What is the Lowest Amount of Coins Needed to Beat Super Mario RPG?

What is the Lowest Amount of Coins Needed to Beat Super Mario RPG?

[Bowyer’s arrows] We’ve all watched plenty of videos covering
obtaining all the coins or avoiding all the coins in Mario games. This adds a lot of challenge to the games
and makes them far more difficult than usual. But the thing is, both of these situations
can exist because we have the freedom to move wherever we want. If we want to avoid a coin, we can walk around
it. Or we can defeat an enemy, and just dodge
the coin that spawns afterwords. But… what about in unconventional Mario
games? What about Super Mario RPG? Now RPG’s are in an entirely different ball
park because coins are currency and we find ourselves getting rewarded with them pretty
often. So, given that, is it possible to beat Super
Mario RPG coinless? No. We can answer this immediately because some
fights we have no choice but to partake in, which rewards us with coins. But, having the challenge die right there
wouldn’t be any fun. So given that… what is the minimum amount
of coins we need to collect to beat the game? And this is where things get interesting. So first and foremost, we have to establish
some rules. But before doing so, I have to give a huge
shoutout to DoomDragon6 for approaching me about this concept. Honestly, everything you’re about to experience
is due to his hard work and dedication. I’m merely the messenger here. So when the video is over, do me a favor and
check out his work. He doesn’t have a YouTube channel, but he
does a webcomic called RPG World: Fan Revival that takes place inside a Playstation RPG. There will be more info at the end of the
video, but you can find a link in the description below. Now, let’s talk about the rules. Basically, anything goes. Glitches, exploits, etc – but no hacks or
cheats. If coins can be avoided, they MUST be avoided. Coins cannot be obtained in any way if they
are not mandatory, as in, you cannot sell items, hit treasure boxes with coins in them,
collect coins in the stage, or defeat enemies that yield coins when you have the option
to run from them. Draining yourself of coins through actions
that remove them, like falling into lava, or getting hit by fish in Midas river are
not allowed. We’re keeping track of total coin pickups
– not reductions. You also may not use coins to buy items or
equipment, unless the item allows you to avoid obtaining coins. This is just to make the run a little bit
more challenging. DoomDragon is also going to be doing this
run as low level characters to make it more interesting. These are the ground rules for the run. And with that, we’re off on our grand adventure. Bowser’s Keep at the start of the game doesn’t
give us a whole lot of trouble. Since Terrapins don’t give EXP or coins
at the start of the game, we can fight them safely and move on. Bowser and Kinklink don’t reward us with
anything either, so we can pass through Bowser’s Keep completely without snagging any coins. Which takes us onward to Mushroom Way. While we’re in Mushroom Way, we could grind
on some Goombas. Goombas don’t yield any coins when they
are defeated, so we can certainly utilize them for EXP. We do have to skip Toad when he’s trapped
by the Sky Troopa though, since we’d receive coins from that encounter. We also don’t want to hit the first two
treasure boxes in the level as they yield coins as well. However, we do come across our first unavoidable
coins in this run. The Hammer Bros unfortunately give us 20 in
total, so we have to shamefully accept them. Onwards to the Mushroom Kingdom, it’s important
to grab as many Flower items as possible in this run since we can’t buy them – so we’ll
need to snag the ones in the item shop. We head into the castle, talk to the king,
and move on out to meet Mallow. Upon entering Bandit’s Way, we’re now
in a non-safe combat area. Goombas are no longer alone in fights, thus
we would get coins for defeating them. We also can’t get partial EXP either, so
we can’t level up here initially. We have to avoid our first coins from a level-perspective
in this area, but all item blocks are safe. We can utilize an Invincibility Star exploit
in this region if we chose to though. The star lets us defeat enemies upon touching
them gaining EXP, but there’s an exploit that if you die afterwords, you go back to
your previous save point but you still retain your EXP. So if we die and go back to do this again,
we can double our exp and level up without gaining any coins. For this area we’ll only do this once though
and move on. The run is a lot more interesting when done
with characters who only gain EXP when they absolutely need to. Think of it as another dynamic to this challenge. We jump Crocco, smash his face in, and get
another 10 coins added to our total for 30. We also get Mallow’s Frog Coin, but since
it’s more so a quest item we give up later, we won’t be counting it. It doesn’t add to our coin count either. At this point we now must head back to the
