We Tried Egypt Street Food | Must Eat Local Dishes in Cairo

We Tried Egypt Street Food | Must Eat Local Dishes in Cairo

Savory dish has to be the national dish. Am I just feeding you again? Yeah
So they’ve invited us in
I never tried this before
Hey everybody, how you guys doin’ welcome back to Cairo before we start out on the guy’s trip
We have a day in Cairo and we thought what we do is go on a bit of a food tour to show you everything
You can eat and what you should eat and how you should eat it when you’re in Egypt the so excited
I’ve heard such good things like the food here in Egypt
So actually gonna do a food tour with a company called bellies on route and I cannot wait
We’re about to head to our first restaurant with them. But are you decided for the food?
So, what’s the Egyptian version of
Okay, so we’re starting it off with some Myette salad don’t do that, yes
I’ve got an approval you could say like a palate cleanser to get you ready for food. So just meant to get saliva ready
So you eat more food. So this is very local
I’m gonna describe this visually its water with a bit of lettuce pretty much but I’ve been warned. This is very spicy
So and I saw your reaction
Like starch and then keeps going down
If you guys haven’t lured us driving in Conor is crazy
All righty guys, we’re trying a prickly pear which is actually fruit growing on a cactus
I’ve never tried this before we’ve noticed a summer yellow and summer red Mocho the red one supposedly
They don’t change the taste depending on the color
Hmm it reminds me of kind of like a blend
Kiwifruit. Ok, kini pre texture without the sour. Okay. Um, yeah this gotta be refreshing got it from this, dude
I don’t know how the different color is
He just grabs the one that starts cutting them up
And as you can see, we got like a whole bag of different colors in here
Like an orange yellow fella
Wow, you did describe that pretty good. Yeah see, it’s like a kiwi fruit texture
Like that’s quite hot now, but it was the middle of the day. This would be really refreshing
Nice little stopover
So our next stop is a place called
Felfela and it’s a very famous spot here and this restaurant is actually built within the alleyway
So between the two buildings, they built a restaurant and it goes down the entire alleyway since the 60s. Yeah
Look at this that’s building one that’s building two and this is almost like a facade this entry
Wow, thank you opens up
And this place has such cool tech and knowing that it’s just an alleyway just adds to it
Special that’s the Turkish coffee. We can saw a little bit of sugar without coffee. Usually we don’t have sugar but you know what holiday?
Well, that’s really refreshing have we had Turkish coffee before
No, I don’t think we have it’s more like a giant shot of coffee would be the closest to surgery
But wow, that’s gonna keep me up tonight
It’s made to be yellow lentils and they said we need to squeeze a little bit of lime in there first
Is a mixture of vegetables with delicious?
It’s funny because you know, you say you’re always like having splashes – patience. This is like black Mike. Yeah
Yeah Wow
It’s not I don’t it tastes like you’re like a very big vegetable sir, but I was like shaking it should have like spices
Mike the lime does work, but it see a really thick soup
Wow, what have we been very good, right so here at Egypt’s most people like Caesar their hands especially using bread
So we’ve been told you peel a little bit off and then you need to make it into a cap
You have to fold it and it looks like a little cat see it and I’m going to try it with the baba ghanoush
which is an eggplant dish and
We’ve tried this before and I love the notion. Well Bob again look, yeah
I love a good
Just like one of my favorite things young
it’s not you guys know how to eat the dips and the different dishes because
Wherever you go
There is going to be a lot of bread for starters and a lot of tasty different dishes to have
So, of course with a lot of Middle Eastern sure you’re gonna have falafels but back home
We have it with chickpeas
So that would be if you just went down to the local kebab shop there just make a chickpea and falafel
But here it’s made with father these and we’ve actually taken it to the next level
so if 3 different dishes made with poverty, of course, the first one is your falafel and then this one here is
This is another dish made with the fava beans
and then finally, I mean it looks like a dip but this is actually a dish this dish is called blue sorrow
Working on our Arabic so I just want to personally show you just the inside of that that’s what it looks like inside
Does it taste different than the turkey. Yeah, it does taste different to the trick B. It’s more crunchy
I don’t know if this is the way it’s prepared or this is because of the fava beans
I think it’s because of the fava beans, but that’s super nice
We used to I’ll check these being like white back together, but this crispy
So at the fool, which is another one of these dishes with the fava beans we have some spices in there
We also have some some tahini in there as well
Hmm reminds me of Mexican physics like the beam like sunny just maybe in a burrito
But it’s really really yummy Oh Natasha with the bread. So I’m trying to be the traditional Egyptian bread. I think this is my favorite
Yeah, I really like the beans
This is like a really creamy bean dish very very yummy and then this one looks so different
So this one has been cooked for hours and hours where this one’s only large flat
And I do love onions
Wow that dish is like really fresh and this one’s cold with the summers
To me that tastes more of a dip where this is like a hearty meal like you would want to have this in fact
Maybe the father the notion maybe tehina and have that with your bread with this
Like I feel like this could just be my meal. Is that normal? Yeah. Okay. That’s what it
Feels like so I call that one ingredient can make so many different dishes, but it has to pick out of these different poverty
Which one would you recommend?
