The Bitcoin crypto-dividend ecosystem! Jimmy Song, The 1% allocation standard, Hong Kong, MWC, Q&A!

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Golden Age of the 2020s having hype bitcoin is the next bitcoin don’t follow
on Earth’s value your wealth in Bitcoin I am offended by selling one big point
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of them oh you know you probably know if you’re if you’re into this space you
know them alright so let’s get into the show Oh Romney on Twitter at Tech ball
tch be alt now but yeah tomorrow I’ll be back around the same exact time Toya at
2:00 p.m. tomorrow Baltimore time may be fun times so the
one percent allocation standard I just came up with that terminology found out
like one has there ever been a better bet for your portfolio than to put 1% of
it in the Bitcoin we because you know traditional Main Street
people they think it’s a bet they think it’s a risk and here is it should be
this freaking standard though okay at least for all you if the whole world did
this the whole world has the opportunity to have 1% of their wealth in Bitcoin
okay if they wanted to you I I have much more obviously many people watching this
have much much much more so let’s go over this tweet though this is a tweet
from a very smart man Hamas what’s a quote from Thomas and he
says everyone should have 1% of their assets in Bitcoin specifically when you
see the amount of leverage the financial industry is running there is a lot of
risk to the downside now an average individual citizen of every country in
the world has an uncorrelated hedge okay so yeah I never has there ever been a
better one percent allocation bet seriously seriously okay you UK bitcoin
masters had pounded thank you he typed in Bitcoin I saw his show earlier check
it out he did a live show earlier awesome okay so let’s get into some of
the news of the week just to clear up a few things was it there some people
you’re going back to the trace mayor situation oh boy they’re like oh
honestly he claimed all those coins and then there’s some people saying oh wait
a second he didn’t claim the coins and the second group of people are correct I
linked to below and I knew this I mean I remembered this but I found it myself
from Twitter because Twitter is a great arc twitter is right now from July the
19th 2019 this is from trace fair okay July 19th 2019 Forks and airdrops
are great monetary incentives to become a competent with true fifties today I
woke up early felt great workout also breakfast finished reading and then
learn learned I missed free money extremely annoyed this is the first I
heard of MWC and he says prefer he prefers Forks
so there you go he missed it he missed there that was the first T it heard of
it right then that’s it no grand conspiracy or anything like that
he didn’t get it and a lot of people remember that now I so just you can
check it out yourselves it’s it’s there so maybe that’ll calm down in some of
the room there’s all these rumors out there people don’t take time to do their
own research do your own research pound that like button so I get a little
research here I love the cheap things positive obviously there are people out
there that use light like to use the word shilling and you know that he was
showing this it’s a scam he was shilling a scam blah blah blah and these words
are so overused I have pointed it out before that they lose all meaning they
totally lose on me so I just say the people who like to use these words you
know be very careful so Jimmy’s people informed me to jimmy song who I I
respect a great deal he’s a great guy he was on tone bayes’s show yesterday and
they were – they talk about MWC up for quite some time you know what you’re
gonna hear their tone is gonna call everything a scam etc it’s I mean that’s
his that’s his shtick he over uses the word scam just way too much and I
covered that before and I like tone is great but that’s what you get over there
you know what you’re gonna get over there but something that came up I’m not
my name got brought up actually and Jimmy said I was shilling MWC now I just
what I knew he’s very busy person he probably does not watch my channel at
all anyone who has watched my channel I mean it was clear this Jimmy is a very
smart man so clearly if he saw one second of when I talked about MWC he
would understand that you know when a person says hey this is how you claim a
free airdrop don’t buy it don’t buy it don’t buy what you get the Freak eat
understand that he was definitely under so I understand that he’s frustrated you
know he’s not a big all coin fan or anything like that he’s disappointed
heat race because Trace handed out a flyer to someone and and and whatever
else he think was if Sony rumors going around and he’s picking up on these
rumors but he’s not doing his own research he
wouldn’t say Oh Adam Meister was shilling MWC if he had watch the channel
he didn’t do but what I’m here to point out that no I mean if he’s watching he’s
from maybe he’s watching this now so this is this is for him this to help him
a little bit but yeah telling people how to claim a crypt of dividend uh hey I
think that’s a very productive thing to do I think I did I I did a great thing
