
very ancient a find the whole evolution
of cryptocurrencies to be fascinating
and again I think there’s a lot of
people who are confused like people are
going to be doing friendly Forks they’re
not trying to threaten Bitcoin in any
way or dilute it in any way it’s a
unique way of distributing an altcoin
and it just supports the fact that
bitcoin is the root Bitcoin is the store
of value
so maybe some of these people who are
just like footing on the friendly Forks
and stuff they just don’t like Bitcoin
maybe that’s the only thing that makes
sense to me
so Russell Spears thank you for your
comments you’re a good McDowell dude
Bitcoin magazine the great Aaron Van
weird um has an article 2x or not – 2x
that’s linked to below you know we do
clearly see what a contentious pork is
all about now that their turn you know
they’re obviously trying to do a
contentious hard fork but if I mean it
would be really a problem if people were
saying yeah they’re right that is the
real Bitcoin but no one’s saying that so
that they’re threatening it but so that
that’s an unfriendly for people what
would the Bitcoin is the example of an
unfriendly fork that hasn’t gotten to
the point of where it’s actually where
it could really destroy Bitcoin so again
the no replay protection is just an
that’s that’s really the drawl that’s
the separation line between friendly and
unfriendly but I mean these people are
like getting really threatening with it
it’s an attack I mean they’re claiming
the name again again these friendly
Forks don’t try to claim the Bitcoin
name alright Andreas Antonopoulos has a
great article about you know big a great
video Bitcoin already has governance
people were trying to come up with all
these governance things it’s a good
video watch it is short all right the
Bitcoin challenge is spreading fast
every day more and more people are
writing Bitcoin is better on currency
bills pound Bitcoin challenge alright
dudes so pound that like button first of
all but it’s awesome people are just
writing Bitcoin is better on all sorts
of currency tails now the funny thing is
Bitcoin is better you should still spend
your fiat though hold your Bitcoin spend
your Fiat but that’s cool it’s a good
way of marketing Bitcoin because
everyone gets it’ll make them think
it’ll give they’ll be in the money
mindset and they’ll be like wait a sec
what is this new money here this crypto
money or them all right by the way check
out the links below you can get
cryptography these shirts that are like
and also crypto HW wallet comm use my
affiliate link all that good stuff and
again speaking of my run today
Europeans elite they know how to
vacation man I mean they’re there no
Americans here at all I don’t think a
lot of Europeans are they’re not as good
they’re not as good as money with money
on a certain level as Americans I mean
they know how to they know how to have
fun though that and the you know
Americans are very superficial and
Europeans here I gotta say you know
these the beach is beautiful it’s just
beautiful scenery but the hotels from
the outside they’re not that modern
looking in America like we try to keep
everything super super modern looking
it’s just a constant flow of money I
guess that’s the difference of trying to
talk about it just it doesn’t seem like
that Europeans are trying to at least
certain ones are trying to have a
constant flow certain Europeans are
better with money I think the Northern
Europeans are definitely better with
their money than the southern Europeans
there’s a different different work ethic
up there and they’re all coming down
here to vacation it’s uh it’s
interesting okay Europeans there’s my
the Americans comment on on you guys
I’ve been I’ve been looking analyzing
you guys but you guys definitely know
how to vacation you know how to live I
don’t I don’t think Americans are as
creative about their vacations they’re a
little bit more superficial about about
the looks of the buildings they stay in
and constantly wasting money on updating
things because you don’t need to
necessarily update how your building
looks on the inside outside as long as
it’s clean and it works on the inside
and you’ve got beautiful scenery on the
outside and al beer
Altea or wherever I you know there’s
there’s a few cities in a row I ran into
the next city it’s a it’s cook Costa
Blanca here and it is beautiful and in
this part of Spain alright i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember subscribe this channel
like this video share this video do
check out in those section below i will
talk to you later bye

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  1. Lol, not btc or crypto news, but the US is the wealthiest country in the world in GDP, but of the 25 most industrialized countries we are now ranked last behind Australia as they just updated their minimums, while we are dialing ours back to it's slowest speed and coverage (cell phone coverage is currently counting as high speed wired connectivity). Price to performance we are dead last.

  2. Thanks for the videos Adam. I think following your channel would be easier if you kept your daily videos to under 5 minutes. Just short and to the point updates on main news and your views on it.

  3. I have a technical question. Bitcoin and Bcash have different QR codes for the same address. How are coins sent wthout getting mixed up between Bitcoin and Bcash addresses?

  4. Thank you Adam, great video. Bitcoin is the only decentralized coin, all other coins are Altcoins and most of them are scams.

  5. Thanks for your videos. But Dubai has workers, which are being paid. I agree, the conditions must be better for these workers.

    But you are from America, which is build by slaves, Spain also, whole Europe in fact. So, the history of Europe and the west ‘civilized’ people is way more violent then Dubai.

  6. Adam, You struck a chord with me on your commentary regarding the exterior of the buildings there. I seem to remember you are a real estate investor. I’m a builder and real estate investor. I work hard to try to encourage “timeless over trendy”. Many times people in the US want the latest trends and they forsake timeless architecture. I’ve been around this long enough to see trends come, go, and come back. I might make my motto “timeless over trendy”, similar to your “long term thinking, gold and hold, pound that like button!!”

  7. This is not good. The Bitcoin blockchain is under attack. The Bitcoin generator hackers will find more loopholes in this foolish forkings. I wonder who's funding all this..if it is the central banking cartels, Bitcoin integrity is in grave danger. Divided you fall.

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