So this dish is Whittington Manley which is pretty much fried eggplant
Man I love eggplant. I’m so glad that Egypt loves egg come as well
Hmm it only seems like there’s a bit of a salsa of the sauces on yes
Like a garlic there’s a bit of a tomato on there and there’s also some pepper so it does kind of sit with you
But it’s nice. It really gives like a well-rounded flavor through this rather than just been eggplant
Super tasty. I think this is my favorite dish. Yes, then we’ve had so far
So now we’ve come to a very small family-owned cafe it’s been running since
1925 and we’re going to be trying aerobic. Well Arabic coffee. We haven’t tried Arabic coffee before. I’m very excited
I’ve heard that they put cardamon in their country and that’s what makes it a little bit different and the store literally just smells like
Coffee and part of it like it hits you in the face when you walk in
Are you gonna see how it gets made? This have invited us in?
Machine that used to roast the beans but get something must pour it up there
And then it comes around smells amazing in here. It smells like spices and coffee
So this is arabian coffee looks so different to the turkish puffiness. What is equate lighter?
And let’s start like a yellow color. Like I always would think this is a team or a company to vary odds are cheers
Okay, it smells like spices smells like Christmas is probably the cardamom
That tastes like a tea it doesn’t taste like a cup here it tastes like a TV
Wow, that does not taste like coffee
It tastes like a very nice like spicy to eat
if I hadn’t gone into this guy’s shop and seeing him grind the beans I would have thought this was t
These are two juices service is hibiscus. This one is good at sodium. So we’re trying to attract let’s do hibiscus
Let’s come sit down
So girls the receipts right on the ride on the road and I think juice bars are very popular here in Egypt
Especially during the summertime when it’s really thought leaders walking down the street grab yourself a juice first
Yes, which I know it’s a flower and I’m guessing they must add sugar to it
It’s a bit like cranberry juice or wine is really sweet look that like tangy berry taste, it’s really yummy
And then this one is completely different sorts of wine even a little look
Look, it’s like milk and it’s mainly coconut vanilla. Oh
Wow, that’s sweet
On stage is yummy. Yeah
It’s literally that coconut vanilla flavored milk. Oh, this is young
It’s very sweet. We do know Egyptians like II love sweet sir, and then have his guests at the almost place
And he saw that Ricans out there reminds me a little bit of milk tar, oh
Yeah, this is totally different ready. Yeah, is it very?