Mushroom Kingdom to deal with Mack and his goons. First and foremost, we must avoid all shysters
because you can’t flee fights here. We do want to enter the castle and head to
the treasure room though. It’s important to do this now during the
attack because the treasure room in unguarded. You can get in here later on, but Toad normally
won’t let you leave unless you take everything in it then. One of these chests has coins, so we want
to avoid it and just grab the items. And this is where we initiate skipping the
Mack battle. So in Super Mario RPG, it’s possible to
skip Mack entirely and this obviously saves time in speed runs. It also saves us from 20 deadly coins. We need to head to the left side of the room
and jump up under the Shyster, and then again to place Mario on their head. It’s actually difficult to get the positioning
right without starting the scene. We can then jump over the cutscene trigger
and talk to the Chanceller. This skips everything and the resolution plays. It’s actually pretty funny watching the
scene take place while everyone is still in the room. Immediately after this, we take off into Kero
Sewers with 30 coins to our name. In Kero Sewers, we’re once again pretty
much running from everything. The only thing we can fight is Boos since
they yield no coins, but because they usually spawn with other enemies, we must flee. We can’t fight the mimic enemy to get a
transform pin because it yields coins, so we must push on. Entering our fight with Belome, we need to
be mindful of keeping our hp up so we don’t get slaughtered. Upon his defeat though, we get another 40
cursed coins – bringing our total so far up to 70. But now we have a unique challenge in front
of us… Midas River awaits us, and coins are littered
everywhere. Swimming against the currents to avoid coins
is a bit strange, but it’s what we have to do. We need to pick the cave that yields only
flowers and not any additional coins. When the barrel event starts, we basically
just don’t jump. The first time you do this event the fish
don’t spawn either, so we don’t have to worry about them. The Toad at the end of Midas River is bummed
we didn’t get any coins, but we do get a NokNok shell – which is great because it’s
a weapon we don’t have to buy. Onward to Tadpole Pond, and onward to never
using this place since it’s all coin driven. We snag a weapon for Mallow, and then head
on out to Rose Way. Rose Way is a bit annoying because running
into combat here while waiting for the platforms to move will eventually lead to death, since
dodging the star fish can be a bit bothersome. We don’t want to use our healing items. All the treasure boxes here except one contain
coins, and of course we can’t fight anything. There’s also freestanding coins we must
avoid. With some careful hopping, we’ll run into
Bowser and proceed on to Rose Town. Upon entering Rose Town, we immediately want
to head to the corner house without progressing any of the plot. If we make it into the house before generating
the staircase to it, the blocks will gives us flowers boosting our flower points. If we don’t do this, they actually give
us coins and kill Mario. Well, they don’t kill Mario, but coins are
baaaad in this run. So they might as well just kill him. We can get another flower in a different house
too. With this, we introduce Geno, and head into
the forest with 70 coins still in hand. Within Forest Maze, we can spend a good amount
of time farming mushrooms that we’ll certainly need for healing. With our low stats, they’ll keep us alive
as we flee from fights. Amanita enemies, which are the mushrooms,
are coinless foes, but they rarely come solo. So using them for EXP isn’t extremely viable. The bees of the forest are a big issue because
they’re fast and can pretty much one hit ko you. So your dodging game needs to be on max. We do want to take time to grab a hidden Kerokerocola
and Red Essence here, as they will be helpful in the challenges that we’ll face later. Entering the actual maze portion, we want
to head to the secret treasure stash first and grab four out of the five boxes. Three flowers boosting our FP, a full heal,
and the last chest is a frog coin we don’t grab. Onward to Bowyer, we’re in for a decently
annoying fight. Since our hp is so low, and since we can’t
buy any armor, Mario and Mallow will only have a sliver of health left after each attack. This is where our mushroom farming comes into
play. If Bowyer uses static e though, your party
is going to be in for a world of hurt. Geno Beam will be your main offensive move
this fight assuming the button isn’t blocked, and with some luck we can defeat Bowyer – unfortunately
nabbing ourselves some more coins. 50 in fact. So up until this point we’ve gotten 120
coins total across the game. And you might be thinking, well with every
boss, you’re going to have to get coins from here on out. But soon things will be different… And the dynamic of this run will change completely. With Bowyer defeated, we move on to Pipe Vault