by spreading the word about I mean we all agree we got this for free I made
people’s hands stronger it’s awesome it’s been awesome to have the inside
information well I mean everyone should have known about about some people just
don’t want to be in the crypt of dividend ecosystem part a Bitcoin that’s
that’s fine I like being on this side of things okay so yeah I have been
consistent on this for a while I mean everybody knows that and the interesting
thing is that if you go back to the old archives if you go back to 2018 the
beginning of 2018 the end of 2017 Jimmy Jimmy Sam was talking about crypt of
dividends he was talking about the forks that were coming out and I loved that he
was doing it actually I mean I still loved that he did it and he was teaching
people how to claim a crypt of dividends you know kind of like I was doing and he
actually was charging some people to he created his own business around it where
people paid him to get super Bitcoin for them or her words as super super BTC
sorry Lightning BTC whatever that whatever they were called there were so
many back then and I I admire that I think that’s great
I think that’s Phaedo it’s a whole ecosystem you can if you’ve got the
skills and you know how to claim people’s crypto dividends for nothing go
ahead and do it and Jimmy did this Jimmy do this back in 2017 2018
yeah you did it I mean I bet maybe that’s a shot you know after you know
hearing what he’s saying about air drops and whatnot um but yeah he was a huge
positive part of the crypt of dividend ecosystem a huge positive part of
showing the entrepreneurial spirit of Bitcoin and getting people more Bitcoin
by you know charging them a little fee and getting them occurred so dividend
then they would sell their preferred dividend etc etc so check out the links
below and there is an article out there where Jimmy saw it from 2018 he explains
how to just some specific crypt of dividends how to get them a very
in-depth article and notice the replies and I link to the tweet where he tweets
it out you can retweet it if you want him you know just to show the world that
he you know it’s you know no Grand Inquisitor you know if you said if you
if you’ve dealt with Forks before you don’t need a you don’t need to be
tortured or anything like that I think you know um III don’t want Jimmy sang to
be in the Bitcoin Inquisition I’m just putting out all this information because
it’s out there anyway and it’s great he was he was a part of this stuff uh and
but check out the replies to his article and the replies to his tweet okay
everyone is like oh please help me help me I need this stuff
I need more Bitcoin I want to know how to do this oh it’s so awesome that
you’re teaching us how to do this how to get more Bitcoin you see in this we’re
living in a world here where people are coming from traditional markets they’re
coming into the Bitcoin space and they’re really sad that you know they’ve
done the prudent things they’ve saved their dollars at banks and they’re
getting point o 1% interest on their savings accounts so people are very very
willing to learn a new golden age skill in order to get interest on their
Bitcoin in order to get crypto dividends and Jimmy saw in his article thank you
below was teaching this skill actually a much more complicated skill than
airdrops the forks that he’s discussing how to claim them it’s hard stuff I
didn’t do it I didn’t do the super BTC and I get if I I don’t think telling
people how to claim Forks he’s that shilly no no that’s not shilling is it
was he shilling super BTC by the way super BTC retweeted his stuff and and
and made it kind of seemed like he supported them when he didn’t he was
just saying you know how to get this stuff for free but because does that
make it was he Shelley for BTC no no he wasn’t who would ever
say such a thing who would ever say such a here um so
let’s let’s link to January 3rd 2018 this is this is real stuff Bitcoin at
the be diamond super BTC bit core what you need to know 28 this is Jimmy son’s
words 2018 is the year of the hard work and wouldn’t you know it three different
hard fork started trading recently on some exchanges in this article I’m going
to lay out what types of forks are what these Forks are where the software is
published and how to claim them if you dare and then it explains its long
article conclusion hard forks are a reality and doing this sort of thing is
going to be all too common going forward thankfully there’s a reward to doing
this and truth be told it’s not a bad thing to get familiar with handling
private keys in a reasonably secure fashion the process is stressful but you
also build up an intuition about what you can and can’t do best of luck in
getting your free coins and so many people were so positive about this it’s
so excited about this and maybe mate I mean I think everyone should take a step
back and go back in time to that era and kind of brick scale it up to this era
people still want free stuff they still want free stuff and if it’s
as crazy as shit because if you’ve got what super beats you see today ok what
what it’s nothing it’s nothing today all right super what’s this other one he’s
