Why The Dollar Won’t Drop To Zero

Last week we talked about several events
that have been taking place outside of
the United States specifically a report
that was issued by Christina Lagarde.
Yesterday we got additional confirmation
from Christine Lagarde and we also got
it from Ray Dalio
the gentleman’s head of Bridgewater &
Associates talking about the US economy
and a global staggering economy
worldwide. Specifically the key element
here is they’re talking about the United
States and the element they’re talking
about is the United States by the end of
2019 going into 2020 that the United
States could lose its rank as one of
the largest economies in the entire
world. The second part of that problem is
is that right now they’re also talking
about downgrading the credit rating of
the United States which we talked about
last week as well. When this type of
information comes out and it starts
being discussed it starts to instill
panic to a certain extent or uncertainty
among the American people and around the
world. When that starts happening people
start getting out of US dollars and that
is one of the reasons why we’re starting
to see the stock market kind of come off
a level and start to see the volatility
that it has been seeing over the course
of the past few months. And coming off
the additional information that China
and the United States are back into
negotiations and China’s not happy with
the deal. When this happens consumers
will call and they’ll talk about the US
dollar and one of the common threads is
is that the dollar is going to go to
zero. It’s very important for you as a
consumer to understand that it just
doesn’t happen that way. The reason for
that is a three-letter word and that
three-letter word is tax. The government
of the United States understands that
the value of the dollar has to have some
value established to it and anyone who’s
ever taken a trip or gone to a foreign
country knows that there is an exchange
rate that has to take place between each
country and the value of the money that
sits inside them and that’s no different
inside the United States. We understand
how important the Great Depression was
and how impactful it was to so many
Americans with a loss up to about eighty
percent at one point in time. 2008 we
lost around 33 percent. Under this
scenario the dollar just doesn’t go to
zero. Every time you and I spend money
whether it’s on a loaf of bread or
buying a car buying a home or services
of goods of any capacity the most
important thing for you to understand is that
the government gets a cut of the pie and
if there is no value to the money then
there is no taxes and if there is no
taxes that means there would be no
public schools and there
would be no police department no fire
department there will be no military
these are entities that are funded by
taxpayers dollars. The value of the
dollar can be impacted significantly but
it just doesn’t go to zero it just
doesn’t happen that way.
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