after grabbing fingershot from Gaz in Rose Town. There are coinless Goombas here that we could
grind on, netting us a whopping 1 exp per fight, but we’re going to just pass through. We grab a flower and head to Yo’ster Isle. On Yo’ster Island, we need to farm Yoshi
Cookies to basically max out our inventory. Since we can’t spend coins on equipment
or items for fights, this is how we will get items we need. Through save manipulation via reloading, we
can rig the betting process to always let us win. It’s annoying, but it works. With a max set of cookies, we head to moleville. Upon entering the mine, we will want to use
some Yoshi Cookies on Clusters to get Pick Me Ups. We then eventually encounter Croco who steals
all our coins, which is honestly a blessing, but only until we defeat him. Doing this at a low level is pretty hard,
and it gets twice as hard once he takes your items from you. Up until that point you can use your Pick
Me Ups you got from Yoshi Cookies to raise your fallen allies. Upon defeat, we get our items and coins back,
in addition to 50 more coins – bringing our total to 170. We then head deeper into the mine, dodge a
free frog coin courtesy of a Shyguy, and encounter another invincibility star. If we wanted to raise our level a ton, we
could do that star exploit here, but we’re just going to proceed forward with it normally. This is where we want to stock up on Pick
Me Ups again, because Punchinello is next. Thankfully, he doesn’t give any coins upon
defeat, and if we play our cards right we can beat him without issue. We collect our star and head into the minecart
ride. Now part 1 of this area isn’t an issue because
there aren’t any coins, but the side scrolling part 2 does have coins so we need to be careful. Unless you memorize the path ahead of time,
it’s really difficult to react to avoid coins here due to the lighting situation. It is possible to dodge all the coins in this
section, but there are some really difficult coins to dodge in the final side scrolling
section because there are no platforms to help you. You pretty much have to make near frame-perfect
jumps and utilize your speed to propel you over clusters of coins that you’d normally
collect otherwise. Surprisingly, we can get through here without
getting any coins – although initially it was thought that one was unavoidable. After dodging our coins, we crash into town,
and now the run gets pretty interesting. Given our rule set, we’re allowed to spend
coins only on things that will prevent us from getting coins. And thus, this is where the Lucky Jewel comes
into play. Using the Lucky Jewel allows us to gamble
our winnings in a fight with a chance to double them. It summons the Where’s Yoshi Minigame – which
if we lose, we lose everything. We can use it ten times before it crumbles
to dust, but this gives us the power to avoid potential earnings. But which fights do we use it on, and which
fights do we suck it up and accept our coins going forward? That’s the challenging part. Either way, this item costs us 100 coins – but
our total coin pickup is still set to 170. Next up we go farm some more Yoshi cookies
and Pick Me Ups, and head into Booster Pass. In Booster’s Pass, we’re running from
everything. We snag a hidden flower box and Rock Candy,
alongside another flower on our travels – boosting our max FP. While we’re in Booster’s Pass, we want
to avoid hitting the switch that destroys all enemies – because it gives us their coins
automatically. After clearing the pass, we bust into Booster’s
tower and avoid all the Sniffets in the palace. If you touch a Sniffet, you have to reload
because you cannot flee the fight. We do want to grab a masher on our way up
to Booster, as well as a new weapon for Bowser. In the blue fireball room, we want to avoid
all coins on the ground – but thankfully blue fireballs don’t give us coins, so we can
actually battle them for EXP if we desire. One of the most evil items in this run exists
in this tower as well – which is the Goodie Bag. A bag that yields infinite coins in battle. We don’t want that, so we should banish
it to the shadow realm. After an anxiety-inducing curtain game, we
find ourselves in a boss battle against Grate Guy and Knife Guy. But this is where things become problematic. You see, Lucky Jewel isn’t a guaranteed
solution for avoiding the spoils of war. When you use Lucky Jewel in battle, it’s
a coin toss. No pun intended. Immediately upon use it will decide whether
you are going to receive double EXP or coins… But, you won’t know until the boss is defeated. This means you may find yourself reloading
your previous saves to fight bosses again if it doesn’t work out. With luck on our side though, we can eliminate
the 25 coins we would have gained from this fight. This drops our Lucky Jewel uses to 9 remaining
out of 10. After this fight, we take off in a sprint
up Booster Hill, backtrack to Booster’s Pass for a Kerokerocola / flower, and then