talking about here be diamond what’s B diamond well that still listed but I
mean what what really is it people wanted to get it for free if you got it
for free back then I mean you were like making 1% oh I mean amazing people
change their lives by getting these uh free coins so I also want to point out
that Jimmy sawing on September 9 2017 he had a presentation at a breaking Bitcoin
I believe that was in Texas and here’s a guy who commented on Jimmy Songz
presentation he says thought-provoking press
patient by Jimmy song on Bitcoin Forks as a market efficient way to launch all
coins so Jimmy saw a back in September of 2017 hex it says what I say that if
you want to launch it off point giving out the big coin holders he made a
presentation presentation about it but and this is great stuff this is what
people are interested in so I mean there’s a lot of people that want to be
like Oh shush shush scam scam anything that’s all cleaned related is a scam
it’s bad anything giving away for free the stuff that that might end up being
worthless you know because we know what the market to decide what’s worthless or
not we’re gonna stay what’s a scam beforehand
what’s worthless beforehand and so and and and encourage people not to get
something for free that’s not worthless now but might be worthless later
so again Jimmy son and all these tweets she’s oh my he’s on my side
on my side you get learn you learn Golden Age skills you get stuff for free
and you turn the Bitcoin so this is great this is great stuff it’s you know
that we can learn a lot from history so check that out so this space is
obviously the big pan out like bun to the Bitcoin space is huge and so there’s
room for all sorts of specializations inside the Bitcoin see there all sorts
of neat niches okay you don’t have to be a crypto dividend person that but all
okay you don’t have to be a Lightning Network person I’m not a Lightning
Network person but and that and you should just let people go their own way
and try to make the most if you want to start your own lightning network
business also awesome that is all if you want to be it and claim all the crypto
dividends and we’re in how they did you know what Jimmy was teaching about mebbe
Dimond and super beat that’s awesome that is that is this golden age really
you know people try to define what bitcoin is I can’t define it but there’s
so many little niches there’s so many little spaces and crypto dividends it
there’s it is part of the overall Bitcoin system ecosystem and in within
the crypt of dividend the big quake of the dividend ecosystem there’s a lot of
niches and stuff things you can do and I’m gonna get into that in a second here
as I wrote it down I wrote it down on a piece of paper here today some of the
stuff and maybe some of you tune in for the crypto dividend type of information yeah I came up with that terminology
back in 2017 I was the first to tell the story of people were panicking back did
all these Forks are gonna destroy Bitcoin I said no it’s interest its
interest on your Bitcoin is great it encourages people the whole Bitcoin and
people will create all these all coins in they’ll innovate and some would be
friendly someone viondra but but back then it tried to trigger some people and
it still triggers some people to this very day like oh you can’t create an
altcoin and give it out for free to Bitcoin holders oh look at the
distribution look some of its pre mind blah blah blah blah and we got to go
back to the comments on Jimmy signs presentation I mean Jimmy song’s article
and me because that’s reality people were begging for it people for
begging to learn how to get this stuff for free they don’t really care you know
is it free mine who do who’s buying it is there a billionaire that’s buying it
is there a millionaire that’s buying it they want to get something for free they
want interest on their Bitcoin it really boils down to that and so that’s an
aspect of Bitcoin you can get interest on your Bitcoin so why discourage people
from getting interest on their Bitcoin I mean I don’t get that I keep it positive
but I want people to get more Bitcoin ooh
they get this stuff for free turn it into Bitcoin done it and so I understand
why people would say like oh it’s bad to tell people to buy things that will be
worthless someday possibly yeah it isn’t good advice to say buy this stuff but
who’s saying to buy this stuff who’s who’s saying to buy MWC Hussein to buy
this I’m definitely not saying to buy this
I’m saying you get it for free you’re turning the Bitcoin and then it’s a
crazy story after that well this latest one that hardly anyone
knew about MWC what a story this turned into so and it’s still going it’s still
going it was you know it was attacked but it’s still it’s still alive so this
is what I say let’s let the market speak if if it’s so dirty and horrible and
they have another airdrop because they still have some of it to airdrop and a
bunch of people claim it well then the market is spoken right so a lot of
people are out there stripped it’s a scam it’s a scam a scam
here’s something here’s a challenge what would happen today if
MWC air drops the rest of em WC they have left but they were supposed to air
drop would more people sign up for it today then back in the past I think I
