The Shady Truth Of Dollar Stores That No One Wants To Talk About

The Shady Truth Of Dollar Stores That No One Wants To Talk About

Dollar stores are everywhere in the U.S. today,
and depending on where you live, you could even have more than one on your street. Whether its Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar
General, or some other 99 cent store, the dollar store business is booming. Ready for some mind-blowing statistics? From toys to crafting supplies, there’s an
abundance of plastic for sale in dollar stores. And it’s not particularly safe: A 2015 report
found that a staggering 81 percent of plastic items in dollar stores contained at least
one hazardous chemical. These chemicals have been linked to all sorts
of concerning health issues, including cancer and birth defects. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, for example, has
been linked to asthma and lung effects, and was found to be in 38 percent of the plastics
tested. Some dollar store brands have pledged to remove
the amount of toxic plastic in their stores. In May 2019, Dollar Tree — which owns Family
Dollar, Dollar General, and 99 Cents Only — said that it would work to phase out lead
and dangerous chemicals from its products, though the company hasn’t laid out exactly
what significant steps it’s taking to filter hazardous chemicals out, or when it will happen. A report by the non-profit group Institute
for Local Self-Reliance found that when dollar stores move into economically vulnerable low-income
areas, they quickly push out other stores. The report’s authors said: “Although dollar stores sometimes fill a need
in places that lack basic retail services, there’s growing evidence that these stores
are not merely a byproduct of economic distress, they’re a cause of it.” Many dollar stores don’t carry produce or
offer the option of grocery delivery, and when they force smaller grocery stores to
close, they create food deserts, where residents often have higher rates of obesity and a lower
life expectancy. For people who may not have the means to travel
outside their neighborhoods to shop, whatever is on the shelf at their dollar store is what
they’re stuck with. Dollar Tree cheese product, for example, might
look like American cheese, but is lacking “dairy” in its ingredients. Some dollar stores do carry fresh meat, but
one news station that tested dollar store steaks found that when it comes to USA beef,
those $1 steaks are basically the equivalent of school cafeteria food. A 2017 ABC 5 report found that over the course
of just three years, more than 33 crimes ranging from robbery to assault were reported at Cleveland-area
dollar stores. Attorney David Steiger, who represents dollar-store
employees involved in robberies, told the news channel: “They know that people are getting hurt. They know that their employees are getting
hurt. And if they’re not changing anything, that’s
not by accident.” Crime targeting dollar stores isn’t limited
to any particular city either. Bernie Cobb, a retired Shelby County, Tennessee,
police officer, said: “The criminals know that there are no security
guards there. Some of these stores, even though they have
been robbed several times, refuse to put security guards in stores.” Dollar stores also have high rates of shoplifting. It’s easy to think that something which only
cost a dollar — or a few dollars at most — wouldn’t be a hot item for five-finger
discount shoppers, but that’s hardly the case. A Dollar Tree employee named Brenda told Mental
Floss that the cheap prices actually make shoplifting worse. She said: “The thing with the low prices is that there
is no real deterrent from people stealing since none of the products have any security
around them.” Dawn Hughey managed a Michigan Dollar General
and injured herself while unloading boxes at her job, which often called for 70-hour
work weeks. Her doctor ordered her to take two weeks off,
and Dollar General fired Hughey on her third day back on the job for what they said were
productivity problems unrelated to her injury. Because retail managers like Hughey are told
they’re only allowed to hand out a certain number of hours, they’re saddled with handling
the rest of the tasks themselves. This results in a high workload, high turnover,
and employee injuries. Stores like Dollar General aren’t breaking
any laws by doing this. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, companies
must pay hourly employees time-and-a-half for overtime on a 40-hour work week, but this
doesn’t apply to salaried management. But in the retail world, those managerial
lines are blurred. In the dollar store retail industry, companies
have an incentive to push extra work onto managers. Regular employees at Dollar Tree generally
make close to minimum wage, with the average pay being $9.63 an hour. And hours can be hard to come by. Employees on Indeed say that their work weeks
are often broken up into four or five hour shifts, and that they typically get just a
few days a week. Employees have also complained, and in some
cases even sued, for being told that they had to clock out when taking their allotted
10-minute break. Dollar Tree eventually settled a lawsuit filed
by 4,200 employees who were forced to work off the clock, and paid out $600,000. It’s also not uncommon, say dollar store employees,
to be bumped up to the role of manager only so that the company can avoid paying overtime. Dawn Hughey took home $34,700 with her manager
salary, but after factoring in all the extra hours on the job she had to work, Hughey wasn’t
making much more than other store employees; only around $10 an hour. Tulsa, Oklahoma has seen its share of dollar
stores come into the city, squashing smaller grocery stores in the predominantly black
area of North Tulsa. In an effort to prevent the next dollar store
from popping up, city officials voted to restrict any new dollar stores from opening in certain
districts within a mile of an existing dollar store. City councilperson Vanessa Hall-Harper said: “I shop at discount dollar stores when I need
something that they provide. What I am concerned about is the proliferation
of them and the ultimate effects they have on communities.” The move so far has proved effective, and
after seeing the success in Tulsa, other towns and cities such as Mesquite, Texas and Birmingham,
Alabama are working to give relief to their food deserts by restricting how many dollar
stores can open in certain areas. For all the negatives that are associated
with the rapid growth of dollar stores, there have to be some positives, right? Well, according to one survey, the majority
of Americans still have a positive view of dollar stores, regardless of the brand. Where retailers like Target and Walmart have
placed more emphasis on charitable giving to big causes like the American Red Cross
to improve their image, dollar stores seem to have taken a more local approach. Dollar General, for example, has a 25-year-old
literacy program that works to help employees and residents within 20 miles of its stores. Family Dollar has poured millions into supporting
local food banks. John Strong, a professor of business at the
College of William & Mary, said: “Each of the three [major] dollar stores have
thought pretty carefully about their community support strategy — and they’ve localized
it.” Dollar stores are also more common than big-box
stories in rural areas, giving residents an extra opportunity for employment, as well
as access to national brands. While dollar stores may do a good bit of damage,
many of the people that they serve don’t necessarily see them as a bad thing. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about places
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  1. all of this is true. my boyfriend is a manager for Family Dollar and they overwork the fuck out of him and put a whole bunch of responsibility on him that he is NOT getting paid nearly enough for.