its time for Marrymore! Basically we bust into the church, grab some
accessories, and take on the Bundt – the most evil cake to ever live. Thankfully Bundt doesn’t give us any coins,
meaning we can save our Lucky Jewel for another fight. We check into the Mushroom Kingdom, then Tadpole
Pond, and head on out to Star Hill – which is one of my favorite locations in this game. It’s honestly just so magical feeling. Our time spent here is rather short and we
must avoid all the fights we can. We snag our star, and head on to Seaside Town
still with 170 coins to our name. There isn’t much to do in Seaside town,
so we just go and talk to the creepy Elder and then head out to sea in search of our
star. We can utilize the invincibility star exploit
here if we wanted to, but for the sake of the run we’ll just do it one time again. Bloopers do not give coins in this area, but
they rarely spawn alone in fights, so it’s a bit annoying to train on them. Before heading into the ship though, we need
to restock on at least 15 Yoshi Cookies in order to bypass unavoidable fights. If Yoshi Cookie is used on an enemy, the enemy
is defeated but no coins are given to us. Once we’re in the ship, we can mostly avoid
enemies but we will have to battle against King Calamari. We do need to use the Lucky Jewel in this
fight, because if we don’t, we’re walking away with 100 coins. This brings us down to 8 remaining uses as
we push onward into the sunken ship. Everything else still carries on the same
pretty much up until the end of the level. We do want to snag the Safety Ring in the
ship though, as it’s an amazing item that will protect us from getting one hit KO’d. Up next we do have a bit of a gamble… We have two sets of unavoidable fights with
Bandana Reds. The first fight has four, and the second fight
has five. Because these are scripted encounters, we
can’t run away. So we have to use Yoshi Cookies to defeat
them all. The problem is that Yoshi Cookies are only
effective 75% of the time on Bandana Reds. So it’s possible for you to get unlucky
and use all your cookies up and not clear the fights. This probably won’t happen since we brought
15, but it’s definitely possible. When we encounter Johnny, the final boss of
the ship, he is accompanied by 4 bandana blues. However, we don’t need to use the Lucky
Jewel in this fight because there’s a very high chance that a Bandana Blue will drop
a lucky for us when defeated. We want to leave one Bandana Blue alive so
Johnny doesn’t challenge us to a 1 vs 1 – because we’d certainly lose it. If we keep one of his lackey’s alive, we
can defeat Johnny. Hopefully the lucky lands in our favor and
attempts to double our coins, because if it doesn’t we have to reload. If all goes well we can proceed on to Seaside
Town again to smash Yaridovich’s face in. We want to use a Lucky Jewel in this fight
since we’ll certainly get coins. Something interesting to note is that with
Yaridovich clones himself, you can tell which is a clone because the attack cursor will
always stay on the original, but beyond that, the original takes far less damage. Just a fun fact Doomdragon decided to point
out. If we luck out, we dodge getting 50 coins
from the fight and move on with 170 total collected so far. Onwards to Land’s End! I always loved the feeling of this level because
it truly felt like the edge of the world. It’s what I named one of the final chapters
in my book too – because it impacted me a ton as a kid. In Land’s End, we’re pretty much doing
the usual. Running from everything. But before getting too far in, we need more
Yoshi Cookies. Rise and grind! Back in Land’s End, there is a secret cave
in the middle of the level, that we do have to avoid simply because we have to pay coins
in order to access it. When we get to the desert part of the stage,
we have to follow Shoguns into the correct sand pools. Unfortunately, in order to use those sand
pools we have to defeat them. That’s why we need those Yoshi Cookies – so
we can avoid collecting coins from the battle. We can snag an invincibility star later on,
but we can’t buy the second one because we can’t spend coins on it. We dodge the remaining monsters and head into
Belome’s Temple. Inside Belome’s Temple, we do have to pay
to have our fortune read. This needs to be done in order to progress
in the game, so it’s viable for the run. This brings us down to 20 coins in our inventory,
but our counter is still at 170. We want Left, Right, Middle for the fortune
because it only gives us a Yoshi Cookie – whereas all other combinations lead to coins. Treasure Chests contain coins in the area
so we need to avoid them, and before long we’re facing down Belome once again. This is a fight where we forego using our
Lucky Jewel. This means that upon winning we’ll receive
coins, but we are doing this because we need to use the 8 remaining uses on boss fights
that yield more coins. With this, we secure 20 more coins bringing
our total acquired count to 190. Onward to Monstro Town. While in Monstro Town, we’re going to knock