think a lot more I think so what’s that say you know all you know there’s
there’s the Screamers and the yellers and the dimmers and the people that are
trying to stop progress okay then are just like it and creating
rumors of lies they’re those simple people but then they’re the people that
like we want free stuff we want we want the free stuff we’re not going to pay
for it and we’re going to turn into Bitcoin and so despite all the negative
yelling out there there’s a silent majority out there you can read what
they comment on on the tweets from 20 17 and 18 that I link to below
you can read what people are saying yeah you could read it people are saying in
my chat right now that people want interest on their Bitcoin and this is a
test this you know the whole MWC it is a test of sorts there’s noise and their
signal can you filter out the noise because there’s a lot there’s a lot of
noise out there but but what what’s the base of it all there the base is you
know that well here here’s the logic for some people that owe such race Mayor
might have bought up a bunch of MWC and or or someone associated with Trace
mayor you know thanks obviously there was an entity but only one exit he was
buying up a huge amount of MWC and Trace bear has something to do with that
entity thus it’s a scam and you shouldn’t have anything to do with it
that’s the noise there so what’s what’s the what’s the signal what’s what’s what
when you get through all the noise what is really there there’s people made up
an altcoin they gave it away for free it had some
problems on in exchange some rich guy bought up a lot of it what’s the problem
somebody made up some fliers about it I mean what’s what’s the problem if you’re
a regular Bitcoin holder what is the problem what is the problem if you get
it for free and turn it in the Bitcoin well what’s what’s the problem and let’s
let the the market is I mean how many people claimed it by just hearing about
it on the show how many people will claim it any future ones that and that
that’s the other thing there going to be more and more so people should learn how
to do it people should learn how to do it why should people handicap themselves
why should people say now I I don’t want free I don’t want free I don’t want to
learn a new skill I don’t want to learn something that I’d be able to make a
business I create a business around in this next decade so yeah we’re gonna
test see if the hate is noise if they hate it the hate is just noise I think a
lot of it hey is a lot of people are triggered and
this was a big boys plate so you know we’re gonna have to deal with a lot of
emotional people that’s fine that’s cool but if you just if you take some steps
back and you look at the bigger picture I mean Jimmy’s song was teaching people
how to do what I’m teaching people how to do get free coins turn them in the
Bitcoin and you can again look at the links book and all the positive feedback
that Jimmy sang got and again air drops are easier to claim that’s the easier
crypt of dividend type to claim then Forks okay so what would Creek you know
Jimmy saw I’m talking about super BTC MWC was much much easier much much
easier so what do we get and this is all of this is so pro Bitcoin okay it really
it really is pro Bitcoin that that the that you can get these crypt of
dividends okay and that you can learn how to do this it opens people’s eyes to
something they might have thought was boring how bitcoins just boring no you
can get interest on it you can get all sorts of different crypto dividend
interest on it so these I’m glad this is all coming out here now it’s you know
people want to destroy people’s reputations really that’s just the noise
it’s just a noise the silent majority they want they want
more big they want more Bitcoin and they want to
learn about this when I was in Long Beach people like what is this crypt of
divet I don’t exactly understand this crypt of dividend thing I think it’s
more productive to you know have videos like this that explain it to explain the
history of it then you know screaming like oh we got a we had to have an
inquisition about some prominent Bitcoin er because he handed out a flyer and
again look prominent you know one prominent Bitcoin are handed out a flyer
the other day okay but then we have prominent bitcoiners like Jimi song who
created businesses around crypt of dividends who wrote articles around it
you know explain how to do very complicated things with it your sides to
the story so yeah the decrypted evidence
you know more and more of these things come out the ecosystem grows forth drop
I oh I met those dudes in Edmonton they created a whole site around it okay
there’s no more centralized reliance on coin market cap anymore this helps get
rid of the centralized reliance on corn market cap because something like MWC
saw these script of dividends they don’t get listed on there right away you have
to find out on your own maybe I will put pressure on and on on that site to list
it but you cannot depend on a coin you know with the 84 centers in the space
know about yeah I just go to coin market Capcom that’s where all that’s where all
