29 thoughts on “VanEck awaiting SEC instruction for bitcoin ETF”

  1. Lol Dimon is the epitome of a fraud since before the days of Jekyll Island.
    Of course cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are facing an uphill battle against the so-called traditionalist like Dimon. Like all governments, he and the rest of his cronies who oversee our fiat currency don't like competition.

  2. lol, Fox you idiots – Ripple is even no Cryptocurrency, it is an out of air created security without any value & usecase.

  3. It's unfortunate that scams like Ethereum and Ripple are mentioned in the same breath as Bitcoin, but I guess this is part of the learning curve that investors are going through. Only Bitcoin is worthy of your money.

  4. What is that shit in the thumbnail because it certainly isn't bitcoin. Bitcoins aren't real, they have no tangible physical attributes which is why I always laugh when you see pictures of bitcoins as though they are a physical currency.

  5. Bitcoin is poison, based on computing power, very risky because Quantum Computing is going to kill it, make it useless. Anything electronic is short-lived including it’s output. Bitcoin crashed before for the same reason, people lost 2/3 of their ill-fated investments. Ridiculous price for something worth absolutely nothing today and even less tomorrow. Bitcoin greed will bankrupt you, don’t bite.

  6. XRP not RIPPLE Fox Business… Your a Business show that should know this, there is no Ripple crypto. It's called "XRP"! geez!

  7. So many people crazy about ripple aka xrp. Whoever spread the idea about making xrp the official currency of Tokyo2020 is purely dumb.

  8. XRP was called Ripple for years, it only changed this past year. Ripple the company always changes the name for something when they're caught engaging in fraud.

  9. Mr Stephan Briggs is simply out of this world, this is the second withdrawal in less than two weeks. $14300 already made , i am very happy i made that decision.

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