out some side events. We’ll find the three musty fears to get
the Ghost Medal, make the Thwomp shake us down a key, revisit Belome Temple’s treasure
horde with the key we just obtained, and then backtrack to do the Sky Troopa challenge in
Land’s End to give us the Troopa Pin. And with this, we’re heading onwards to
Bean Valley. Within Bean Valley, bee’s are going to be
the bane of our existence due to their speed and movement patterns. If we can dodge them, we can make it to the
boss area pretty smoothly. We take on Megasmilax and can defeat the boss
without use of the Lucky Jewel since this fight yields 0 coins. Afterwords we collect our seed which we’ll
need for the Lazy Shells later on, and we move on up the beanstalk. Now, this next area is a bit tricky because
it involves having to jump strangely in order to dodge coins. Coins are between the vines in this area,
so we need to jump outward and turn 90 degrees around the coins in order to dodge them. It’s pretty annoying to do, since if you
fall you have to dodge the set of coins again. If you grab any coins at all during any of
these jumps, you have to reload your save. Mind you, this run was originally done on
an actual Super Nintendo without save states… So yeah, it’s pretty brutal. We’ll want to explore all the routes here
to ensure we grab the Rare Scarf, and with some careful climbing we’ll arrive in Nimbus
Land with no new coins obtained. After our first encounter with Valentina and
Dodo, Mallow finds out he’s a prince and we pop straight into the castle. We dodge Dodo’s pecking frenzy, snag some
items in the castle, and convert Pinwheels to some much-needed Pick-Me-Ups via Yoshi
Cookies. Soon after wandering the halls, we encounter
Birdo for a pretty interesting fight. Due to still being super weak in this run,
we can only deal about 1 to 5 damage per hit against Birdo. Given this, we’ll need to defend against
Birdo’s Eggberts and then focus on those once they are added to the battle. When they are defeated, they deal 80 damage
to her – and given her 777 hp, we need about 10 to knock her out. Her attacks do massive damage, so we will
definitely need those pick me ups we got earlier in case we get one shotted. We use our Lucky Jewel again to dodge her
30 coin reward, and we press on with 190 coins still. Six uses remain for the jewel. In the upcoming rooms, we want to grab the
invincibility star and blow through all the enemies including Dodo. After we fall, it’s time for Valentina. For this fight it makes a lot of sense to
have Geno as our character who gets sucked into the 1 on 1 with Dodo. Due to Geno’s special attacks and being
able to Geno boost, we can even the playing field stat-wise since we’re still a lower
level. If we play our cards right we can defeat him
and go back to Valentina. We utilize the Lucky Jewel, knock her out,
and dodge 200 coins as the battle comes to a close. Five uses for the Lucky Jewel Remain. After this we snag the fertilizer, travel
back to Rose Town and obtain our dynamic duo: The Lazy Shells. We throw the weapon on Mario, the armor on
Peach, and move the safety ring to Mario, since it has the same effect as the Lazy Shell. With our new gear, we swan dive into a volcano
and sprint for the star. We’re able to battle some enemies here since
they don’t give us coins, and there’s more than one type that doesn’t. Czar Dragon, the mini boss of the volcano,
does give us some trouble due to its high multi-hit attacks. With Peach protected, we can continually revive
our party though. Thankfully he doesn’t drop any coins. It’s now time to tackle the Axem Rangers…
who literally thrash our party. Mario and Geno are dying constantly, but we
focus Pink to disable healing and then the Black Ranger to eliminate the double attacks. Then Green, Yellow, and Red. The Axem Rangers don’t yield any coins,
so we’re good once we smash Blade into the ground and stroll on out to Bowser’s Keep
through our sky Uber. Home stretch! Bowser’s Keep is just like everywhere else. Run, run, and run until you can’t anymore. There is an issue that will make you have
to reload here though if luck isn’t on your side. In this level, there is a six room challenge
that is randomly generated. Two puzzle challenges, two action challenges,
and two battle challenges. If we get a Battle Challenge, we need to reload. The Puzzle Room with the coin box can be completed
because we don’t actually receive the coins that come out of the box – it’s merely a
game to make someone draw the last coin. In the Action Rooms, we can’t fall in the
lava because it removes coins from our inventory. So make sure you safely jump without doing
so. We need to avoid free-standing coins as well
as we navigate the castle. After all the trials, we come face to face
with Magikoopa for a fight in which we don’t use our Lucky Jewel. This nets us an additional 10 coins, bringing
our total to 200 coins collected so far. Upon defeating Magikoopa, we must make an