Very strong. Yeah, Wow, you know what? It’s like Ribena and you see this one. It’s like very bright color
So here in Egypt baseball’s very popular
They call it to Sally and it’s all
Nuts and seeds and when you transfer the word it means to entertain so this is kind of like this snack food when they’re watching
A movie or Netflix and chill you’d be getting your suppliers from this place sunflower seeds
Okay, so I love that you do need to peel them so let’s try that again
Seasons if I cannot inside
Wow lemon over you, it’s hot it smells good
So with Egypt a lot of people seem to think
Straight away the monuments and the pyramids which we understand why you would think that but we’ve already just had so many local Egyptian dishes
Some people might think are Egypt is Middle Eastern food
but they have they take on each of these dishes and it’s so
Nice to start our tour by having all these different flavors
Like honestly when I first came here, I thought oh, yeah, I’ll just have falafel
Middle Eastern foods already We’ve had so many different dishes. So when you think of Egypt guys
Think of the food resist some melting pot, you know
So here is bombilla, which is a dish with veggies that you’ve gotta turn into a pot with some to modern base sauce
So this would be the red laser food aisle kind of cheese to moderate spicy back hard
This would be a Gyptian version of that. So our main veggie dish in here would be offered and some rice
This reminds me of months coming from Syria that she would cook the whole day
The flavors would be with the this reminds me of pharmacist
Good stuff on the trip
Yeah, it’s like a very tomorrow we kind of stew kind of tastes really good with the bread before it
Sort of the best bread we’ve had so far
Oh man, we were walking past as I something smells so sweet
Local street side bakery. All right, let’s grab something from the bakery
we’ve got a traditional festival called miss school young food is a rustic but bus audience on the
Solution and it is made from star anis. I
Know what star knees. I’m not sure if he likes our knees ready, okay
Let there be life
That’d be good shipping in tea. It tastes like rust but not so as hard as rust way softer. It’s so yummy
That would’ve been so good dipping in your tea. It’s like a hard biscuit. Not too crazy flavor some really really tasty
So cool that we’re just walking around central downtown Cairo at the moment
But we need to go to our next spot which is getting to dessert. We need a jump in the cow
So what’s the next area we’re going to is it still downtown? I wrote it. So it is a certain area called
envy or Sophia
Come out to the end of downtown and this is where there are
so many shops is the way you can get you all kind of cheap clothing if you wanted to share for two dollars fifty and
There’s a lot of restaurants here as well. Super nice
You’ve got all of these different outdoor seating areas people having some food some shisha has a totally different vibe out here
All right guys our last savory dish has to be the national dish
we’re trying fishery and the store that we’re trying it from actually in the
1950s a guy was selling it in his streets cart, and it got so popular
He started his own restaurant and others five of them. This is now the third place we’ve been to and they
Just wanted to invite us in and so they’ve invited us in to the dessert friend
All right back into the kitchen. I’m gonna make enough
Okay, so just the one event which which direction was now
Wasn’t planned at all. They just invited us in that was so cool
All right, guys, we’ve got the dish here. It is made of are you ready? It’s carbs on problem its cows and calves
So it’s pasta rice
lentils chickpeas onions grilled tomato, and then it’s rice and vermicelli noodles and then
Garlic vinegar on top. Wow that smells strong and then what you need to do is mix it all together
I was told you have to really make sure you mix it in well, so I’m getting in there. It’s like so much
stuff in one
So good, oh yeah, that is really yummy the garlic it’s like so garlicky the onions are nice and crispy
I mean the rice of the pastor just go well so well together. It’s like it’s like you put all your leftovers
It’s like you put all your leftovers from the night before into a cup and reheated it and there’s your people oh
Yeah guys eaten I’ve made my third and getting full
We’re stopping off for dessert
Always the best part so we’ve come auditor to a very traditional place to get a couple of different sweets
But I love how so traditional like they have the proper oriental follows and it’s all like really nice except
They give it to us on um, tomandjerry plates very traditional
All right, so I think I’m gonna first try I’m gonna call it the middle Middle East interior, huh
It’s like a pickle
Release insurance very sticky very
Sugary, it tastes good sure that has really been soaking in sea rat for years
Wow, you literally only need like one bite and you’re done with the desserts
These are crazy, but I need to try the rest kenapa
I’m pretty sure we tried this in Jordan, but we had it with cheese in the middle. Okay?
It’s warm that’s really yummy. Oh you like that one. Am I just feeding you again? Yeah. Yeah
Yeah, oh
It’s like a warm creme and am I really crunchy on the outside and again very very sweet
Oh, wow. Are you calling that the Middle Eastern malteaser? What’s your name for that one? It’s literally just dripping in syrup
Try this. So that is the theme for dessert here in Egypt is sugar syrup
Do you know anything dipped in sugar syrup kind of like a really hard throwing up all with a lot of sugar?
Alright, the last one I cannot believe we’re getting through this the last one best juicer best also best booster
Best Moussa, I’m guessing it’s gonna be sweet again
This one’s more like a tank
That it’s still very very syrupy. I think this one’s my favorite the cakey one
Sugar for them. Oh my gosh. I’m like buzzing right now
Thanks guys, have a good night
Guys that through tour was amazing. I highly recommend whenever you come to a new country go on a food tour
I feel like it’s like a really good way to like experience a little bit more of the
Culture and trying foods that you never would have tried before but the each of series is literally just beginning
We’ve got so much fun content coming towards you guys
So make sure if you aren’t subscribed hit subscribe
So you never miss an episode
And give this video a thumbs up if there was a dish that you really want to try that. Thanks so much for watching
We’ll see you on the next episode in Egypt. See you guys
I didn’t realize you could go inside

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