The Golden Dollar sign on my videos

As a small time video creator I’m finding the recent changes here pretty frustrating. I don’t really get a lot … of viewers or subscribers because I mostly talk about mental health and mental illness issues. When you add the fact that I’m not very good at editing videos, have a voice that is hard to … understand, and quite frankly don’t have a face that’s meant to be on camera without scaring small children. I had been able to make a few cents here and there. Not anymore though! I have no idea why this keeps happening to me and it’s annoying. Perhaps mental health is just a taboo … subject here. I’m just curious about your experiences with the dreaded golden dollar sign. Have you found it more difficult to avoid … demonetization as a mental health vlogger the last few months? Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to make this stop happening? Also, I still consider myself … a new vlogger so if you have any tips I’d really appreciate it. While I didn’t start doing this or even do this right now for money getting some money to pay for … my hosting bill was nice. By the way vist my blog: if you get a chance. Back to this golden dollar sign thing. I do see it happening across the board and know most of it … is due to a robot that streams the uploads as well as descriptions and tags for anything inappropriate. That’s why all of this is really frustrating. They set new rules but didn’t give us anything more than some … really vague guidelines to go by. It’s ridiculous! I mean I’ve been on Reddit and saw posts about this happening to videos of dogs playing, videogame commentary, and … someone even had a video with simply the letter A be considered inappropriate. The review process takes forever and most of my videos will never get to the required view threshold. That’s why … they need to give us a better explanation so we know what to do. I really wish this would happen to big users like Jake Paul because if it did their complaints would force … an explanation or policy changes. However, right now it seems to be only punishing smalltime creators and that’s not fair. Anyway, I appreciate it if you made it this far through my rant. Have a great day! Hopefully, this will … get fixed soon. [No Text]

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