oath never to return to this room ever again – as it yields a treasure box full of infinite
coins. We proceed onward back to where it all started,
and we take on Boomer. Boomer is another character where we forego
having to use our Lucky Jewel because there are bigger fish to fry. We defeat him and add another 9 coins bringing
us up to 209 total coins with 5 Lucky Jewel uses left. Onward to Exor… who looks really tough,
but we just poke him in the eye and desctructo disc him to the next dimension with 9,999
damage. Yeah, we can do that here due to a developer
oversight. We split the skies with our prowess and force
Exor to swallow us. Once in the factory realm we have time to
realize that Exor doesn’t give us any coins, so we proceed onward. Ameboids here don’t give us any coins at
all, so we can finally fight some enemies for EXP if we desire. And this is now where we encounter Count Down… Now this fight presents us with a really strange
situation. Normally you receive 100 coins for this fight,
but if you only target the Clock Face first and then take out the Dingalings last, you
actually get 0 coins for the fight. This saves us a Lucky Jewel use for later. However, we do run into a machine-made Yaridovich. We have to defeat him in order to move on,
and we must use our Lucky Jewel here to dodge the 50 coins reward for winning. 4 uses left. We head straight into battle with Cloaker
and Domino, but because they don’t give us any coins, we just Lazy Shell them to death. Their pet snakes yield no coins as well, although
they hit pretty hard given our total health. Now that we’ve gained entrance into the
actual manufacturing plant, this is where those 4 remaining Lucky Jewel uses come into
play. The first fight is against the Clerk, who
only yields 20 coins. After that we fight the Manager and the Director. If we didn’t have a Lucky Jewel, the next
best thing would be to use Yoshi Cookies on the mallets that come with them. But since we have them, we dodge another 40
and 80 coins added to our wallet. Toad shows up as a useless shop we can’t
utilize due to the challenge rules, and we then head off to fight the Chief and Gunyolk. With Mario’s Lazy Shell and Geno’s special
abilities, we can wither down Gunyolk’s health and then shatter our Lucky Jewel to
dodge 100 coins from the fight. We head immediately to Smithy to close out
this show, assuming we can beat him. The only way we get any items is from Yoshi
Cookie farming, which is a tedious process. In the fight with Smithy, due to us constantly
getting thwarted, we let the Shypers run out of FP so they waste their turns. We need to focus all of our damage output
just on Smithy himself. Smithy’s second phase is a doosey though
– and we’re looking at around 45 minutes per attempt to beat him. With some luck and some extensive studying
of his rhythm, we can beat him… And thus, we clear the game with 209 coins
to our name. The lowest amount of coins required to beat
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven stars is 209 coins. Now to quickly rule something out – some people
may argue the route of trying to obtain the Lucky Hammer – which lets us perform Lucky
actions as well. The problem is, to afford the Lucky Hammer,
we would need to intentionally obtain around 103 coins after Belome’s temple (which we
need to use 50 to open the door). These 103 coins would allow us to buy the
hammer that would allow us to avoid 19 additional coins (from Boomer and Magikoopa) — which
means that we’re actually obtaining 83 more coins in the long run than if we didn’t get
the hammer. If we didn’t get the Lucky Jewel at all, we’d
pick up 175 more coins before even getting to the hammer. This is why the hammer isn’t utilized in
the run. However, although DoomDragon cleared this
with 209 coins – that doesn’t mean there aren’t other strategies out there that could
work in reducing this coin count further. For example, Count Down’s fluke where the
battle can give you zero coins was just discovered on a whim – and was normally a place where
the Lucky Jewel had to be used. If you can think of any other situations or
ideas like this, certainly share them in the comments below. And once again a huge shoutout to Doomdragon6
for helping out with this video. If you enjoyed this video, do me a favor and
check out his webcomic RPG World: Fan Revival. RPG World: Fan Revival takes place inside
a Playstation Japanese RPG and pokes fun at all the tropes of RPG gaming while maintaining
compelling story and characters. It’s written by DoomDragon6 and the artwork
is by AtariBetch. This video wouldn’t even exist without Doom’s
help, so please go to the description below and check out his comic to show him some support. It was a blast making this video and I couldn’t
have done it with out him. And with that… Thanks for tuning in for this coin dodging
spree! If you love all things Mario, why not check
out some of these videos? I’m sure you’ll enjoy them! Thanks for watching guys and gals, and until
my next video – cheers!