the knowledge is of coins out there no no you you if you want to know about the
insider if you want to know about crypt of dividends how to get more Bitcoin you
got to do your own research but this decentralized is it away from because so
many people are said well I if if MWC isn’t listed on corn market cap it
doesn’t exist why should i why should i bother to claim it I think you see now I
should bother the claimant and what else do I have here yeah the golden yeah I
mentioned I’ve mentioned this a few times and I’m gonna keep on mentioning
it 2020 Golden Age skills for regular people okay
there’s so many people out there say well what will happen the regular people
in this Golden Age these are skills you know how to claim a creep of dividend
you can make yourself wealthy through that or help make yourself
wealthy and I mentioned on another show but for a few other times damn Wendy’s
crypt of dividends come out the people who know about them there are people out
there that run for claiming businesses there’s some wealthy entities out there
they don’t want to then I want to claim their Forks they don’t want to claim
their cuz they don’t want to claim their crooked dividends so they sell the
rights to them beforehand again a risky business but people this is the
creativity that’s going on in this space you can also be a marketer for one of
these uh crypto dividends that comes out okay
yeah it depends on what you you know believe in because some of these
marketers have to say you know buy this stuff and of course I never buy pie but
they need the words they need word to be spread they need word to be spread that
they exist and that they should be claimed and there’s a fork is coming so
there’s an opportunities for technical people in this there’s so many people
that want to create all coins that need a technical people that are able to
distribute them through the Bitcoin crypto dividend process so much
opportunity in this ecosystem and I mean that’s that’s the positive spin on all
this that is the positive spin on all this and I just I want to point that out
to everyone with you know there’s some negativity going on out there
but I think again that the the basics the the people the regular people out
there there’s just one more bit coin this is a way to get more Bitcoin and
you never you never buy something you get for free and I think I’ve made it
pretty clear and I think Jimmy song in the past made it very clear it’s good to
learn these skills and you know super BTC turned into a pile of rubble but hey
if you’ve got it are you turning the Bitcoin that is great and Jimmy song was
a part of that process all right so what else do we found that like button
there’s a lot now I wasn’t looking at the chat so I I had missed some things
here and rocky Palumbo I see comment if he also helped people get he has a
business that he created where you go to him he’ll get you the every type of fork
that you were entitled to and you pay him and it’s a great idea he who has
ears are he who has ears to hear says always
working during your show but good stuff UK Bikram Master is the man piece yes
yes and UK bitcoin master said bitcoinmeister doesn’t show anything he
just promoted buying and holding Bitcoin plus claiming free forts and dividends
yes Forks are crypto dividends steel horse twenty two thousand four sent to
quote bitcoinmeister never buy what you get for free and yeah I make it pretty
clear but I know Jimmy doesn’t watch the show obviously because he can understand
simple statements like that and again check out his article so you can
understand what he’s about to you know that he’s crippled dividends yeah that’s
great everyone and maybe does he still like
him I don’t know he does he changed his mind
I’ve been consistent to all time I like the back then I loved what he was doing
and read his articles read his article about it uh and rocky Palma said Jimmy
song wrote software to help you split coins for Bitcoin Forks if you asked him
for it he would give you a link download I know because I asked him and
downloaded it yeah and he was charging he had a bit he was saying in the videos
that people could pay him money for it too he would help them um back in the
day alright alright what else do we have here all right okay no more questions so
let’s let’s move on with the rest of the show we’ve and so what do we have we
talked about the free coins and who is this okay now I would be yes I would be
in Sanford someone asked yesterday they missed the beginning of the show yes I
will be at Bitcoin 2020 conference calm in San Francisco the last week and March
and of course I’ll be in Tel Aviv on March 21st for their awesome March 24th
May 21st in Tel Aviv for the having party oh man oh man Steven Seagal you
guys it’s all over Twitter regular Twitter is like promoting that the SEC
is making an example out of him because he was promoting an ICO and I take a
positive spin on this well first of all you see who they go after they go after
famous people but regular people are finding out about Bitcoin this
well Steven Seagal what are you just getting trouble for what do you just
have to pay a fine for actor Steven Seagal charged with unlawfully touting
digital asset operating and this is linked to below is the actual SEC press
