You Need To Know How To Setup PayPal Donations ⚙💸 🤑

First things first we’re going to head over
to A link will be in the description below. Up at the top right here it says login. It’s gonna bring you to this page where you
can login with Twitch. I already have my Stream Labs and Twitch account
connected, but for you it’s going to ask to connect your Twitch account to your Stream
Labs account. If you have 2 factor verification setup for
your Twitch you’re going to have to go through that process. Make sure you give Stream Labs permission
to use your Twitch data. Once you’ve completed those steps and you’re
logged in to Stream Labs it’s going to bring you to your dashboard. On the left hand side here is your donation
settings. Once you’re at this page it’s going to show
you 4 donation methods. Everyone has a PayPal I’m assuming so I’m
not going to go into the specifics on how to setup a PayPal account. If you are having trouble setting up a PayPal
account leave a comment in the description below and I will make a video walking you
through the process of creating a PayPal account. For the sake of the video I’m going to assume
you have one. My PayPal email is blurred out. Once you’ve connected your PayPal email you’re
going to hit save settings. Go up to the top here where it says methods
and click on Settings. Set your default currency. Mine is USDs. So I’m keeping that at USD. Donation page currency. Detect automatically. So if they’re donating in British Pounds they
can donate in British Pounds and it will convert to United States Dollars on your PayPal. I have the minimum amount set to 1. Maximum Message length. This is the message that people can connect
with their donation. I have this set to 255 by default. You can lengthen or shorten it. Up to you. The login required box I have unchecked. It says donor is required to login for donations. This helps you fight against fraud and charge
backs. I haven’t had any issues with fraud or charge
backs so I have this unchecked. I’m sure one day it’s going to bite me in
the ass and I’m going to have to check that box. But until then it’s unchecked. Suggested amount. 3 dollars. I had this set to $5 for a while. I’m testing out $3. What do you use? Let me know how it works for you in the comments
below. Preferred lingo. It’s default at donation. I have mine set to tip this is also a test. Your page. You can open this in a new window. It’s going to bring you to this page. Where your end user is going to be able to
input their tip amount their message and select the Gif they want to use. Then hit tip and fill out their PayPal information. Allow pro viewers. I have this set to Yes, I love Stream Labs
I want to help. Because I love Stream Labs so I don’t want
to hit no. I have no idea what this does. We offer a pro membership to members and viewers. This membership is completely optional and
helps us keep the lights on. If you find Stream Labs useful as a broadcaster
please consider leaving this option enabled so we can continue to provide you awesome
services. Yeah so I have that enabled. Button color I just have that set to default. Donation memo, thanks for supporting my stream! I have the donation leaderboard enabled. Show donation amounts. Banner override; that’s how I have this cool
banner. If you don’t have a banner just leave this
alone. Profanity filter disabled. I’m not sure why I have these checked. But that’s just the default settings. Then you’re gonna hit save settings. Now if you have your alert box setup for your
followers. You don’t have to do anything extra. As soon as somebody goes to donate through
that link it’s going to pop up on your stream just like this. Obviously it’s not going to have that cool
effect, because that’s something I got made custom to my channel. But you can change that in your alert box
settings. I’ll go over that in a future video if this
gets 25 likes. We’ll go ahead and make that video. All right. I hope you enjoyed this video. Make sure you give it a big thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell
to get notified when I have new content coming out. Have yourself a great day!

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