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    1. The fish DO pop up in Midas River even on the first time.
    2. You can buy a special hammer in Seaside Town after Yaridovich is beaten that gives you a Lucky! on a timed hit, thus obsoleteing the Lucky Jewel from that point onward. (And since it's a WEAPON it has infinite uses.)

  5. 16:20 Slight correction. I don't think you need to pay coins to access that cave. Paying the coins just gives you the hint that it exists. You can access it without paying, but you have to time it right with the puff of smoke. But I don't think there's anything useful in there. It just leads back to the sewers.

  6. There is a way to eliminate winning coins after defeating Yaridovich to the end of the game, you can purchase the 'Lucky' Hammer from the Seaside Town weapon shop (the red toad) for 123 coins (as you are allowed to spend coins to avoid getting coins). It doesn't give any attack boost but once you attack with it, it gives you the "Lucky!" bonus just like the Lucky Jewel does, but the hammer is permanent, so you just have Mario attack with the hammer in every mandatory fight, then hope the lucky game offers you to double your coins, then hope you lose. Rinse and repeat. You can still use the lucky jewel per the rules of your challenge, so that can free up Mario to use a stronger weapon to deal damage if need be. So for the small purchase, you can avoid the hundreds of coins that are unavoidable toward the lategame and in the factory.
    Once Mario reaches Level 6, he learns Super Jump so you can also return to Mushroom way and do 100 Super Jumps on a goomba. Doing these 100 Super Jumps will allow you to win the Attack Scarf and Super Suit form the dog from Monstro Town, making this challenge even more doable (if you were allowed to pick up equipments for free that is…). Some insight from the WR holder of the SMRPG Any% speedrun himself.