release so it says what you need to know if you care about this the SEC today
announced settled charges against actor Steven Seagal for failing to disclose
payments he received for promoting an investment in an IC o—- offering I see
a show again he was saying to buy this stuff you see there’s there’s a big
mistake there you don’t you don’t chill nonsense okay but like I mean that was
chilling what he was doing a Schilling the SEC order finds that Seagal failed
disclosed he was promised 250 K in cash and 750 K worth of b2b 2g tokens in
exchange for his promotions which included post on his public social media
accounts encouraging the public not to miss out on Bitcoin to Jenny’s ICO and a
press release title Zen master Steven Seagal has become the brand ambassador
of Bitcoin to Gen okay so that is that’s that’s chilling right
there okay so but when you call everything Shelley then it loses meaning
that there you go there’s a good example of showing so that’s it’s funny that
it’s all over Twitter and bringing bringing publicity to the state bringing
the 80 percenters into this space all right if you got quit oh here we said a
cast said Polly a glistening comprehension
typing Bitcoin master for okay he’s telling someone the type of Bitcoin Mike
stirs because all must be asking me questions and not typing in
bitcoinmeister all right an ancient one sent me 200 yen thanks for the truth and
great info you were welcomed ancient one I believe you actually commented on a
tones video from from yesterday thank you if that was you I believe that was
you oh holy holy holy AG is there is an old-school guy you used to become
in here a lot I know he’s in Asia or he was in Asia hope you’re not uh dealing
with all where are you these days well polio a good thing is to always check
the first word underneath my show I always I always put my location
underneath the show so I’m in LA right now it says Los Angeles down there check
out the links below people check out the links below alright so but it’s good to
see you here cluster be free knee-high bitcoinmeister
I’m cluster B I caught oh dude he wanted me to say some dirty words there no we
can’t say that we can’t say that but I’ll say this don’t do drugs he talked
about yeah don’t you drugs she’s basically saying he’s warning people not
to do drugs I agree I agree don’t do drugs you want to stay healthy dude
very good boredom bestir says and this goes again there are a lot of people
they hear you say an altcoin they think you’re there say you’re saying to by the
altcoin and part of the reason people get caught up in this is because they
are so used to falling for I mean people out there they’re just promoting
nonsense a thousand X’s the new ten bagger all
coins are the new penny stocks don’t get duped says Tour de Meester so what’s he
talking about he shows a clip from an ad and there’s so many these things out
there we believe we have found it on a thousand X return project in crypto we
are doing everything we can to deploy the best researchers on this so we
decided to grow our group and increase funding so there I get people saying you
know to buy their fund to buy their altcoin a thousand x return i don’t know
how anybody falls for that why buy stuff stuff in the safe space when you get
this nonsense for free why why why do people fall for this I
don’t know but it’s still out there it’s not gonna stop people are gonna stay the
a thousand x stuff don’t fall it’s it’s if you hear someone
scream about a thousand X returns run away
run away come back to Bitcoin come back to big coin and get and get an other it
get the stuff for free get it for free I mean it’s funny with the ego coin guy
with ego cut coin he was giving it away for free and at the same time he was
selling it for aetherium what and and promising like a thousand extra turns
and all this nonsense so okay why on earth did anyone give him any aetherium
for what he was giving for away for free it just it’s their fault they stand
themselves like I don’t get it I don’t get it like people buying this stuff
that you get for free it’s so when you when you get this stuff for free and
then people buy it from you that those people are scamming that I don’t
understand why would they ever do it their skin you’re scamming yourself when
you’re buying stuff that other people get free we’ve said it many times
alright now what we see we got toward an Easter and oh this this was a comment
left yesterday this shows going long rich for moso said this because i was
talking about fiddling making silly decisions financial decisions of
government nation state authorities selling bitcoin sub 10k reason number 47
why governments shouldn’t control financial systems ouch
tell that like button do that is so true that these guys Cermak australia the
united states so many of them have had auctions in the past where they sold
bitcoin for in the hundreds you know for only hundreds of dollars each so i agree
that they if they somehow got their bitcoin and then they sold it sub 10 k
rigorous that well that’s again that’s why governments should control financial
systems and so you guys out there you don’t have to be in the dollar financial