  2. From my point of view in my area Dollar Tree Dollar General and Family Dollar usually only pop-up on the farthest outskirts where there are no big deal realtor stores the only one that seems to have a problem with putting too many chains out is Family Dollar they have Dollar chains within a few blocks of each other let alone a mile or two of each other at times

  3. Walmart's really mad at Dollar Tree if you have a notice if there's a walmart there is a Dollar Tree right in the same area is knocking their business down. There probly really mad at Dollar Tree right now for doing that.

  4. All I know is that it pisses off Walmart more then ever. Dispte some issues with cheap junk and low quality food and such from the dollar stores but there is good things that I love and buy on a weekly basis.

  5. 1% of harmful chemicals? In America, we sadly don't know what that even means.. and meat is the same as cafeteria food?? Uhhh.. that's what you're paying to feed your children 5 days a week..

  6. Dam ppl are really out here Grocery shopping on Dollar stores , I thank God For my blessings to be able to afford the food I want and need

  7. Welcome to corporations and the Republican Party! As long as they get rich, they don’t care about anybody else. That’s why about 400 corporations have not paid any federal tax! But we do!

  8. The 99 cent only stores are really dollar stores. They roundup to-a dollar. Plus, they sell stuff for $7.99. Might as well say it’s a five and dime that’s a five and ten dollar store (inflation).

  9. Dollar General IS A RIP OFF,
    just like walgreens prices
    But Dollar Tree is helpful for broke ppl like me just dont buy candles from there..

  10. 👋Hey Dollar Store figured out there’s a market out there . Especially where there are no stores . And because they carry enough products to get by on . Texas is a great example . Sometimes a grocery store is 100 miles away . And the Dollar store is just 5 miles away !

  11. Wow thanks we won't be shopping at Dollar stores anymore. Thankfully we rarely shop there my girls will be much safer now that I know that. We will always choose Walmart over them

  12. How can you make this "American cheese" even less cheese than it already is? I can't comprehend why do Americans eat this so called "cheese" anyway…

  13. i am not disputing that items at these stores may contain hazerdous chemicals BUT most of the food we eat today does as well and most are not even real food but we eat it

  14. Seriously your idea for stopping shoplifting is to charge more I work in this industry it happens at all the stores no matter what they're charging that idea is idiotic managers in retail always work more hours I did it myself that's not just dollar stores this video is obviously biased and trying to push an agenda if you're worried about PVC Plastics you're screwed it's running to the walls of the building you're in now you idiot

  15. 2:00 – some dollar stores do carry freshmeat

    Frozen and processed meat ain’t fresh. Get your facts straight. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  16. Meaningless video. It has a niche…and fulfills a need. You don't like don't go. I use occasionally which is my choice. Same for others that it is a choice.

  17. 0:50
    Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar.
    Dollar General does not own Family Dollar or Dollar Tree.
    Dollar General was moving to acquire Family Dollar but was blocked on anti-trust grounds.

  18. No robberies out here . Everyone carries . We shoot criminals dead . In self defense of course . 😉👍🏻🤷🏾‍♂️

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