  7. You don't have to pay to enter the secret cave in lands end. It is pointless though (for this run) because the cricket pie you find just gets you 10 frog coins

  8. Wait… RPG World: Fan Revival?!? Why didn't anyone TELL me about this!?! *Follows the link without finishing the video*

  9. So since you're counting coin pick ups and not reduction as you said, shouldn't the imaginary coin counter double when that boss takes all your coins and give them back to you after you win?

  10. What coin was thought to be unavoidable in the minecart section? Why is it unavoidable? How do you avoid it? I feel like you don’t go nearly in depth enough with this, Swanky. What if I wanted to do a minimum coin challenge but I come across that coin and don’t know how to avoid it because this video never covered the solution? Who am I going to ask about that to get more information? There’s only two people on the planet that could know.

    Overall, I think I might leave a dislike. Good video, but you don’t go over things as intricately as you should, and it comes across as a Ceave video but with far fewer explanations.

    EDIT: What happened to the 3rd use of the Lucky Jewel? Am I missing something?

  11. You…uh, don't need to pay coins to access that cave in land's end, you can just jump down there, jump into it from the ground and then exit through Kero Sewers. The enemies in the cave are kind of a nightmare though at low levels.

    You also don't have to fight the Shoguns in the Sand Pool area, if you press away from them as they rise from the sand pool, they'll duck back down and you can avoid the fight. That's a tip from Nintendo Power.

  12. I love this game. It’s my favorite game of all time. I always replay it once a year. I wish it could be re-mastered. I always felt this game needed more attention.

  13. 16:34 It's actually not required to battle them. You can make them jump up and then don't move until they go back under. Then move into the sandpools. I used this to avoid a lot of battles with them.

  14. i haven't looked at this video, but the fact that it says "lowest coins" means you have failed the coinless challenge and that makes me sad enough to not watch the rest

  15. I thought I was the only person who felt that way about land's end. Love that zone.

    Also F Boomer, ruining a perfectly round 200.

  16. i remember never being able to pass the hammer bros at the start of the game no matter what i did… so i just quit the game and i dont think we even have it any more so i cant try it again after all these years

  17. oh shit I remember RPG world from the crossover it did with ADVENTURERS! and I remember being disappointed it was dead.

    finding out it's being continued is super cool

    also the video was good i guess

  18. RPG HERESY!!!!!!!!

    (That flower only strat is pretty stellar as coins are a dime a dozen. I'll definitely keep that in mind)

  19. This is my favorite game ever and I never seem to stop learning new things about it. I had no idea the lucky hammer existed until now.

  20. Youtube gaming: "the lowest coins you can get in a Mario game, the one coin you can't get in a Mario game, the most average amount of coins you can get in a Mario game… oh and btw the most coins you can get by first avoiding them and going back to get them in a Mario game."

  21. I never knew that you wouldn't do the 1v1 fight if you leave one of the Bandana Blues alive. Only had the game for 22 years and beaten it 22+ times.

  22. Hey SwankyBox, I just did your lowest coin challenge and just finished it today. I did some testing and it is possible to beat Super Mario RPG at 189 coins

  23. We have a new lowest coin count courtesy of a new tactic by CS2Magus! 189 coins!

    Machine Made Yardivich has an ability that blows himself up into four smaller enemies, and these enemies can be defeated via Yoshi Cookies which grants us 0 coins from the fight. This frees up 1 use of the Lucky Jewel, which we can then use on our second encounter with Belome saving us 20 coins.

  24. This is really cool. Also, I just realized that this game connects Mario to Zelda. There are clearly evil Hyrule Knights in the Factory. Compare how they look from this game to A Link To The Past. Making it canon that the giant sword in this game came from Ganon.

    The Amulet, the safety ring, and the b-tub ring all also set the equipped character to have elemental resistance.
    Thats half damage taken from elemental magic.
    Safety ring is a top tier item the entire game.
    It also makes the character immune to all status effects.

  26. Awesome video. I actually learned something new and I've been playing Super Mario RPG since it was released. I bought it not long after it came out and it's still to this day one of my favorite SNES & 16bit JRPGa. If you have any other videos on this game I would watch them and if not you should consider making more.

  27. Had I known that Johnny doesn't challenge Mario when you let one guard survive back when I played it on the Wii VC, I may have actually played it beyond that point.

  28. “According to the rules, we can’t buy items that let us get more coins”
    “So, let’s buy this item that lets us double the coins we get from battle!”

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