system that’s what bitcoin is you opt out so speaking about governments that
control their financial systems making silly decision
Hong Kong so Hong Kong is experiencing some sickness now I’m I can’t you can’t
say the word will not on YouTube apparently but we all know everyone’s
panicking over the sickness and so they decide to give away a lot of free money
Hong Kong and so this is good for Bitcoin this is good for Bitcoin because
the smart people will get that free and turn it into because they’re devaluing
their currency it’s ludicrous it’s ludicrous okay
and the devalue because tourism is going down there and real people are panicking
real-estate prices are going down you don’t want to be in that asset class
anymore you don’t wanna be in hot hot real estate
no-one’s bullish on that so what’s what to get bullish on what what’s easy to
get into Bitcoin but here Hong Kong is removing tax on businesses and giving
away cash in 2020 well the first part of mice a corona virus crashed the tourism
industry oh I said hey that’s gonna be lovely
crash the tourism industry and has placed the housing market vulnerable to
a correction Hong Kong zakat economy could struggle to recover over the next
five years desperate times call for desperate measures and the government of
Hong Kong is bumping up its spending to help its residents as the buyer spheres
intensify every permanent resident above the age of 18 will receive a TIA
around 10,000 Hong Kong dollars worth 1,300 US dollars in the foreseeable
future at least until the end of 2020 residents will not have to pay taxes on
salaries with a 20,000 hard Hong Kong dollar limit so $1,300 for everybody I
mean they’re going Andrew yang their Bitcoin baby that’s good for Bitcoin
desperate times desperate measures I guess rocky says ego Cohen guy did not
guarantee 10,000 X returns he says the coin is designed to do over 10,000 x in
under 2.5 years okay whatever it is he put he’s lucky he’s
not Steven Seagal how about that how about
we put it that way he’s lucky he’s not a famous very and
yeah I’m not I don’t believe in anybody informing on anyone even informing on
him would be a lowly thing to do but yeah he’s he’s it’s it’s good he’s he’s
he should thank his lucky stars he’s not uh he’s not famous like Steven Seagal so
and and even with that in mind I you shouldn’t be hanging out in the United
States too much I know he’s not based in the United States I don’t think he is
from what I heard the member Wimble MWC update is linked to below their back on
hot day if that matters to anyone if you want to you know sell it there but but
that that that’s the thing they did despite all these people screaming every
every everything about you know the people coming up with conspiracy
theories about it when I get watch the end of the yesterday’s show
when I talk about Chris the guy behind it who’s a great guy a very great guy
so yeah they they and then we see how to pay had to pay hot big to list them
again because of the attack hot bit lost a bunch of MWC so they did what they did
and they they reimbursed them and you know I say this if MWC was able to
reimburse them that hopefully they’ll have another airdrop and let the people
speak let you know people people can call it a scam and scream and not get it
for free and then people can be other people can be silent get it for free and
turn the Bitcoin and if trace Maher is the dude that’s gonna buy it in the
future okay well what’s the problem what’s the problem if I get it for free
and trace Mara buys it for me what’s what’s your issue well I mean did you
worship it is he uh is he your king I mean do you feel betrayed by him I mean
I mean this is where the big boys play you mean be your own father found that
light but there’s a new saying for you chase there ain’t your father
you okay Bikram as I said Chris is a true gentleman for sure he definitely
definitely definitely is and it’s it’s wild that people coming up all these
conspiracy theories about a crypto dividend that he I gave away for free
it’s amazing all right finally I was running on the streets of LA yesterday
of course and I ran by a con the or Zion not a LaBrie I was on Highland and I got
pumped when I heard the following song I hadn’t hadn’t heard it for quite some
time I think it’s from 2013 originally it’s by the Arctic Monkeys do I want to
know yeah I think they’re singing about a woman or something like that I don’t
care what the lyrics I like it’s it’s got a it made me run faster let’s put it
that way I like our Arctic Monkeys from what I remember we’re a talented group
of young men so it’s it’s linked to below all right
that is it i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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and I love it I want every I don’t want to be the only one talking about courage
of diffidence I don’t want to be the only ones you know when I when the next
one comes out telling people how to get something for free and not to buy it I
don’t want to be the only one so let’s let’s go back to the days of jimmy song
teaching teaching people like i teach people about the crypto dividend process
see you later i’ll say hi to you guys in the chat

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